Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hillary Clinton, 8(a) Arkancide and the al-Qaeda database

Belief McConnell Int. offers 8(a) Arkancide service to Hillary Clinton with small business loans to mujaheddin assassins on an `al-Qaeda' database, stolen by former CIA director John Deutch.

McConnell loans for Lockheed contract hits?

Asks if McConnell Int. packaging loans to Lockheed Martin subcontractors apparently hired to execute contract hits on rivals or whistleblowers, attributed to `al-Qaeda' or other terrorist groups.

McConnell belief Desmarais sabotaged space shuttle Columbia

McConnell belief Carlyle Desmarais ordered Vought, Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates to sabotage space shuttle Columbia over Palestine,Texas; kill Ilan Ramon; RCC panel 8 in thermite reaction.

Desmarais bought Vought for Druyun to bomb Boeing

Belief Carlyle Paul Desmarais bought Vought; explosive-laden structures for NATO-AWACS chairman Darleen Druyun to convert Boeing passenger/tanker flying bombs for a 9/11 war game.

Total's loan-packaged lesbians and the al-Qaeda myth

Belief Total S.A. packaging loans for SBA to hire radical lesbian groups; attribute murder & sabotage to al-Qaeda mythical heteropatriarchalorg., launched 1993 by Hillary Clinton and the French American Foundation.

No FEAR? Hillary double cross of Hetero Coup d'Etat

Belief Hillary Clinton and alleged lesbian associates planned to double cross heterosexual leaders of Weathermen, al-Qaeda, No Fear groups in simulated coup d'etat during war games of 9/11.

McConnell's MindBox and the Anthrax Chaff Dispenser

Belief McConnell associates brokered development of MindBox war rooms to control anthrax-chaff dispenser tail cones Bombardier combat-support jets in Global Guardian war games on 9/11.

Marcy's MindBox and the Subprime Death Squad

Belief Kristine Marcy clients use MindBox loan software for USDOJ government entities to extort `subprime death squads' contract hits on whistleblower members of No FEAR Coalition.

Sister Marcy, Rezko launder UN money for No FEAR killing field

Belief Field McConnell sister Kristine Marcy, Tony Rezko, helped launder UN Oil-for-Food money through KPMG-Sidley Austin tax shelters; killing field for No FEAR whistleblowers at Capitol 9/11.

MindBox Murder – Marcy Mortgages – No FEAR Target

Belief weapons for 9/11, financed with mortgages by Kristine Marcy, COO of Small Business Administration, and targets selected by Weatherwomen using MindBox decisioning software.

Biofueled genocide – Privy Council racketeering – RADARSAT contract hits

Belief Canadian privy councilors use RADARSAT ground moving target indication for contract hits & biofueled genocide to protect racketeering carbon/crop trades on Chicago Climate Exchange.

McConnell testimony – Weatherwomen war games – Whistleblower contract hits

Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins thank No FEAR Coalition leaders for efforts to put them before Congress in order to testify on the subject of `Weatherwomen war games - Whistleblower contract hits'

Canadian Maurice Strong sabotages China Summer Olympics

Belief Canadian privy councilor Maurice Strong put Bombardier saboteurs in Tibet, to trigger riots, disrupt Summer Olympics and launch a`permanent  revolution'' as defined by Leon Trotsky. 

Stockwell Tues Apr 8 KTKK - Songbird Skywarriors, Condi Coup d’Etat

Proposed topic, "Songbird Skywarriors for Condoleeza Coup d'Etat" Tuesday, 7-9 am MT, April 08, 2008, Jack Stockwell show (KTKK AM 630)

Field McConnell USNA'71 allege treason by Senator John McCain

Field McConnell alleges John McCain committed treason against the United States by directing Skywarrior attack on Wedge 1 of the Pentagon to destroy the U.S. Naval Command Center on 9/11

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Did Songbird McCain direct Skywarrior attack on Pentagon?

Asks if `Songbird' McCain, `70s commander Replacement Air Group 174, 2 I/C Navy Senate liaison office, directed Skywarrior attack on Pentagon Naval Command Center in war games of 9/11.

Songbird designed drones for Cindy red-team death squad

Belief John `Songbird' McCain designed decoy, drones for red-team death squad allegedly hired by Cindy Hensley, Bronfmans to destroy Pentagon Naval Command Center during 9/11 war game.

Reform BC - Reject Gore prospectus Repeal Liberal carbon tax

Newsflash - Reform BC rejects Gore's false prospectus for climate-crisis company, will campaign in next provincial election for repeal of Liberal carbon tax, scheduled for introduction July 1, 2008.

Bronfman gang hired The Songbird's Wife for Budweiser war game

Belief Bronfman gang hired Cindy Hensley wife of John `Songbird' McCain to sponsor `Budweiser' war game rehearsed as Amalgam Virgo executed `live' September 11, 2001 Global Guardian 9/11.

Williams murder by gyro, hides Clinton bloody-diamond trades

Belief A.D. Williams plane-gyroscope sabotage aircraft mechanics ATC, murder-for-hire silence whistleblowers protect trade in tainted blood - diamonds by Clintons Laborers' Union since 1978.

Obama transferred patents for Osama's contract hits

Belief Sidley Austin ex, Michelle Obama, transferred EW/ELINT patents to Bruce McConnell, Hillary, Weatherwomen - encrypted networks for virtual deception, hits blamed on Osama bin Laden

Obama@Sidley links Rezko, Clinton, Sarkozy to Airbus 9/11

Belief former Sidley Austin law firm associate, Michelle Obama equipped Tony Rezko, Hillary Clinton and Cecilia Sarkozy with Obama@Sidley war room for 9/11 war games sponsored by Groupe AXA and Airbus.

Maurice and Anna - “A Strong Thirst for China’s Blood”

Belief Maurice Strong, cousin Anna taught Mao Zedong wife how life insurance sold by Paul Desmarais could pay hit teams to kill enemies of Communism in world and 80 million Chinese at home

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Did Hanoi Jane hire John McCain for Songbird 72?

Belief Maurice Strong, Bronfmans sent Weatherwomen crew to Hanoi for snuff film 'Songbird `72' - POWs bound, tortured  John McCain, Jane Fonda and prostitutes engaged in violent group sex.

Weatherwomen Air Force for Bombardier-NATO's Anthrax Tax

Belief Weatherwomen extort member states into paying carbon tax or risk attack by bomb-laden Boeing aircraft or Bombardier-NATO jets for the aerial dispersal of Degussa anthrax spore powder

Re: Sidley Austin Anthrax Powder – Hillary Laborers' Squeeze-Out Fraud

Belief Sidley Austin - Degussa patents for anthrax powder mailed to Daschle/Leahy in alleged conspiracy with Clinton and Laborers' tosqueeze out rivals fraudulent control of Democrat Party.

Carlyle Canada patents for a Bombardier-NATO anthrax tax

Belief Carlyle Canada private equity patents to collect Bombardier-NATO `Anthrax Tax'; government leaders refuse to pay NATO `Partnership-for-Peace' carbon tax risk aerial dispersal of anthrax sabotage spore powder

Airbus bribes - Al-Qaeda Canada's patent office - Mulroney pays the rent

Belief Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney bribed by Airbus in 1993; government's promise pay rent on privatized patent office; help Desmarais turn Canada into SWAT `Base' for al-Qaeda

Hillary's Patented French Connection - Anthrax letters – Passport files

Belief Hillary Clinton, Andre Desmarais organize communities of francophone patent lawyers into SWAT teams to kill enemies e.g. anthrax letters to addresses obtained from victim passport files.

Slowly Dying Vets - Desmarais' Agent Orange - Hillary's Tainted Blood

Belief Andre Desmarais disrupting Canada Ministry of Justice; veterans murder; Weatherwomen weapons Agent Orange, tainted blood; Paul Desmarais, Sr., Maurice Strong, Hillary Rodham.

Lansdowne vaccinates lesbians - Hillary

Belief Ottawa Lansdowne Technologies vaccines protect radical lesbian allies community death squads allegedly hired by Maurice Strong and Hillary Clinton to murder heterosexual men, women, children.

Desmarais life insurance pays for a Tibetan genocide

Belief Quebec's Desmarais businesses selling life insurance contracts on victims of the current Tibetan genocide, payable to the Chinese PLA or Communist Party officials who kill them

Tomoye - White House murders with a Black Widow's Web

Belief Hillary Clinton set up as murder for hire network ('Black Widow's Web') to help predominantly LGBT* clients to kill heterosexual men and women and their children.

Chemical Ali, Anthrax Andre and Dirty-Blood Clinton

Belief Rodham community of patent intellectual property lawyers where radical women develop special weapons to murder enemies of male clients; `Chemical Ali' al-Tikriti, Anthrax Andre' Desmarais, `Dirty-Blood' Bill Clinton  

'Anthrax-André' Desmarais in Sidley tax-sheltered patent frauds

Belief Anthrax Desmarais hired KPMG Sidley Austin, tax-sheltered patent fraud, help Bombardier, Degussa, Chinese PLA build weaponized-anthrax delivery systems for Global Guardian 9/11.

Women@Sidley war rooms trigger Airbus Airburst bombs

Belief radical lesbians/bisexuals used Women@Sidley virtual war rooms to trigger "Airbus Airburst" bombs and destroy pre-insured Boeing passenger aircraft in a 'Global Guardian' 9/11 war game

Rodham's cattle futures for a lesbian-dominated White House

Belief 1978 cattle-futures fraud, helped Hillary Rodham refinance Weatherwomen bombing community; 15 years on hire lesbiandominators for Clinton White House to prepare al-Qaeda 9/11.

Sidley Austin tax shelters for a Weatherwomen's 9/11

Belief online Weatherwomen used Sidley Austin tax shelters to equip al-Qaeda with illegally-modified Boeing aircraft for 9/11; most victims seen as 'white-male capitalist pigs' pre-insured by Desmarais Groupe AXA

Spitzer's QAT – Tax Shelter Poison – Sidley Airbus Frauds

Belief Sidley Austin-IRS `QAT' tax shelter entraps Clients 1-9 with interstate sex-for-hire services and `poisons' investigations into al-Qaeda 9/11 and U.S. Air Force tanker frauds by client Airbus

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Abel Danger's Bye Bye to Admiral 'Backdoor' Fallon

Hawks CAFE Abel Danger intelligence team's 'Bye Bye' to Admiral William 'Backdoor' Fallon, head of U.S. Central Command operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, whose resignation has just been announced.

Hillary Weatherwomen pimps in a Governor Spitzer sting

Belief Hillary Clinton 'Weatherwomen' pimps set up sting on NY governor Spitzer .. sending money to pay for prostitute's interstate travel and entrapping him in recorded violation of the Mann Act. 

Stockwell show March 11, 7-9 am MT, 'Desmarais mortgage for Daley death squads'

Proposed topic, 'Desmarais mortgage for Daley death squads'
Tuesday, 7-9 am MT, March 11, 2008, Jack Stockwell show (KTKK AM 630)

Bimbo-Bomba Bird flies a Daley baseball bat

Hawks CAFE sees the organizer of al-Qaeda's 9/11 as a 'Bimbo-Bomba Bird' using illegally-weaponized Boeing aircraft to 'whack' Daley family rivals from behind with a flying baseball bat.

Desmarais mortgage for Daley death squads

Belief Montreal's Desmarais family providing mortgage finance to interstate and foreign community organizations of death squads (murder for hire groups) operated by Daley family out of Chicago.

The Flight 77 Pentagon Hit on 9/11: The Murders of Captain Burlingame and Captain DeConto

Synopsis: Describes 9/11 murders of Captains Charles Burlingame and Gerald DeConto using decoy-and-drone maneuvers and jets with embedded QRS-11 GyroChips (military gyroscopes).

Carlyle Capital sunk by Weatherwomen bomb squads?

Asks if Carlyle Capital Corp 'sank' after Abel Danger exposed use of Sidley Austin tax shelters to finance 'Weatherwomen' bomb squads and Carlyle insurance frauds during Global Guardian 9/11.

Obama bin hidin' a Sidley Austin bomb (aka 'SMACSONIC')

Belief: Michelle Obama has been hiding money in Sidley Austin tax shelters to develop a "SMACSONIC" bomb hot enough to destroy evidence of murder-for-hire, insurance frauds by AXA, Total, Airbus, Thales.

Commercial Club Chicago - Daley Carbon Credit - Rezko Contract Hit

Belief Commercial Club of Chicago extorted by William Daley carbon-credit tax shelters; contract hits of climate deniers or Daley family rivals through Chicago hit teams controlled by Tony Rezko.

Daley's carbon credits for Rezko's contract hits

Belief William Daley promotes carbon-credit tax shelters to finance contract killing of climate deniers and/or Daley family rivals through a Chicago network of hit teams controlled by Tony Rezko.

An Obomba-Rezko mortgage for Boeing 9/11?

Asks if Michelle Obama ('Hottie Obomba') - Tony Rezko arranged mortgage on Boeing's Chicago HQ, apparently rigged with explosives to extort directors into Global Guardian 9/11 war game

Weatherwomen bombing in Sidley Austin tax frauds

Belief at launch of Molten Metal Technologies in 1989, intellectual-property lawyers formed a Weatherwomen's group to develop bombs hot enough to destroy evidence of Sidley Austin tax fraud.

Rezko trial - A diversion from 'Obomba' 9/11?

Asks if Rezko trial Chicago diverts from 'Obomba' tax shelters used by Obama law-firm associates to conceal molten-metal bombs on Boeings to vaporize evidence of insurance frauds in 9/11 war game.

Obama law firm buys Airbus bombs to destroy Boeing

Belief Sidley Austin law-firm; Michelle Obama, use Airbus molten-metal bomb to extort Boeing directors; destroy global competitor to European Aeronautics Defense and Space Company and BAE.

Rezko, Osama need a 'Deep Throat' Obama

Belief Rezko needs Deep Throat to deflect investigations into Michelle Obama, Sidley Austin law firm clients, Airbus-EADS, and molten-metal bombs used by OBL to vaporize Boeings on 9/11.

KTKK Stockwell Feb. 29 'Rezko hired al-Qaeda, Daly paid the rent

roposed discussion topic, 'Rezko hired al-Qaeda, Daly paid the rent' for Friday, Feb. 29 Jack Stockwell show (KTKK AM 630, 7-9 am MT)

Rezko's COBRA hides 'Obomba' death squad

Belief Tony Rezko bought COBRA tax shelters from Sidney Austin law firm in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York to hide victim life-insurance payments to an 'Obomba' death squad network.

Premier Campbell Killing on Chicago Climate Exchange

Belief extortionists in 'B.C. Office of the Premier' short sold carbon and life-insurance contracts in Chicago for killing from tax-loss futures and money laundering through Chicago Climate Exchange. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Chronology of Murder on United 93

7:03 a.m. - 7:39 a.m. Four alleged Flight 93 hijackers check in at the United Airlines ticket counter at Newark(New Jersey) Liberty International Airport and pass through security checkpoint. The 9/11 Commission falsely claimed Newark Airport has no video cameras monitoring its security checkpoints. There is no documentary evidence proving the alleged hijackers passed through the checkpoint or whether they boarded the plane.
Sometime before take off at 8:42 a.m. (41 minutes late, Flight 93 has to wait in a line before take off) Captain Dahl boarded a decoy Boeing 757-222, presented to him and the public as United Airlines Flight 93 flying out of Liberty International Airport.

Rezko's Bomb - Obama's Treason

Belief Rezko financed Boeing modifications, molten metal bombs using Oil-for-Food money laundered by apparently-treasonous Michelle Obama through the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Hunt for Hottie Obomba and the Tax-Loss Pig Farm

Hunt "Hottie Obomba", al-Qaeda organizer, developer of molten metal bombs to destroy evidence of murder-for-hire tax-loss pig-farm where capitalist-first responders killed in life-insurance frauds.

Clinton Carbon Tax - Obama COBRA Bomb

Belief Hillary Clinton ordered Michelle Robinson to join Sidley Austin law firm in 1989; organize bomb-making (carbon) tax shelter for community organization of blacks, radicals and anarchists

Chairman Moe's Triple Agents - Obimbo, Obomba & Songbird

Need sympathy/help locating three people believed to be triple agents controlled by 'Chairman Moe', who may be Maurice Strong, Canada's genocidal psychopath and war-game maestro for 9/11.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alinsky's Disciples - Obimbo, Obombo and The Songbird?

Belief Clintons positioned U.S. Investigations Services under Carlyle Canada to spy on or eliminate public servants who might expose organizers of COBRA - Alinsky groups behind 9/11 attacks.

KPMG makes Campbell Soup for global carbon futures fraud

Belief KPMG made B.C. public pension funds into 'Campbell Soup' of abusive tax shelters to conceal global carbon futures fraud upon brokers, investors trading on Chicago Climate Exchange ('CCX').

Feb 20, Bdnk Show, "Macbeth-McCain SWAT teams for Alinsky Genocides

Join discussion "Macbeth-McCain SWAT teams for Alinsky Genocides" on Michael Badnarik's 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' show 7-9 a.m. Central Time, Wed. Feb 20, 2008

Alinsky COBRAS bomb Alon Israel Oil Refinery, Texas

Belief Alon Israel Oil's refinery Big Spring, Texas was targeted in molten-metal bomb attack, allegedly by COBRAS terrorist group supporting the Alinskyites, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. 

M4H - Molten-Metal Michelle's Murder for Hire Service

Belief Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama developed criminal use for intellectual property - molten metal technology used to vaporize
evidence of murder-for-hire at Murrah Building and Ground Zero.

COBRA-Airbus law firm for Boeing 9/11

Belief COBRA tax shelter to stage/destroy Boeing competition to EADS/Airbus and contract killings of 9/11, was set up by Chicago law firm of Sidley Austin helped by Barack and Michelle Obama. 

Macbeth-McCain SWAT teams for Alinsky Genocides

Belief Alinsky disciples taught Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama special weapons & tactics used by Lady Macbeth, Al Capone and John McCain to kill rivals for genocide (Vietnam, Rwanda, 9/11).

COBRA tax shelters for Obama contract hits

Belief Obamas structured COBRA tax shelters for Sidley Austin client contract hits to attribute murders to 'al-Qaeda' set up by Syrian-Iraqi Ba'ath Party bagmen, Tony Rezko and Nadhmi Auchi.

Mineta, Obama and "Fireball" Osama

Belief Norman Mineta hired Michelle Obama law firm; development of Molten Metal "Fireball" weapons for Osama bin Laden; destroy evidence of tax-sheltered death squads in Montreal and Chicago.

KPMG, Obamas' Sidley Austin hid 'al-Qaeda' with NYC 2012

Belief KPMG, Sidley Austin law-firm associates of Barack and Michelle Obama hid 'al-Qaeda' hit teams inside NYC 2012 tax shelter to entrap top officials in bogus bid to host 2012 Olympics.

Bdnk show Feb 13, "RESCUE ’08 - KPMG Senators - Tax-Shelter Death Squad

Join "RESCUE '08 - KPMG Senators - Tax-Shelter Death Squad" discussion on Michael Badnarik's 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' show 7-9 a.m. Central Time, Wed. Feb 13, 2008

Hawks CAFE exposes Clinton-Chinese PLA Network for 9/11

Claim credit for exposing espionage, 'fragging' sabotage network, set up by Bill/Hillary Clinton and KPMG to equip Francophonie and Chinese PLA with C4ISR systems for 'al-Qaeda' 9/11 attacks.

Hillary & Motorola arbitraged 9/11 firefighter life insurance

Belief Hillary Clinton, Motorola used KPMG tax shelter arbitrage firefighter life-insurance contracts; victims sheperded into killing fields; executed by radio-controlled demolition of the Twin Towers.

CO2 Hate Crime, Liberal Cap-and-Trade, Labor Pension Fraud

Belief David Suzuki issued implied threat to jail BC Reform Party leader David Hawkins as a CO2 climate denier and should be taken before a human rights commission for inciting a 'CO2' hate crime

Untouchables - Desmarais tax shelters - Hillary's killing fields

Belief Desmarais family and KPMG advisors, structured BOSS tax shelters to hide killing fields specified by Hillary Clinton to eliminate enemies and intimidate whistleblowers during a 9/11 war game

Carlyle hedges McCain Sky Hawks, Hillary tainted blood

Belief Carlyle private equity groups are 'hedging' the result of the 2008 U.S. presidential election by letting Hillary Clinton and John McCain extort each other in KPMG's tax-sheltered 'killing fields'.

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 1: December 31, 2000 - New Year's Eve - Foggy Dew [YVR]

 2: January 5, 2001 - Fish and Chips - Clinton Fort Myers - Fish Smells Stink of 9/11

 3: January 18, 2001 - Eve of Destruction - Oval Office farewells - Tomoye favors

 4: January 20 - 25, 2001 - Al-Qaeda's pardoned networks, hidden under Bush

 5: February 9-18, 2001- Total-Power Beijing - TOPOFF attack - Taiwan and America

 6: February 9-18, 2001 - Part II China Lessons Learned - KPMG Son of Boss - USS Cole

 7: Feb 9-18, 2001 - Wag-the-Dog Demarais; Pig Farm DNA

 8: February 23, 2001 - Part I - Wag-the-Dog Pargesa - Piggy's Palace DNA

 9: February 23, 2001 - Part II - "Wag-the-Dog" Pargesa and Piggy's Palace DNA

10: February 26, 2001 - Rudy's Menacing Elevators - Kinky Park of Peace

11: February 24-28, 2001 - BEAGLE Audits - MIT for Murder - Cirquer-Jerk Elites

12: March 1-4, 2001 - Able Danger Truth Test - Working Dog Competition - Patrick AFB

13: April 17-26, 2001 - Airbus Mulroney - Francophonie Sabotage - Pentagon and Boeing

14: April 27 - May 7, 2001 - Mad Dogs - Kickbacks - Countrywide Arkancide

15: May 7 - 24, 2001 - Fonda-Kerry - Snuff-Film Barnett - Trick F*%k Naval War College

16: May 24 -27, 2001 - McCain Slew Abel - Kerry Hit Brothers – Vietnam - USS Cole

17: June 1, 2001 - No Rules of Engagement - Vice Admiral Fry - Stands Down Air Force

18: June 1-2 - Amalgam Virgo - Chomsky Wobblies - Airborne Killing Field

19: June 1-2 - Amalgam Virgo - Chomsky Wobblies - Deepwater Coast Guard

20: June 1-2 - Amalgam Virgo - Chomsky Wobblies - Weaponized Chickens

21: June 4, 2001 - Mad Dogs - War College Thinker - Bonded-Chicken Snuff Film

22 June 5 - August 1 - Amazing Lurkers - TreasuryConnect - Desmarais Killing Fields

23 August 2 - Sep. 11 - Premature Surrender - Hero Rats - Withdraw National Guards

24: August-Sept. - CIDA Langley - Voodoo - Clinton Underwear - Tomoye Destroy U.S.

25 September 4 - BBC Viral News - Roland Rat - Bubonic Bio-Weapons - Fort Belvoir

26: September 4 – 11 - Clinton BEAGLES - Bugger Condit's Boeing

27: September 5 -10 - BBC Ground Zero - Roland Rat - Hacks QuebecNewYork.CON

28: September 5 -10 - Decoy Dyke - Cronee Capitol - Ambush Hillary - Francophonie

29: 9/11 - Mineta Whacks Fish - One Dyke Lies - Another dies - Total Power - Arkancide

30: September 20 - Kickback Hall of Fame - RatShitKit - CFR and Blackstone 9/11

31: Abel Danger 9/11 - V-P 2008 - Rebuilding U.S. DoJ - Intelligence for POTUS 44

Epilogue: - Did Strong Whack JFK? Did McCains Slay Abel? Did Clintons Frag Bush?

Bdnk Show Feb 06, "Lockheed

Join "Lockheed's Molten Metal Grenade on United 93" discussion on Michael Badnarik's 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' show 7-9 a.m. Central Time, Wed. Feb 06, 2008

Wacker Drive investors in a Duane St. snuff film

Belief KPMG's tax-shelter clients atop NYC Twin  Towers and along Chicago's Wacker Drive had a brutal choice before 9/11 - "Invest in a Duane St. ('Naudets') snuff film or be a victim".

CIDA, Hanoi Hilton and Duane St. "Fragger" Company

Belief Maurice Strong recuited John McCain and Hillary Clinton as agents for CIDA alleged 'fragging-for-hire' network launched 1968 to assassinate top officials and enemies of socialism. 

McCain, Clinton and 6-O'clock Fragging Maneuvers

Belief propagandist John McCain and Hillary Clinton coordinated '6-O'clock Fragging Maneuvers' when assassins wore uniforms to attack FDNY and Pentagon officers from behind.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Clinton Kazakhstani Kickbacks through Fahrenheit 9/11

Belief Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra, backer of Michael Moore
and Lions Gate production of the Wag-the-Dog film, "Fahrenheit 9/11", traded kickbacks during their 2005 visit to Kazakhstan. 

Fraggophoney SocGen, When Desmarais Shorts to Kill

Investigate  'Francophonie Fragging' fraud by Desmarais' with alleged murder-for-hire; targets shorted then sabotaged; SocGen sub-prime scam 2008, Allianz 2005 London Underground bombing 

Clintons Laborers and the Fragging of America

Belief Bill and Hillary Clinton saved mobbed-up Laborers' union from 1995 RICO trusteeship and equipped LIUNA locals to `frag' climate deniers, top officials in American government through 9/11.

Bdnk show Jan 30, Francophonie Fraggers - Kerry, McCain, Clintons

Join our "Francophonie Fraggers - Kerry, McCain & the Clintons" discussion on Michael Badnarik 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' show 7-9 a.m. Central Time, Wed. Jan 30, 2008

Total (Oil) S.A. - 9/11 Directors in SocGen Pump-and-Dump

Belief 9/11 Board of Directors of Total (Oil) S.A. and U.S. DoJ's racketeering auditor KPMG, used TreasuryConnect software to pump-and-dump shareholders' equity in Societe Generale.

Murrah BATF files link Unabomb, LIUNA, Clintons, Ramzi Yusef

Belief BATF files in Murrah Building linked remotely-controlled Unabombs to Chicago Mob, LIUNA aircraft mechanics, 2 Clintons, Total (Oil) S.A., and Saddam's contract killer Ramzi Yusef

Employee Stock Ownership Plan in Carlyle-Clinton contract hits

Belief Carlyle Canada paid the Clintons to set up Employee Stock Ownership Plans for use by corrupt public servants in murder for hire (contract hits) of rivals or whistleblowers (Google Arkancide).

Fax text broadcast to 2500 targets re 9/11 Resolution Trilogy


Total-Power's Son of BOSS in $7 billion SocGen fraud

Belief Total-Power and KPMG insiders used Son of BOSS ('Bond Option Sales Strategy') and TreasuryConnect systems to execute a $7 billion private-equity fraud on Societe Generale

KPMG's State & Justice bribes an al-Qaeda flight instructor

Belief KPMG Departments of State and Justice bribed Clarence Prevost flight training school instructor, to give Moussaoui 'legend' used for "al-Qaeda Live Fire Terrorist Hijacking" exercise on 9/11.  

Carlyle arbitraged assassinations @ Clinton Gore White House

E-mail  Jan 25 cc Al Gore  re take down arbitraged assassination network using Clipper encrypted telephony (AT&T)  & 'al-Qaeda' contract killers embedded in Carlyle Canada and USIS.

Completed three videos - 911 Resolution Trilogy - Hawks CAFE


23 min 47 sec - Jan 23, 2008
Description: the first in a series of three videos from hawksCAFE to describe the signs leading up to the RICO crime 911 world trade center wtc wtc1 wtc2 wtc7 hillary clinton mark rich deutch new information alec jones september 11 2001 new york washington dc shanksville boeing raytheon KPMG UNEP ZUG AMEC labor union maurice strong al gore demarais canadian steamship lines global warming carbon footprint tax


27 min 14 sec - Jan 23, 2008


34 min 16 sec - Jan 22, 2008 

Jan 23 Bdnk Show, KPMG Tax Shelters, CFR Dropouts, Election 2008

Join "KPMG Tax Shelters, CFR Dropouts, Election 2008" discussion on Michael Badnarik 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' show 7-9 a.m. Central Time, Wed. Jan 23, 2008

KPMG's dead-hooker tax shelter at UNEP-Liberal pig farm

Belief KPMG and Pargesa (Geneva) structured Piggy Palace Good Times Society as "dead-hooker" tax shelter in snuff film and money laundering network used to extort UNEP and Liberal Party insiders

Tet-Offensive Treason by Maurice Strong for Viet Cong

Belief after 1968 Tet Offensive, Mo Strong, ex president of Power Corp. Canada, used CIDA to provide Viet Cong with intelligence on U.S. deployments and sabotage support for Vietnam war

Al-Qaeda Townsend moles in arbitrage law-firm frauds

Belief Frances Fragos Townsend and husband John leaked details of murder and sabotage maneuvers executed during a 9/11 'al-Qaeda' war game, where arbitrage law firms shared fraudulent profits with insiders of MIT pension funds.

KPMG laundered kickbacks through Red Cross 9/11

Belief KPMG ordered demolition of WTC#7 on 9/11 and set up tax shelters to launder kickbacks to corrupt top officials in U.S. Senate, DoJ, NYSE, SEC, U.S. Army and the American Red Cross.

From virtual pig farm to steelworker tax shelter

Belief in 1978 a snuff ring operated a British Columbia pig farm as a 'bonded killing field' which in 1996 became a 'virtual' 'Son of BOSS' tax shelter for KPMG, Montreal Mafia and former steelworkers.

MITIMCO 9/11 - `Zigzag' Murders paid by Son of Boss of Zug

Belief MITIMCO `zigzagged' 9/11 virtual news to camouflage murder-for-hire teams paid by `Son of BOSS' tax shelters from the former Zug base of Clinton's racketeering pardonee Marc Rich.

KPMG’s triphibious racketeering through DoT 9/11

Belief KPMG triphibious clients, AMEC (land), Bombardier (air) and Canada Steamship Lines (sea), extorted Sec. Mineta and DoT into standing down defenses to 9/11 attack by Tomoye, Quebec.

KPMG, Wag-the-Dog Desmarais and the Bhutto Contract Hit

Belief Banazair Bhutto killed by contract hit team paid with money laundered through 'Wag-the-Dog' movie-insurance and tax shelters structured by KPMG for Paul Desmarais and Total S.A. (2001)

Radio Canada, Senator Campbell and TOPOFF snuff films

Belief Radio Canada hired Senator Campbell and anarcho-punk music group D.O.A. ('Dead On Arrival'), to produce snuff films to extort carbon taxes/concessions from top officials in government and industry.

Power Corp private equity bought 'Predator 9/11'

Belief Power Corp. of Canada private-equity groups used predatory loans to buy "seats" in regional emergency coordination centers and sabotage TOPOFF chain of command during 9/11 war games.

Power Corp war rooms and the 'pig-farm' snuff films

Ask for help from North America indigenous leaders in seizing news and war-room assets of Power Corporation of Canada and snuff-film network allegedly launched on a B.C. pig farm in 1978.