Sunday, March 7, 2010

The 11 Essential Un-asked Questions of 9/11

David Hawkins, 9/11 and "Manufactured Shock"

Osama Bin Laden, quoted in Time magazine, a few weeks after 9/11, "...we have three independent networks to move al-Qaeda assets around the world and all the resources of all the British and Americans cannot stop us..."

1) What is a forensic economist?

2) How is a forensic economist related to criminal investigation? To 9/11?

3) What is 'Manufactured Shock'?

4) On 9/11 what were
a) Weapons?
b) Opportunities?
c) Motives?

5) What are shock-wave fuel bombs? How does the observed destruction of buildings and/or airplanes, fit with the alleged use of such weapons?
a) horizontal ejected debris
b) pulverized cement, office furniture, bodies, computers all HARD physical material in buildings and planes
c) melted and/or vaporized building steel, six months after 9/11
d) absence of 99% of the plane debris (Pentagon, Flight 93, WTC)
e) intense flashes of light on plane impacts with WTC, Pentagon

6) What is a "GyroChip"? Were these gyroscopes installed in Boeing passenger or refueling aircraft? For what purpose? How could these have been used on 9/11 to control aircraft participating in the 9/11 War Games?

7) Is 'al-Qaeda' a separate terrorist group of humans scattered around the world, or is it a creation of people who coordinate and cultivate virtual (online) networks moving al-Qaeda assets - such as weapons and agents?

8) Who was responsible on 9/11 for coordinating the weapons and tactics teams during NATO and NORAD war games for the separate attacks on ..
a) WTC towers #1, 2 and 7 (demolished at 5:20 p.m.)?
b) The Pentagon's U.S. Naval Command Center?
c) Flight 93 debris fields stretching 8 miles from Shanksville through Indian Lake to New Baltimore, Pa.?

9) Does the need to destroy evidence of murder, arson and fraud, explain why human 'fines' and structural steel were carted away from Ground Zero for burial at the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island or for recycling through smelters in India and China?

10) How could racketeering and criminal groups profit by having the New York Stock Exchange close for four days but keep the Chicago Mercantile Exchange open for business?

11) If hundreds of congressmen and senators had been killed in the Capitol building by Flight 93, how would NATO allies - especially Canada - have prevented mass panic and enforced a new kind of peace?

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