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9/11 - Clinton Laborers attack McConnell pilots

Synopsis: Clinton Laborers (LIUNA) attacked professional unions on 9/11 including Captain Field McConnell's ALPA (airline pilots)

Open e-mail sent Saturday, December 09, 2006 to:

Field McConnell, Northwest Airlines DC10 Captain (USNA1971) avalonbeef@...

Ccs include:
Le Anne Ottmann, Founder
U.S. Vice-President, Richard Cheney
Canadian Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day,
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper
U.S. Attorney General, Alberto R. Gonzales ..
..Attorney General of Canada, ..Vic Toews
Thomas J. Coyne, President, Coyne and Associates, Inc.
Professor of Finance (retired since 1995), John Carroll University

Media and bccs:

Dear Mr. McConnell:

Re: 9/11 - Clinton Laborers attack McConnell pilots

By the time the bogus "Global Guardian" war game began on 9/10, insiders of the Carlyle Canada* private equity group, the Clinton White House and the mobbed-up Laborers' union (LIUNA), had extorted racketeering control over NATO's AWACS network and the strategic industries needed for a surprise 'red-team' attack on America.

Clinton's Laborers had tested and developed red-team maneuvers for 9/11 at the NATO flight training school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, allegedly funded with $2.8 billion stolen from the UN Oil-for-Food program by Saddam Hussein's agents and laundered through Carlyle's Canadian privy councilors, Paul Desmarais, Sr. and Frank McKenna and Carlyle's principal investor in the Bombardier-operated school, Laurent Beaudoin.

Witting or unwitting, unskilled or semiskilled, Clinton Laborers appear to have developed an 'anarcho-syndicalist' plan for the 9/11 war game, which included 'simulated' acts of sabotage and the murder or intimidation of class enemies in the 'professional' unions.

My research indicates that 9/11 red-team commanders used NATO AWACS and Boeing's Iridium satellite communications system to assassinate military personnel, such as Captain Gerald DeConto, duty officer of the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon on 9/11, and civilian pilots such as members of ALPA nationally or IFALPA internationally, including the late Captain Charles Burlingame, the pilot of American Airlines Flt 77 which allegedly hit the Pentagon and allegedly killed Captain DeConto!

As implied in the title "9/11 - Clinton Laborers attack McConnell pilots", I interpret 9/11 as an attack by 'brownshirts' led by the former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, on the Judeo-Christian values in the 'Anglosphere' led by people like yourself, Captain Field McConnell, and the late Captain Charles Burlingame (AA Flt 77, USNA 1971).

The red team's success during Global Guardian, relied on a bogus stand-down of 'blue-team' interceptors, including the US Air Force's F15s and 16s,in maneuvers tested and rehearsed by 'al-Qaeda' hijackers in the "Amalgam Virgo" war game of June 1-2, 2001.

The stand down of the US Air Force was arranged by double agents infiltrated into the 'blue-team' defenders, including former labor (LIUNA?) lawyer, Ben Sliney, National Operations Manager of the FAA on 9/11, the former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and Boeing director on 9/11, John Shalikashvili, and night shift holdover and combat commander of NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain, Canadian Major General, Rick Findley.

Now a lieutenant general, Rick Findley appears to be preparing a red team to bypass the NORTHCOM chain of command for an imminent sequel to 9/11, involving, I believe, the simultaneous electronic (IAP) hijacking of up to 1,000 illegally modified Boeing passenger aircraft and the murder of hundreds of ALPA pilots and thousands of their passengers.

"Following [Canadian] Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's refusal to join NORTHCOM", Carlyle Canada and Bill Clinton have now ordered Rick Findley to set up "consultative" Binational Planning Group (BPG), operating out of the Peterson Airforce base (set up in late 2002), with a mandate to "prepare contingency plans to respond to [land and sea] threats and attacks, and other major emergencies in Canada or the United States" .. : "The DND/CF in Canada and the US DoD recognize that a neighborhood watch or collective security arrangement [with LIUNA storm troopers?] is essential .. BPG allows some Canadians and Americans to work together in Colorado Springs to explore that collective security arrangement." (Statement by L. Gen. Findley)

I urge you to transmit this e-mail urgently to your contacts, who I believe include General Peter Pace, Chairman JCS (USNA 67), Senator James Webb, VA former Secretary of the Navy (USNA68), Admiral Tim Keating, North Command (USNA71).

Please call on me if I or members of the Hawks CAFE yahoo group can help you or your ALPA colleagues, understand the threat from Bill Clinton's Laborers (note, LIUNA air traffic controllers embedded in the FAA) union, in order to prevent the next attack.

Yours sincerely, David Hawkins

Notes: "9/11 - Clinton Laborers attack McConnell pilots"

"Judeo-Christian (or Judaeo-Christian) is a term used to describe the body of concepts and values which are thought to be held in common by Judaism and Christianity, and typically considered (sometimes along with classical Greco-Roman civilization) a fundamental basis for Western legal codes and moral values. In particular, the term refers to the common Old Testament/Tanakh (which is a basis of both moral traditions, including particularly the Ten Commandments); and implies a common set of values present in the modern Western World."

"Anarcho-syndicalism is a branch of anarchism which focuses on the labour movement. Syndicalisme is a French word meaning "trade unionism" – hence, the "syndicalism" qualification. Anarcho-syndicalists view labour unions as a potential force for revolutionary social change, replacing capitalism and the State with a new society democratically self-managed by workers. Anarcho-syndicalists seek to abolish the wage system and private ownership of the means of production, which they believe lead to class divisions ... Anarcho-syndicalist trade unionists [Noam Chomsky's I.W.W. a.k.a. "The Wobblies" or Clinton's Laborers] differ on anarchist economic arrangements from a Collectivist anarchism type economic system to an Anarcho-Communism type economic system."

From: Field McConnell avalonbeef@... Sent: December 7, 2006 5:54:20 PM To: timkit@... Cc: margville3@... , hawks-cafe@... , avalonbeef@... "I [Field McConnell] am a 57 year old NWA pilot awaiting training on the B747-400. It has come to my attention and the facts can be proven that Boeing has altered 90 aircraft, so far, with a technology that allows control of the a/c to be remoted to agencies including airline dispatch center, NORAD, FAA, or AWACS, among others. Ostensibly the technology would be to protect passengers from hijackers. However, I believe that is not the true purpose. It was previously my opinion that the aircraft involved in 9-11 were not hijacked by humans, but rather droned into their targets in NYC. UA 93 may have been shot down [ND ANG F16s and MA ANG F15s were in the area] but there is also a technology which could have, in effect, turned the fuselage of the B757 into a literal rocket and the damage upon impact would be so severe as to consume any physical evidence, so the redundancy of F16, F15, Rocket fuel could be employed if the flight was retaken by the crew or sufficiently late to miss a simultaneous attack on the capitol building as the Pentagon was being hit. Whatever hit the Pentagon was certainly not a 757. My college classmate, Chic Burlingame, US Naval Academy 1971 was the Captain ... I am getting the feeling that due to my background and what I understand coupled with the fact that I am awaiting training on a Boeing aircraft [coming off DC10, A320 prior] and exacerbated by the $90K+ carrot that NWA is dangling to get me to retire early perhaps I should be the messenger in getting ALPA nationally and IFALPA internationally to address the technology that EXISTS TODAY in 90+ Boeing jets. If the technology is there, and it is, why haven't pilots been made aware of it? If you have some sage advice I am all ears. Field McConnell, NWA, USMC, USNA 71"

"Former impeached U.S. President Bill Clinton .. accepting money from mobbed-up unions [LIUNA] or Chinese agents wanting to buy arms technology to attack America. Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and Boeing director on 9/11, John Shalikashvili
.. conceal treasonous transfer of U.S. weapons technology and a [planned] coup d'etat inside President Clinton's bogus NATO Partnership-for-Peace program ... Former No 2 in US Air Force procurement, former chairman of board of directors of NATO's AWACS program and a future vice-president of Boeing, Darleen Druyun, knew how to conceal illegal modifications to Boeing passenger or refueling aircraft in Canada so the planes could be flown as hijacked decoys or bomb-laden drones to sabotage NORAD's war games on 9/11, but she didn't know how to stay out of jail"

I [David Hawkins] allege that China's PLA is secretly modifying and sabotaging "Boeing commercial airplane models -- 737, 747, 767, 777 and 787" to participate in 9/11-style attacks "It builds horizontal stabilizers, vertical fins, portions of the aft tail section, doors, wing-panels and other parts on the 737; all the trailing edge wing ribs for every 747. China role in new 787 Dreamliner airplane, building rudder, wing-to-body fairing panels and leading edge of the vertical fin. China first conversion location for new 747-400 Boeing Converted Freighter [Clinton Cluster Bomb?]. Many parts and assemblies are built in China. Conversion, test and certification are performed in China and airplanes are delivered from China .. In fact, Boeing is China's aviation manufacturing industry's largest foreign customer. But Boeing's the most critical Boeing investment in China is training, particularly safety, aviation quality practices, business and executive training, as well as technical support. Boeing is a leader in creating the U.S.-China Aviation Cooperation Program, an initiative of U.S. government and American aviation companies, working with China's Civil Aviation Administration and airlines to help advance China's commercial aviation."

John Shalikashvili, "Good Morning. Thank you, General Xing, for your kind introduction. I am delighted to be in China and honored to be here at your National Defense University .. military to military contacts symbolically important .. visit of two Chinese destroyers and an oiler to Pearl Harbor and to San Diego, California in March of this year .. -Defense Secretary William Perry visited China in 1994 and General Chi visited the United States last December and spoke at our National Defense University .. "so long as we make concerted efforts .. our military-to-military ties will continue to move forward .. growth of relations between (our) two countries." .. military to military contacts symbolically important .. like the visit of two Chinese destroyers and an oiler to Pearl Harbor and to San Diego, California in March of this year .. Our [Clinton] new national strategy .. enabled us to cut our military personnel by one-third, that's a reduction of 700,000 high quality volunteers, the soul of our Armed Forces and the real source of our military power .. In terms of combat formations, we have reduced Army divisions and Air Force wings by 45 percent, and Navy ships by 38 percent .. I have asked the staff here to distribute some charts, which show the current location and status of all of our forces worldwide .. I will also leave behind a series of publications that detail the characteristics of nearly every major American weapons system, as well as other pieces of equipment." ... One item that should be on both of our lists is the completion of the Military Maritime and Air Cooperation Agreement .. improve our protocols for communications between our forces at sea [dual use by PLA and Carlyle's camouflaged fleet of self-unloading vessels in Canada Steamship Lines] and in the air [China-Carlyle's dual-use of illegally modified Boeings for 9/11-style attacks and then invade Taiwan if U.S. president Bush had been killed on the morning of 9/11 and Flight 93 (?) had managed to take out senators and congressmen in Capitol Building and
thereby 'decapitate' or 'behead' the American Republic!]"

"Darleen Druyun, former No. 2 acquisition executive for the Air Force sentenced to nine months in prison on Friday for negotiating a job with Boeing at the same time she was involved in contracts with the company, the nation's second-largest Defense contractor .. Druyun agreed to a higher price than appropriate for a proposed deal to lease 100 tanker planes from Boeing, which she called "a parting gift" to her future employer .. shared a competitor's proprietary data with Boeing .. In 2002, Druyun awarded $100 million to Boeing as part of a restructuring of the NATO Airborne Warning and Control System contract .. she favored Boeing because her daughter and son-in-law worked there and she was considering work there as well .. In 2001, Druyun oversaw a $4 billion award to Boeing to modernize the avionics on C-130 J aircraft .. favored Boeing over four competitors because the company had given her son-in-law a job .. In 2000, Druyun agreed to pay $412 million to Boeing as a settlement over a clause in a C-17 aircraft contract .. favoring payment because her son-in-law was seeking a job with Boeing."

*Carlyle Canada Private Equity Group. An online global `bookie' - bookkeeper - with virtual war rooms, red-team special effects and MindBox rule-based software for `numbers games' or `policy rackets'. Carlyle uses unlawful debt to control James A. Baker (sabotage in Iraq with help of former CIA deputy director Robert Gates), Frank C. Carlucci (Nortel's $100 billion "pump-and-dump"), Laurent Beaudoin (Bombardier-NATO flying school in Canada for al-Qaeda 9/11), Peter G. Bentley (Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates `MDA', Chase Manhattan, JP Morgan), Andre Bisson, Paul Desmarais Sr. (Canadian Privy Council with alleged Bonanno bookie, Alfonso Gagliano, Pargesa, Chase Manhattan, JP Morgan, AXA-Paribas, AMEC, Boeing, Canada Steamship Lines), Peter Lougheed, Frank McKenna (MDA, AMEC saboteur teams), David P. O'Brian, Hartley T. Richardson (MDA 9/11+1), William Sinclair, Lynton Wilson (MDA, Nortel's VoIP communications to bypass the US Naval Command Center at Pentagon and sabotage presidential response and chain-of-command).

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