Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alinsky's Disciples - Obimbo, Obombo and The Songbird?

Belief Clintons positioned U.S. Investigations Services under Carlyle Canada to spy on or eliminate public servants who might expose organizers of COBRA - Alinsky groups behind 9/11 attacks.

Open e-mail sent February 21, 2008 to:
US Vice-President, Richard Cheney, 
Field McConnell and David Hawkins, Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE 
http://www.hawkscafe.com/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hawkscafe/

Copies for reference:

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper pm@...    

Michael Badnarik 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty',
We The People Radio Network 
www.wtprn.com  scholar@...

Dear Vice President Cheney:
Re: Alinsky's Disciples - Obimbo, Obombo and The Songbird?

Hawks CAFE believes Bill and Hillary Clinton positioned the U.S. Investigations Services under Carlyle Canada to spy on public servants and eliminate or intimidate people who might expose the organizers of COBRA - the Alinsky-style community groups behind the 9/11 attacks.

"letters@... U.S. Investigations Services, Inc., formerly the OPM Office of Investigations, conducts background checks of employees for federal agencies. Now that the office has been privatized as USIS, it also performs investigative services for non-federal governments and private businesses. As part of its contract with USIS to help the fledgling company grow, OPM agreed to pay for investigative services up front rather than after services are rendered. OPM agreed to pay in advance through April 1998 .. OPM Director Jim King said. "USIS, Inc., is establishing a record of success for future privatization endeavors and proving that privatization works, and employee-owned, privatized companies can and will be successful." The Office of Investigations became USIS and was converted into an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in July 1996. The OPM investigators separated from the government and became employees and owners of the private firm. About 93 percent of investigators and other employees accepted the offer to join the ESOP. Because USIS's workload is 30 percent higher than original expectations, the firm has hired 130 employees."http://www.govexec.com/dailyfed/0397/032897b1.htm

Our Abel Danger counter-intelligence team has identified the code names given to three, former Alinsky disciples who have apparently become community organizers for an upcoming 2008 election fraud.

Perhaps you could divert a few of the USIS investigators pretending to hunt al-Qaeda agents around the world and have them check out the identity of agents named,"Obimbo, Obombo and The Songbird".

You don't want an Alinsky disciple into the White House, now do you?

We have some ideas - let us know if you draw a blank.

Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell, Forensic Economist fbi@... Astana, Kazakhstan - 28 year airline and 22 year military pilot, 23,000 hours of safety +7 (777) 684 6859 http://www.captainsherlock.com/

David Hawkins 
hawks-cafe@... Tel: 604 542-0891
Former oil industry operating engineer, blow-out specialist and safety officer - 15 years experience with radioactive materials, explosives and incendiaries
Civil Case 3:07-cv-49  "Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians"http://www.hawkscafe.com/107.html
Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 58102

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