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Axa Arkancide - Tainted Blood, Wal-Mart, 9/11

Synopsis: Links Axa alleged "dead-peasant" life insurance, dirty money, Hillary Clinton, Arkansas law firm, tainted blood, Wal-Mart and 9/11.

Open e-mail sent January 10, 2007 to:
Field McConnell, Fighter Pilot and Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE

David Hawkins, Founder Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE

Copies include: Liz DeCastro, Director, Iridium Corporate Communications liz.decastro@...
for attention of Tom Ridge

Captain John Prater, President, Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) john.prater@... for the urgent attention of ALPA members

Dear Field:

Re: Axa Arkancide - Tainted Blood, Wal-Mart, 9/11

Research suggests that Hillary Clinton positioned her husband as U.S. president (POTUS 42) and herself as America's First Lady (1993-2001) with the help of campaign finances, laundered through her former Arkansas law firm partners, and a global "dead-peasant" life insurance service provided by the French American Foundation and Groupe Axa.

At the end of the 19th century, AXA, through its Equitable Life Assurance Company (US) and L'Union-Vie subsidiaries, had sold insurance policies to thousands of ethnic Catholic Armenians later killed by ethnic cleansing in the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

Family survivors tried for more than 70 years to obtain the promised benefits, but AXA demanded nonexistent documents, such as death and non-mobilization certificates.

Over the last quarter century, Axa principals, Claude Bebear, Henri de Castries and Paul Desmarais, Sr., appear to have used Hillary Clinton, the Rose law firm in Little Rock and bogus life insurance contracts to launder money for global crime and terrorist groups.

Millions of `dead peasants' have now died while Axa, America's former First Lady and her former Arkansas law firm appear to have `placed, layered and integrated' $billions generated from world trade in a variety of illegal - often genocidal - goods and services.

Apparent `Groupe Axa Arkancide' contracts below, are worth our further research ..

1. Tainted blood from Arkansas jails

2. Dead-peasant life insurance policies (Clinton, Wal-Mart director 1986-1992)

3. Iraq rocket fuel, cluster bombs (Clinton, Lafarge director 1986-1992)

4. Highly enriched uranium (HEU) to Iran, Saudi Arabia (Temple of Sun Massacre)

5. Missile gyroscope, satellite technology to communist China (Lippo, Joe Giroir)

6. $32 billion kickbacks from UN Oil-for-Food (Desmarais, Strong, Rockefeller)

7. $1.2 trillion hedge fund fraud on 9/11 (CAI-Carlyle Canada, George Soros)

To build the body of evidence needed for a 'state-by-state' grand jury remedy to so many wrongful deaths, I invite you - Hawks CAFE's leading forensic economist in America - to share your thoughts on the alleged 'Axa Arkancides' with the readers of our yahoo group.



Notes: "Axa Arkancide - Tainted Blood, Wal-Mart, 9/11"

"The year Bill Clinton became governor of Arkansas, the Arkansas state prison board awarded a lucrative contract to a Little Rock company called Health Management Associates or HMA .."evil place run by some evil men." .. profitable side venture: blood mining .. paid prisoners $7 a pint to have their blood drawn .. sold blood on international plasma market for $50 a pint, splitting 50 percent of proceeds with Arkansas Department of Corrections .. .. prime buyer of HMA's tainted blood, largely drawn from prisoners Cummins Unit in Grady, Arkansas, notorious Canadian firm, called Continental Pharma Cryosan Ltd. .. nabbed importing blood taken from Russian cadavers and relabeled it as from Swedish volunteers .. also marketed blood taken from Haitian slums .. passed tainted Arkansas prison blood on to Canadian Red Cross .. In Canada alone more than 7,000 people have died from receiving contaminated blood, many of them hemophiliacs. More than 4,000 of these died of AIDS ... A $300 million class action suit will be filed on behalf of the Canadian victims. The suit will name Clinton and officials at the Arkansas Department of Corrections as defendants. Dr. Francis "Bud" Henderson started HMA in the 1970s .. Little Rock banker named Leonard Dunn to run the firm .. political ally and friend of the Clintons .. now chief of staff to Arkansas' Lt. Governor, Winthrop Rockefeller .. state police report .. noted FDA pulled the company's license to sell blood "for falsifying records and shipping hot blood."…Dunn, and Arkansas Department of Corrections, convinced the FDA that the fault lay with a prison guard who was taking kickbacks from prisoners in order to let them get back into the blood trade. The license was quickly restored and tainted blood once more began to flow .. Dunn repeatedly boasted of his ties to Bill Clinton .. botched operation in which an HMA doctor unnecessarily amputated a prisoner's leg at the hip .. HMA hired Vince Foster [Arkancided?] with Rose Law firm [Hillary's partner], to help squash investigation .. report cited more than 40 contract violations .. blame placed on another Clinton pal, Art Lockhart .. head of Arkansas Department of Corrections .. police launched a half-hearted investigation into allegations that HMA was awarded a renewal of its contract after bribing members of the state prison board .. focused an attorney named Richard Mays close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. .. In 1986, HMA's contract was revoked. But that didn't stop the Arkansas Department of Corrections' prison blood program. A new company, Pine Bluff Biologicals, took over the blood center .. president Jimmy Lord dismissed concerns suggested AIDS not a problem in Arkansas "If anyone got caught in a homosexual act, We took them off the roster." By late 1980s, Arkansas was only prison in the United States still running a blood program .. John Byus, medical director of the Arkansas Corrections Department "We plan to stick with it till the last day, to the last drop we're able to sell." program stayed in operation until Bill Clinton moved to Washington. It was finally shut down in 1993 by his successor, Jim "Guy" Tucker."

"Clinton served on Wal-Mart board of directors for six years [1986-1992] when her husband was governor of Arkansas. And the Rose Law Firm, where she was a partner, handled many of the Arkansas-based company's legal affairs .. In 1986 .. Wal-Mart founder, Sam Walton, tapped Clinton to be company's first female board member .. Today, Wal-Mart is world's largest retailer and largest private employer, with over $312 billion in sales last year and 1.3 million employees or "associates" in the U.S. alone."

"In violation of Texas law, Wal-Mart has been taking out life insurance policies on its employees without their knowledge and naming the company as beneficiary .. Wal-Mart chose to ignore Texas law when it took some 350,000 dead peasant policies on employees, including Texas employees, without telling them .. Until the 1980s, employers weren't allowed to take out policies on workers because they had no "insurable interest" in their survival .. the company couldn't argue it would suffer financial hardship if janitors, file clerks and nonessential executives perished. Insurable interest rules were designed to prevent life insurance from providing an incentive for murder and ultimately discourage [Hillary Clinton and Axa insiders?] from "wagering" on the life of another."

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