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AXA links Hillary to suicide-bomb life insurance

Synopsis: Alleged AXA links to Hillary Clinton and suicide-bomb life insurance frauds, e-mailed to leaders, bccs in Hawks CAFE virtual grand juries on February 12, 2007

Allegations: AXA links Hillary to suicide-bomb life insurance

1970s: Axa, the French government and various anarcho-syndicalist groups bankroll the French American Foundation for use in industrial, economic and military espionage on U.S. targets.

1980s: Axa develops 'Iraqgate' cluster bomb smuggling networks with CIA special weapons and tactics ('SWAT') teams fronted by Lafarge and structured by former FAF president (or Young Leader) Hillary Clinton and Rose Law Firm partners, Vince Foster, Joe Giroir and Webster Hubble.

1990s: Axa and CAI-Carlyle Canada private equity groups bribe Hillary Clinton, John Deutch and Canadian privy councilor Maurice Strong to steal US public encryption keys and backdoor 'al-Qaeda' suicide teams, hired by Parisien Research Corporation of Ottawa. Axa's partners use proxy al-Qaeda SWAT teams and Parisien Research to execute and camouflage suicide-bomb life insurance frauds on Americans in the East Africa Embassy (1998) and USS Cole (2000) bombings.

2001 Axa and Carlyle partners pay kickbacks from al-Qaeda suicide-bomb life insurance into the accounts of victim families and New York City and California labor union pension funds (NYCERS and CALPERS) after the 9/11 MindBox murders and receipt of the enabling death certificates.

2003-2007 Axa and Carlyle partners pays kickbacks from suicide-bomb life insurance to insiders, including the 'Shadow Party' members running Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential election campaign who orchestrate ongoing attacks in Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan to humiliate America.

Notes: "AXA links Hillary to suicide-bomb life insurance"

2007 Axa insurance kickbacks to suicide bomber families are laundered though Damman, Jordan. "The Arab Bank .. Jordan-based private bank 40 percent held by founding Schuman family active in 28 countries .. long suspected of directing money used to finance terrorism in the Palestinian Territories. And accounts at its Palestinian branches are also supposedly used to pay a type of life insurance to the families of youthful suicide bombers, who blow themselves up with the aim of killing as many Israelis as possible. The blood money paid for a son turned murderer is 20,000 Saudi riyal -- roughly €4,000 or $5,000. The funds take a circuitous route to the accounts of those families that prove the death of their son by showing a death certificate at the Arab Bank branch in the Palestinian Territories. Then monthly deposits are made just like in Takruri's case.",1518,465438,00.html

"New York, NY (September 25, 2006) - The French-American Foundation announced Henri de Castries, chairman of the management board and chief executive officer of AXA, and John A. Thain, chief executive officer of NYSE .. would be recipients of its .. Benjamin Franklin Award."

September 17, 2001 Axa appears to ask for death certificates to expedite suicide bomb life insurance frauds on firefighters families et al. "NEW YORK, NY – Equitable Life Assurance Society of U.S. expedite payment of claims to families of victims of terrorist [proxy al-Qaeda suicide] attacks in the United States on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001 [through] AXA Financial, Inc., parent company of Equitable Life .. "disaster relief" claims centers .. AXA Gallery at 787 Seventh Avenue in midtown Manhattan, and AXA Advisors Mid-Atlantic Regional headquarters at 3141 Fairview Park Dr. in Falls Church, VA, near Washington, DC. Beneficiaries receive immediate, on-site payment upon presentation of appropriate information [death certificates needed for Axa money laundering] .. each center will provide grief counseling [hypocritical scum!] and services of [MindBox predatory loan officers and] financial advisors for various forms of assistance beneficiaries may require."

June 25, 2001 On June 12, French police detained and questioned AXA's Management Board Chairman Henri de Castries and his predecessor, the company's founder Claude Bébéar .. released on June 13 after each posted a 2-million franc ($258,000) bond .. The probe centers on policies issued by the Luxembourg-based company, which was set up in 1990 as a subsidiary of French insurer UAP .. AXA acquired UAP in 1997, along with its subsidiaries, PanEuroLife and Banque Worms. As more details emerge, the two companies appear to be implicated in a scheme that allowed wealthy French individuals to pay cash for life insurance policies. The funds—less than Frs. 50,000 ($6,700) so that they could go unreported to the tax authorities—were then deposited in Banque Worms, transferred to its local postal accounts, and eventually to Luxembourg. The owners could then cash them in at face value, or turn them into investment vehicles outside of France, taking advantage of Luxembourg's bank secrecy laws. Various reports now estimate the amount involved to be between 750 million and 1 billion francs ($110 to $135 million)."

AXA-BNP Paribas pay Strong with Oil-for-Food money laundered though Damman, Jordan. "Volcker's U.N. inquiry into Oil-for-Food in 1997 Park invested almost $1 million in a Strong family oil company, Cordex .. checks made out to "M. Strong." .. bankrolled by cash Park picked up in U.N.-sanctioned Baghdad in 1997 .. transformed at Jordanian bank into checks to parties connected with Park, including one check made out to Strong on July 30, 1997, for $988,885"

AXA may be using racketeering 'dead-peasant' life insurance contracts to extort US Department of Justice leaders (Janet Reno, Jamie Gorelick, Kristine Marcy, John Hogan, Webster Hubble) to keep Hillary Clinton and her Iraqgate partners out of jail. "Never once .. did [Iraqgate cluster bomb] shipments attract attention of U.S. border controls. "It was all a CIA operation" .. Lafarge property on Marblehead " .. licensed munitions exporters. We were warned off .. because of U.S. government-i.e.-, CIA-involvement .. lines into Main Justice .. Asked whether Marblehead and Allied were CIA fronts for clandestine weapons shipments overseas, former CIA Director Robert Gates says, "I hear a distant bell tinkling." .. Gasior .. believes investigation squashed because of Hillary Rodham Clinton's involvement with Lafarge, both as a member of the Board of Directors from 1990-1992 .. and possibly earlier, when sources say she did legal work for the company through the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock .. But Gasior claims John Hogan-the [Janet] Reno deputy told her in August 1995 .. case had been referred to Starr, "because anything involving the First Lady or Vincent Foster has to be referred to the Office of the Independent Counsel .. warned Gasior not to talk to Kenneth Starr or congressional Republicans, "or else I would get hurt" .. Hillary Clinton's ties to Lafarge, somebody is going to an awful lot of trouble to make sure the story of her involvement is consistent .. Lafarge company spokesperson said Mrs. Clinton was recommended by Lafarge board member Edward H. Tuck, who had worked with her on a report on the state-run child-care system in France while she was president of the French-American Foundation"
Material above result of ongoing research by Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins

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