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Boeing 'confetti' bomb on Kenya Airlines kills crime reporter

Synopsis: Kenya Airlines Boeing 737-800 destroyed Saturday in Cameroon by 'confetti bomb' to silence crime reporter Anthony Mitchell and 'spoliate' fragmented evidence per United 93 (9/11).
Open e-mail sent May 7, 2007 to:
Kim Bolan, Vancouver Sun, kbolan@...
From: Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins, Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE

U.S. Vice-President Richard Cheney 
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper 
Liz de Castro, liz.decastro@... Director, Corporate Communications, Iridium Satellite Communciations, 6707 Democracy Boulevard, Suite 300, Bethesda, MD20817USA, Phone: +1.301.571.6200 Fax: +1.301.571.6250
Dear Ms. Bolan,
Re:  Boeing 'confetti' bomb on Kenya Airlines kills crime reporter
Hawks CAFE believes that the Boeing 737-800 of Kenya Airlines Flight KQ507 was destroyed last Saturday in Cameroon by a 'confetti bomb' that had been designed to silence crime reporter Anthony Mitchell and disrupt investigation into his murder and related insurance frauds by 'spoliating' fragmented evidence over an extended debris field.
"Anthony Mitchell .. killed in a plane crash in Cameroon, Associated Press correspondent .. on assignment to investigate criminal trade in endangered species for food .. His stories were to be published before an international conference on the topic next month .. Mitchell made headlines last month with investigation into the illegal detention and transfer of terror suspects from Kenya to Somalia and eventually into Ethiopian prisons .. story stridently criticized by the Ethiopian government as coming from an "ivory tower" where the war on terror was not understood .. Mitchell's stories angered Ethiopian authorities. During the May 2005 election, Mitchell repeatedly uncovered government efforts to influence the vote's outcome .. In January 2006, the Ethiopian government expelled him for what it called hostile reporting .. staff reporter for AP in the Nairobi bureau the following August .. moved to Africa in 2001 to work and live in Ethiopia .. one of the most widely respected journalists in the country .. contributed to the Associated Press in 2001 and as a freelancer in Ethiopia also contributed to The Times of London, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent. He became AP's Ethiopia correspondent in 2003. Before moving to Ethiopia, he worked for the Daily Express from 1996-2001, covering international affairs .. conflicts in Kosovo and Sierra Leone"
An analysis of eyewitness accounts to the crash of Flight KQ507 point to Boeing's use of an embedded confetti bomb - boosted with atomized aluminum powder - similar in design and purpose to that allegedly used to destroy United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11.
The United 93 confetti bomb was apparently triggered through the Boeing-operated Iridium satellite communcation system in maneuvers designed to incinerate and/or scatter evidence over an 8-mile debris field stretching from Shanksville to New Baltimore, Penn.
In the case of United 93, Pennsylvania state governor Tom Ridge mobilized the state national guard to take away evidence in a fraud coordinated over the Iridium network.
In the case of Kenya Airlines Flight KQ507, Tom Ridge, now a director of Iridium, will be able to provide a post-9/11 service to Carlyle Canada's murder-for-hire investors in insurance derivatives on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
Ridge is of course a defendant in the court case "Global Guardian 9/11" filed by Captain Field McConnell as outlined at the url ..
Please help us ensure Anthony Mitchell's work as a global crime reporter is not lost.  
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell,
28 year airline and 22 year military pilot,
23,000 hours of safety 
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 hawks-cafe@...
Notes: "Boeing 'confetti' bomb on Kenya Airlines kills crime reporter"
"It took 36 hours to find the wreckage of the almost new aircraft 20 kilometres (12 miles) southwest of Douala .. "There is a crater filled with water and a clearing, then buried in the mud there are scattered plane parts and debris." .. saw metal fragments spread over hundreds of metres (yards), with only a piece of landing gear, a portion of a wing and a few shredded seats as a reminder that all the debris once was an aircraft. Fragments of clothing and objects also stuck out of the mud. A teddy bear here, a life preserver there, a food tray, and further away a solitary shoe. And strewn everywhere, body-parts: feet, arms and other pieces of human flesh impossible to identify .. plane was hardly six months old .. flight KQ 507 which links Ivory Coast's main city Abidjan to the Kenyan capital Nairobi via Douala disappeared from the radar screens on Saturday shortly after taking off in a violent storm .. A Kenyan aviation official Monday said the plane could have been struck by lightning. The rescue work was being conducted under tight security with police guarding the site and helicopters hovering overhead .. "It was very well planned in terms of search and rescue and I do not believe the flight could have been found any earlier," Kenyan government spokesman Alfred Mutua told AFP. Kenya Airways said France had lent helicopters and the US National Transportation Safety Board and Boeing had sent experts to Cameroon. An additional Kenya Airways support team of 14 including counsellors and French speakers headed Monday for Cameroon. Kenya Airways CEO Titus Naikuni said he would leave for Douala early Tuesday .. Kenyan officials said the flight's pilot, Captain Francia Wamwea Mbatia, had more than 8,000 flying hours, and that the company had been flying to Douala for years without problems .. Air France-KLM owns a 26-percent stake in Kenya Airways"

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