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Carlyle Canada's chain-of-command fraud in NATO 9/11

Open e-mail sent September 18, 2006 to:

Canadian Minister of Public Safety, the Honourable Stockwell Day,
U.S. Vice-President Richard Cheney

David Hawkins, Forensic Economist at Hawks' CAFE
Foundation Scholar, Cambridge University
British Columbia, Canada Tel: 604-542-0891

Ccs include:

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper

Steven Jones and Jim Fetzer,
Co-chairs of Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Dear Minister Day and Vice-President Cheney
Re: Carlyle Canada's chain-of-command fraud for a NATO 9/11

I believe that on 9/11, at least five members of Carlyle Group
Canada, namely Frank Carlucci, Paul Desmarais, Lynton Wilson,
Laurent Beaudoin and Frank McKenna, executed a chain-of-command
fraud on the American people and sabotaged U.S. defences
to 'simulated' al-Qaeda attacks during a series of bogus war games
staged by CANR, the Canadian arm of NORAD, and commanded by the
Canadian Privy Council.

Carlyle Canada appear to have ordered the U.K. company, Amec, to
sabotage Nortel Network's internet communications systems at the
World Trade Center and the Pentagon's U.S. Naval Command Center and
transfer Nortel's U.S. chain-of-command technology to EADS in Europe
for use by NATO leaders under a NATO partnership-for-peace program
('PfP') developed by the apparently-treasonous Clinton White House.

I suggest your governments investigate the role of the Carlyle Group
during the 9/11 attacks - see notes below - and find out who
switched Nortel's VoIP communications from the Pentagon and the
presidential chain-of-command to EADS in Europe for use by NATO
leaders in NATO's bogus "Global Guardian" continuity-of-government

Yours sincerely,

David Hawkins

Notes: "Carlyle Canada's chain-of-command fraud for a NATO 9/11"

"Week ending September 16, 2001 .. European Aeronautic Defense and
Space Company (EADS) and Nortel Networks .. transfer to EADS Defense
and Security Networks (EDSN) of Cogent Defense Systems, a UK leader
in defense and security telecommunications systems currently
division of a Nortel Networks' UK subsidiary .. aims to turn EDSN,
EADS subsidiary in which Nortel Networks is a shareholder, into
global leader in telecommunications for defense and security systems
based on civilian technologies .. transfer to EDSN of the IP
Telephony M6500 .. from Matra Nortel Communications (MNC), a Nortel
Networks subsidiary .. including Internet Protocol (IP) telephony ..
core technology of EDSN security solutions"

"Frank McKenna is a member of the Carlyle Canada Advisory Board ..
other members include Peter Lougheed, former premier of Alberta;
Power Corp.'s Paul Desmarais; Bombardier's Laurent Beaudoin; former
Canadian ambassador to the United States Allan Gotlieb; and Carlyle
senior staff members Frank Carlucci and James A. Baker III ..
relationship between Carlyle Group and bin Laden family extends into
Canada. Frank Carlucci, chairman of the Carlyle Group from 1993 to
2003, was a member of the board of Nortel as early as 1996 and
served as chairman of Nortel in 2000-2001. Nortel had a business
partnership with the Saudi Binladen Group through its Baud
Telecommunications Company, which resold Nortel-built
telecommunications equipment in Saudi Arabia"

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