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CLICKBACK 9/11 - Did Power Corp launder money for Osama and Saddam?

CLICKBACK .. an apparent online "dead-peasant" money laundering service for OBL and Saddam families .. use of virtual war rooms by Power Corp private equity groups to coordinate life insurance and cascade kickbacks during a NATO war game on 9/11.

Open e-mail sent October 7, 2006 to:
Canadian Minister of Public Safety, the Honourable Stockwell Day, U.S. Vice-President Richard Cheney

David Hawkins, Forensic Economist at Hawks' CAFE
Foundation Scholar,
Cambridge University
British Columbia, Canada
Tel: 604-542-0891

Ccs include:
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper

Thomas J. Coyne, President, Coyne and Associates, Inc.
Professor of Finance (retired since 1995), John Carroll University

Steven Jones and Jim Fetzer,
Co-chairs of Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Dear Minister Day and Vice-President Cheney:

Re: CLICKBACK 9/11 - Did Power Corp launder money for Osama and Saddam?

I believe that no earlier than 1989, Maurice Strong, ex-president of Power Corp. of Montreal, helped the company's controlling Desmarais family to set up what I call CLICKBACK* - a virtual (online) "dead-peasant" money laundering service for global clients, including various members of the Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein families owning private-equity bank accounts with Paribas Geneve S.A. (Pargesa) in Switzerland.

CLICKBACK* - use of virtual war rooms to assassinate "dead-peasants" and support money laundering through online coordination of life insurance and cascade kickback frauds.

Can we infer the existence of Power Corp, Saddam or al-Qaeda's virtual war room and CLICKBACK assassination network from the something-scary that stopped New York City firefighters exposing a controlled demolition of WTC#7 at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11 and the liquefaction of steel support columns in a building that was never hit by a plane?

My research suggests that the Power Corp. affiliate Axa, sold low value ($100,000?) life insurance cover on the lives of members of the NYC Fire Department Pension Fund ("FDPF") and arbitraged or hedged against 9/11 by simultaneously buying $10,000,000 of life insurance for those same members on behalf of their superior officers in a private equity deal with the NYC Firefighters' Variable Supplements Fund ("FFVSF").

In a possible CLICKBACK 9/11 scenario, after the 342 NYC firefighters had been assassinated and the death certificates presented in Manhattan, Power Corp.'s Groupe AXA pays $100,000 (say) to the FDPF as go-away money for each victim's family.

AXA then uses the death certificates to collect $10,000,000 from dirty money (stolen from the UN Oil-for-Food program by Maurice Strong?) accounts in Geneva and shares CLICKBACK kickbacks with the bin Laden and Saddam Hussein families and the NYC senior officers who sent 'peasants' to their deaths with sabotaged analog Motorola radios.

Post-9/11, there were two categories of people with expert knowledge of the apparent use of incendiaries or explosives to demolish the Twin Towers and WTC#7 and support a bogus claim for 'double-occurrence' property or 'dead-peasant' life insurance money.

One category was dead – end of that problem – the other category was terrified because they will be told by senior officers who have shared in the $10,000,000 per head blood money that they risk becoming 'dead peasants' the next time they are called to a fire.

You might ask your alleged-intelligence services to check for the apparent existence of a Power Corp CLICKBACK money-laundering services to help people such as the Canadian depopulationist Maurice Strong, acheive their dreams of destroying America.

More contextual information can be found at my Hawks CAFE yahoo group and the archive site below.

Yours sincerely,

David Hawkins

Notes: CLICKBACK 9/11 - Did Power Corp launder money for Osama and Saddam?

With perhaps up to 1,000 remotely guided, exploding Boeing aircraft at their disposal, CLICKBACK investors can take out just about anyone, including Tony Blair, George Bush or even a duty officer in the Pentagon's US Naval Command Center ....

Just before Flight 77 took out the Pentagon's wire and wireless communications systems on 9/11, NATO war game commanders switched a modified Boeing 737 passenger plane from hijacked-decoy mode to gyroscope-missile mode and the plane duly began to descend along its "Final Approach Corridor".

Three minutes later, the modified plane killed Captain Gerald deConto, US Naval Command Center's duty officer, whereupon global control over U.S. navy assets was transferred to Carlyle Canada's private equity partners* under the NATO Partnership-for-Peace program introduced in 1994 by U.S. President Bill Clinton and then chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, John Shalikashvili - a Boeing director on 9/11.

On 9/11, Power Corp and Carlyle Canada insiders controlled a backdoor through MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates to the SABRE passenger reservation and flight operations system used by Canadian Armed Forces for the bogus war games. SABRE would give Power Corp commanders CLICKBACK access to flight manifests of planes carrying passengers and pilots trageted for any assassination and life-insurance scams.

In 2000, Power Corp and Carlyle Canada investors set up Cascade Aerospace in British Columbia, allegedly to install illegal modifications which allowed NATO commanders to bypass pilot controls and voice cockpit recorder systems and fly Boeing 737s as either mid-air cluster bombs or remotely-controlled missiles for precision-guided "hits".

With backdoor access to military and civilian passenger manifests and the ability to take control of modified Boeing passenger planes and either destroy the planes in mid-air with high value targets (HVT) onboard or kill individual enemy commanders on the ground, Power Corp appears to have built its global clients a "cascade assassination network".

*Maintaining contact through MDA virtual war rooms on 9/11, Carlyle Canada's private equity group included James A. Baker, Frank C. Carlucci, Laurent Beaudoin, Peter G. Bentley, Andre Bisson, Paul Desmarais Sr., Peter Lougheed, Frank McKenna, David P. O'Brian, Hartley T. Richardson (director of Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates 'MDA' on 9/11+1), William Sinclair and Lynton Wilson (chairman of Nortel Networks).

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