Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dial MIT for Murder and Say Navajo 9/11

Synopsis: Investigating October 8, 2001 death of MIT professor of linguistics Hale and apparent use of Navajo code talking by faculty 
and 'LIUNA locals to coordinate FAA bogus war game on 9/11.

Open e-mail sent Thursday, March 08, 2007 to: 
Claude R. Canizares, The Vice President for Research and Associate Provost, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRoom 3-234 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 E-mail crc@... Web: (617) 253-3206 phone (617) 253-3193 fax
From: Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins, Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE
 Copies: Lisa Lyon, Producer, George Noory, Coast-to-Coast Show darkeditor@... Kevin Smith, Producer, Alex Jones at kevin@... U.S. Vice-President Richard Cheney vice_president@... Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper pm@... Professor Noam Chomsky, MIT Department of Linguisticschomsky@... Professor John M. Deutch, MIT Department of Chemistry jmd@...
Dear Vice President Canizares:
Re:  Dial MIT for Murder and Say Navajo 9/11
Hawks CAFE is investigating the cause of the death on October 8, 2001 of Kenneth Hale, professor of linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the apparent use of Navajo code talking by militant faculty members and mobbed-up Laborers' union ('LIUNA') locals which coordinated the FAA's 'al-Qaeda' attacks during a bogus 9/11 war game.,,592144,00.html
"LIUNA 20,000 Federal employees, including Federal Aviation Administration .. Navajo National Healthcare employees .. more than 1,400 members. LIUNA Local Union 2097 represents FAA, located in Oklahoma City [Note the 1995 sabotage of BATFE offices in the Murrah Building]. Local 2097 .. FAA contract out services to other governments [Saudi Arabia?] .. In 2004 each member received over $1,200.00 in [kickbacks]."
In an August 2006 letter to you, we noted that sponsors of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (previously MIT Center for Coordination Science), including the CAI-Carlyle Canada private equity group, had motive and opportunity on 9/11 to manipulate MIT's virtual war room networks and its special weapons and tactics ('SWAT') teams into a mythical "single superhuman intelligence" and try to overthrow the American government.
Hawks CAFE has identified at least three members of MIT faculty as suspects in the wrongful deaths of nearly 3,000 American citizens on 9/11 and a $1.2 trillion hedge fund fraud on the New York Stock Exchange which would have generated huge kickbacks to the MIT Investment Management Company and its pension-fund beneficiaries.
John Deutch (Director Raytheon, Citigroup, Schlumberger and the apparently-treasonous former director of the CIA who stole a copy of the agency's 'al-Qaeda' database in 1995/6.)
Paul Gray (Director of Boeing Company 1990-2004 when the allegedly racketeering inflenced and corrupt organization illegally modified Boeing passenger aircraft for bogus war games using missile gyroscopes - QRS11 - and explosives in the passenger cabins.)
Noam Chomsky (Ideological leader of the Industrial Workers of the World - a fascist labor movement committed to 'One Big Union, One Big Strike' and the violent overthrow of sovereign governments on behalf of what Young Leaders of the French American Foundation, including Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton, call "Les Militants Syndicalistes".)
A militant member of the anti-war organisation, Resist, and a fluent Navajo speaker, Kenneth Hale may have died as alleged of cancer (below) or he may have been murdered to shut him up or he may have committed suicide on October 8, 2001.
However he died, Hale's passing would have served the 9/11 conspirators by helping them conceal LIUNA's apparent use of Navajo code talking during the war games.
We will contact you soon to confirm the cause of Professor Hale's death and then again to join selected members of MIT faculty as suspects and defendants in a proposed civil RICO suit claiming triple damages for the wrongful deaths and frauds of 9/11.
Yours sincerely,
Captain Field McConnell
avalonbeef@... (218-329-2993)
David Hawkins
hawks-cafe@... (604-542-0891)
Notes: "Dial M.I.T. for Murder and Say Navajo 9/11"
".. Kenneth Hale died of cancer aged 67 .. professor of linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) since 1967 .. Noam Chomsky referred to him as "a voice for the voiceless." .. as a 14-year-old .. he acquired Navajo with the ease young children usually display in acquiring their native language .. told a New York Times interviewer in 1997 that, when he discovered he knew Navajo, he would "go out every day and sit on a rock and talk Navajo to myself" .. MIT's centre for cognitive science in 1979 .. For 30 years, he was active in the anti-war organisation, Resist.",,592144,00.html
Webster Tarpley words excerpted below suggest how witting conspirators could use Navajo code talkers, LIUNA Locals, MIT Center, Boeing's Iridium communications and Nortel VoIP, to infiltrate legitimate war games and destroy non-witting targets. "Webster Tarpley - 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA: Staff exercises or command exercises are perfect for a rogue network which is forced to conduct its operations using the same communications and computer systems used by other officers who are not necessarily party to the illegal operation, coup or provocation as it may be. A putschist officer may be working at a console next to another officer who is not in on the coup, and who might indeed oppose it if he knew about it. The putschist's behavior is suspicious: what the hell is he doing? The loyal officer looks over and asks the putschist about it. The putschist cites a staff maneuver for which he is preparing. The loyal officer concludes that the putschist's activities are part of an officially sanctioned drill, and his suspicions are allayed. The putschist may even explain that participation in the staff exercise requires a special security clearance which the loyal officer does not have. The conversation ends, and the putschist can go on with his treasonous work. "The best working hypothesis is that Amalgam Virgo was the cover story under which the 9/11 attacks advanced through the bureaucracy. Preparations for carrying out 9/11 were conducted under the cover of being preparations for Amalgam Virgo. Most of those who took part in Amalgam Virgo could hardly have been aware of this duplicity.... Here was an exercise which included many of the elements which were put into practice on 9/11. Amalgam Virgo thus provided the witting putschists with a perfect cover for conducting the actual live fly components of 9/11 through a largely non-witting military bureaucracy. Under the cover of this confusion, the most palpably subversive actions could be made to appear in the harmless and even beneficial guise of a drill."

"On June 3, 2004, the Institute established the Massachuset's Institute of Technology Investment Management Company (MITIMCo) to assume the duties of the Investment Commitee of the Corporation. MITIMCo assumed these responsibilities on July 1, 2004 .. The primary function of the MITIMCo board is to oversee the investments of the Institute's assets, specifically the endowment, the current funds, the pension assets, and other institutional assets .. The investment portfolios are diversified across major asset groups such as marketable global fixed income securities; marketable domestic and international, developed and emerging market equities; global real estate; non-marketable global alternatives such as private equity, oil, and gas; and marketable global alternatives, which include distressed debt, event arbitrage, and other hedge fund strategies."

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