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Dialog on Naval Intelligence in Airline Extortion

Synopsis: An invitation to dialog with David Hawkins and Captain Field McConnell on Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment in Newport R.I. and 9/11 extortion of airline and labor union leaders.
Open e-mail invitation sent July 18, 2007 to: 
Pilots For 911 Truth pilotsfortruth@...
Michael Badnarik, 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' 
Representative Duncan Hunter, 52nd District of California 
Representative Ron Paul, 14th. District of Texas, 
An invitation to dialog with David Hawkins and Captain Field McConnell, Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE, on issues with the Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment in Newport R.I. and ONI DET apparent 9/11 extortion of airline and labor union leaders.
Copies to file:
Civil Case 3:07-cv-24  "McConnell v. Boeing and ALPA"
Civil Case 3:07-cv-49  "Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians"
Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 58102

Re: Dialog on Naval Intelligence in Airline Extortion
DH. Field, what evidence if any do you see that private equity groups used the Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment in Newport R.I. to provide a murder for hire service during the 9/11 war games "Global Guardian"?
FM. I think the document found with this url will make it quite clear.  Dr. Barnett hosted NewRulesSet game in offices of Cantor Fitzgerald and less than a year later that very office was destroyed in Global Guardian, a corrupted Air Defense Exercise mis-known to the world as a terrorist attack.
DH.  Do you see any evidence that 9/11 private equity groups are extorting airline labor leaders into complying with emissions targets of the Kyoto Protocol?
FM. Let me say that the Allied Pilots Association [ represents American pilots] recently replaced the leader of their union.  I believe the larger union, Air Line Pilots Association, also would benefit from a change of leadership.  If you wish to characterize pressure from airline managements, facilitated by acquiescing union leaders, then I would agree.  However, Kyoto Protocol is not understood by many pilots but global elitists are, so my answer would be global elitists are coercing organizations such as ISTAT, IFLC, GECAS and Boeing to put pressure on airline managements to reduce the earnings of all airline employees except those laid off and those in upper management.
DH: Which private equity groups had 'insider' access to ONI DET on 9/11?
FM. CAI-Carlyle Canada and the Blackstone Group private equity groups could not gain leverage without corrupt insiders.  I would be alert to individuals who had put in a career in the military and then have returned as consultants or as recalled [ to active duty ] retirees. I must opine that an overwhelming majority of government and military workers serve honorably. However, by putting certain people in the top spots an entire agency can be corrupted.  I believe a good example is the Department of Justice during the years 1993-2001.  Several other agencies would suffer the same affliction. Currently I think we citizens expect more from DHS Secretary Chertoff than his "gut reaction".  This country of ours needs "brain reactions" and public servants with the guts to engage their brains and report what they observe.
DH. How would these private equity groups pay the alleged ONI SWAT teams?
FM. In vast sums generated through fairly simple insurance frauds.  AXA, the world's largest insurance company [ in France ] has the top 2 or 3 in the vertical chain of command indicted, I believe, and an English insurance/re-insurance company "Equitas" could generate profusions of cash in similar fashion.  Let's take the example of Chic Burlingame, my college classmate who was the Captain of AA77.  If, for example, a survivor of his was paid $1M for his regrettable death, that same insurance company would have had in place a "re-insrance" policy for perhaps ten times that amount. The honest pilot dies, a survivor trades a death certificate for $1M, the insurance company trades the death certificate under "re-insurance" for $10M and the problem goes away.  Usually survivors can be silenced with money.
DH. How could the ONI DET team establish a "no-fly" zone over Washington and New York?

FM. Easily done.  In the case of Global Guardian an official standdown of NORAD was brokered between Gen Henry Shelton, Chairman JCS and Gen Maurice Baril of Canadian forces.  The standdown was practiced in Amalgam Virgo 01 [ page 16 ] and signed into force by the two generals mentioned [ page 18 ].  Click link below for Amalgam Virgo.
Now that you see the standdown on page 16 and the agreement on page 18 considered that the USS George Washington, an aircraft carrier, was steaming from east of Washington to east of NYC the morning of 9/11.  This same carrier had enforced "no-fly" zones during Bosnian and first Gulf War "non-games" and I assert that 9/11 also was not a war game gone awry but rather a cowardly act of war.  I understand that while USS George Washington stood ready to act if needed two NATO AWACS orbited in internation airspace of Washington DC and New York City.
DH. How could the ONI DET team stage an "al-Qaeda" hijacking?
FM.  Easier yet. Pay Saddam $742M to enlist some martyrs. Videotape patsy martyrs clearing security enroute to UA 93 and 175 and AA 11 and 77.  Monitor systems of the 4 flights.  At the point when each of the four individual autopilots are known to be engaged electronically hijack the jets utilizing Boeing uninterruptible auto pilots and Thales flight guidance systems illegally modified with QRS11 GyroChips. Electronically modify the flight plan to new destination, WTC 1, WTC 2, Pentagon and UA 93's target which according to Amalgam Virgo would have been the United States Capitol.
DH. How could the ONI DET team develop decoy-and-drone maneuvers?
FM. If any of them were observant students of history they simply learn from the trojan horse, the false flag USS Maine, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin or the planned and cancelled "Operation Northwood(s)". Google that document, dust it off, apply 40 year newer technology and put on the Global Guardian false flag 911.
DH. How could the ONI DET team destroy evidence of the murders, arson and insurance fraud and block investigations at the Pentagon and at Ground Zero?
FM.  Ultra-high-temperature accelerants or explosives were pre-deployed in the target buidlings and similar would be installed on the 4 jets.  Assuming success [ Flights 11,77 and 175] the resulting 5800 degree F fire would "vaporize" all evidence and the preinstalled explosives [ Otis elevators car and shafts, WTC] or Naval Command Center offices [ Pentagon ] would cause binary cluster-bomb explosions which would make it difficult for true cause to be determined.  Blocking investigations is child's play, buy your way out [ Boeing pays $615M to DOJ] or use catch phrase "national security" such as NTSB does when pilots ask for FBI tapes of something other than American 77 hitting the Pentagon.  I certainly hope that ONI and NTSB and DHS will use the information we provided to numerous agencies last week.  Much of that evidence is up, free, at Hawks CAFE or Captain Sherlock.  The next attack likely will be triphibous and ALL EYES should be on carriers deployed to the gulf region or US construction or transport projects contracted through AMEC [ Anglo Montreal Engineering Company?], Boeing and Bombardier jets and Canada Steamship Lines. Easy as ABC.
FM. Join in this analysis - call or e-mail one of us below. Tell us what you see in terms of an ONI DET role in the 9/11 war games. When and what is the next game? (David plays red-team attack roles - Field McConnell plays defense).
Field McConnell, Tel: 218 329 2993
28 year airline and 22 year military pilot,
23,000 hours of safety 
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 
Notes: "Dialog on Naval Intelligence in Airline Extortion"
" OVERVIEW ... The ONI DET is a detachment of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Suitland, MD. Its mission is to provide dedicated support to war gaming conducted under the auspices of the Naval War College. This includes the design, development, and employment of opposition forces, provision of realistic intelligence, and performance of control and assessment functions in both seminar and computer-assisted war games. Additionally, ONI DET provides intelligence support to the CNO Strategic Studies Group (SSG) and provides communications and research support to the Naval War College, Surface Warfare Officer School Command and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center If you would like to learn more about us, please contact us at the following addresses:
(401) 841-3033/7724
(401) 841-3034
Office of Naval Intelligence Detachment
U.S. Naval War College Code 34
686 Cushing Road
Newport, Rhode Island 02841

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