Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hillary and al-Qaeda Sisterhood - Blowing Boeings, Hedging Dykes

Synopsis: E-mail to Field McConnell - MDA and John Deutch's CIA operate RADARSAT and MindBox for Hillary and al-Qaeda Sisterhood to blow Boeings and hedge terrified (?) dykes into tracking, killing and vaporizing the Alpha males.

E-mail sent Thursday, January 18. 2007.

Field - remember that MDA and John Deutch's buddies in the CIA operate RADARSAT and the MindBox for Hillary and the al-Qaeda Sisterhood, including Madeleine Albright, Janet Reno, Darleen Druyun and Sister Marcy.

The Sisterhood can now program MindBox to blow Boeings in mid-air, guide them as decoys and drones with "Ground Moving Target Indication" (see below) and hedge their terrified (?) dyke friends into tracking, killing and vaporizing Alpha males all the time blaming it on al-Qaeda.

Don't know which ones are more scary ....

This loser ..

or these gals ....



"Retired CIA [the treasonous John Deutch] and top military officers sell RADARSAT data to U.S. government. The license to market and sell RADARSAT-1 and -2 data outside Canada, was sold to a U.S. company called Orbimage. During the privatisation process, Orbimage and MDA were both owned by Orbital Sciences. In 1998, Orbimage .. began hiring a coterie of retired U.S. military and intelligence officers .. Secrecy shrouds Canada-U.S. treaty signed in 2000 by then-Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright ... U.S. and NATO warfighters are looking forward to taking advantage of RADARSAT-2 data after its long-awaited launch in December 2006 .. Ground Moving Target Indication (GMTI) [assassination] capability .. cutting-edge capacity to track and target moving, ground vehicles .. for use in gathering target data for first-strike U.S. and NATO attacks during "Theatre Missile Defense" (TMD) engagements. TMD is the most important aspect of "missile defense." Its stated purpose is to protect troops, warships and their weapons systems during deployments in faraway warzones of the not-too-distant future [Adam Air vaporized by Eve?] .. Rendering RADARSAT unto NATO's CAESAR NATO, and particularly U.S., warfighters have been preparing themselves--during various military exercises, war games and computer simulations over the past eight
years--to use RADARSAT-2's GMTI capabilities in future wars. Beginning in 1999, Canada joined a NATO-led effort called the Coalition Aerial Surveillance and Reconnaissance (CAESAR) project. CAESAR's focus was to ensure the deep integration of air-based SAR/GMTI assets of three leading military states (the U.S., UK and [the weasals of] France), with Canada's RADARSAT-2. Canada was the only country that rendered a space-based SAR/GMTI sensor unto CAESAR, because no other country has such revolutionary military technology."

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