Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hillary & Motorola arbitraged 9/11 firefighter life insurance

Belief Hillary Clinton, Motorola used KPMG tax shelter arbitrage firefighter life-insurance contracts; victims sheperded into killing fields; executed by radio-controlled demolition of the Twin Towers.

Open e-mail sent February 08, 2008 to:
US Vice-President, Richard Cheney, 
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper pm@... 

Field McConnell and David Hawkins, Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE
http://www.hawkscafe.com/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hawkscafe/

Copies for reference:

Representative Duncan Hunter, 52nd District of California 
bre@... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duncan_Hunter
Michael Badnarik 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty', We The People Radio Network www.wtprn.com  scholar@...

Dear Vice President Cheney and Prime Minster Harper:
Re: Hillary & Motorola arbitraged 9/11 firefighter life insurance
Hawks CAFE believes Hillary Clinton and Motorola officials used KPMG tax shelters to arbitrage NYC firefighter life insurance contracts after 343 victims were sheperded into 9/11 virtual killing fields  and executed with radio-controlled demolitions of the Twin Towers.
"KPMG LLP, independent auditors [of USDoJ], are retained to audit Motorola's financial statements. Their accompanying report is based on audits conducted in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America.."http://www.motorola.com/General/Financial/Annual_Report/2000/financials/index.html
Our Abel Danger intellligence team has determined that kickbacks from the arbitraged "dead-firefighter" life insurance contracts were laundered through the KPMG client tax shelters and shared amongst Motorola directors and numerous members of the Council on Foreign Relations, including Hillary and Bill Clinton.
Please study content here http://www.usdoj.gr/ (Memo to gatekeepers: You are at risk of indictmemt for felony i.e. the misprision of treason, if you fail or you refuse to pass this information on to those authorized to act.)
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell avalonbeef@... Tel: 218 329 2993
28 year airline and 22 year military pilot, 23,000 hours of safety
David Hawkins 
hawks-cafe@... Tel: 604 542-0891
Former oil industry operating engineer, blow-out specialist, safety officer - 15 years experience with radioactive materials, explosives, incendiaries

Civil Case 3:07-cv-49  "Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians"
Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 58102

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