Monday, March 8, 2010

Hurricane Hillary's Protection Racket

Synopsis: RICO linked to Laborers LIUNA union and Hillary Clinton had Amec sabotage N.O. levees for Katrina kickback protection money to bureaucrats, government insiders, contractors.

Open e-mail sent November 28, 2006 to:

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper

US Vice-President, Richard Cheney


I believe that various racketeering-influenced and corrupt associates of Senator Hillary Clinton, hired Amec to sabotage the New Orleans levee system during the passage of Hurricane Katrina and thereby trigger a 'parametric' catastrophe ('cat') bond after thirteen low-lying parishes of the City were flooded to a water depth in excess of 15 feet.

Amec provides its global private-equity clients, including Hillary Clinton's and George Soros's hedge-fund associates at Carlyle Canada*, with an integrated sabotage-analysis, waste-management and debris-removal service.

Amec's sabotage service allows hedge funds to arbitrage events that maximize insider profits, transfer money from a cat-bond investors' escrow account into a 'hurricane-protected' sponsor account for example and destroy physical evidence of cat-bond fraud.

My research indicates that Senator Clinton's associates are running a "Hurricane Hillary Protection Racket" using public-private partnerships with Carlyle Canada to share kickbacks with senior bureaucrats, government insiders, corrupt contractors and the bosses of the mobbed-up Laborers' International Union of North America ('LIUNA').

"1986 .. President's Commission on Organized Crime identified Laborers union as one of four most corrupt unions in America .. May 1994, [Laborers' president] Coia $50,000 to U.S. Botanical Gardens .. because Hillary Clinton is involved .. negotiations between Justice Department and Laborers [on RICO draft racketeering complaint] .. February 6 .. Mrs. Clinton [at] Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach to address Laborers .. February 13, Justice Department made deal that kept Coia in his job .. May 1996 co-chairman of [DNC] fundraiser .. first lady spoke .. raised $12 million .. "You're gonna tell me in 1996 they didn't know Arthur [Coia] was hot? .. "conscience-stricken Clinton adviser." .. described May 1995 president "incredibly intense" need millions of dollars for re-election campaign. "We went to [People's Liberation Army of China] Asian clients of Clinton's Arkansas friends .. dirty unions like Laborers International"

I call it a protection racket because unless there is an ulterior political motive such as the need to embed saboteurs and assassins in Amec's construction projects in Iraq and manipulate U.S. mid-term elections, the Hurricane Hillary cat bonds are only triggered if sponsors delay or default on interest payments (protection money) into escrow accounts.

We find the same kind of protection racket being run at the World Trade Center and Pentagon, where Carlyle Canada and Hillary Clinton's associates hired Amec and the Laborers to prepare bogus sabotage-vulnerability tests for a bogus war game on 9/11.

Amec won contracts to remove debris - and evidence of the alleged protection rackets -from terrified bureaucrats with various federal, state and local emergency and regulatory agencies in the aftermath of bogus attacks by `al-Qaeda' and Hurricane Katrina.

Please deal with these people now; the patience of we, the Public, is nearly exhausted.

Yours sincerely,

David Hawkins

Notes: "Hurricane Hillary's Protection Racket"

"At the World Trade Center, AMEC activities began hours after [9/11] included .. debris-removal .. daily interaction with federal, state and local emergency and regulatory agencies .. Within 24 hours, AMEC mobilized 300 workers, 20 pieces of heavy equipment and fleet of trucks .. AMEC .. at Pentagon before, during and after attack .. just finished a project to renovate one section, called Wedge 1 .. responded to attack within minutes by rescuing survivors .. supplying debris-removal equipment .. emergency communications system established by AMEC [to bypass police investigations] later adopted by several federal government entities on project .. AMEC sabotage analysis of Bryan Mound SPR [Strategic Petroleum Reserve] .. spectrum of potential saboteur types. Study ranking sabotage hazards [for catastrophe bond fraud]."

"AMEC .. contract in Iraq worth up to US$500 million .. with Fluor joint-venture partner.. already on ground with around 2,000 people near Baghdad .. sizeable work across whole of Iraq .. provide engineering services for restoration, operation, maintenance of power generation .. initially involve .. 80 Fluor AMEC personnel, as well as many more Iraqi subcontractors .. AMEC bids outstanding for six further contracts restoring [Iraq] power, water, transportation and justice infrastructure, totalling up to US$3.5 billion .. AMEC .. retaining its own security [sabotage] services."

*The Carlyle Canada Private Equity Group: Allegedly using virtual war rooms, SWAT teams and MindBox software for catastrophe bond frauds and a global protection racket, Carlyle Canada insiders at 9/11 included James A. Baker (a party to Amec sabotage of Coalition forces in Iraq), Frank C. Carlucci (Nortel chairman in $100 billion "pump-and-dump" hedge-fund fraud through April 2001), Laurent Beaudoin (set up bogus Bombardier-NATO war-game school in Canada to develop 'al-Qaeda' maneuvers for 9/11 financed with money stolen from UN Oil-for-Food program by Saddam Hussein and Carlyle Canada), Peter G. Bentley (CAI-MindBox custodian and international advisory board of Chase Manhattan Bank - now JP Morgan), Andre Bisson, Paul Desmarais Sr. (Custodian with Pargesa Holding S.A. (Switzerland), Chase Manhattan Bank - now JP Morgan -AXA and Compagnie Financière de Paribas), Peter Lougheed, Frank McKenna (CAI-MindBox custodian of Amec's bogus sabotage tests on 9/11), David P. O'Brian, Hartley T. Richardson (director of Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates and its MindBox services to NATO-NORAD and Canada - on 9/11+1), William Sinclair and Lynton Wilson (CAI-MindBox custodian and, from May 2001, chairman of $100 billion "pump-and-dump" fraudster Nortel Networks. Nortel provided VoIP communication to US Naval Command Center at the Pentagon where 'al-Qaeda' and Amec agents sabotaged wire and wireless systems on 9/11 to bypass the presidential chain-of-command).

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