Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Invitation to the viral, virtual growth of Hawks CAFE

Synopsis: Captain Field McConnell and I invite you to build a "viral, virtual growth model" and turn Hawks CAFE into a global online enterprise to collect intelligence and track assets (or liabilities e.g. explosives, toxins or taxes) in the public interest.

Invitation to the viral, virtual growth of Hawks CAFE

Sent January 25, 2007 to all members of Hawks CAFE yahoo group et al:

From Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins

Re: Invitation to the viral, virtual growth of Hawks CAFE

Captain McConnell and I invite you to help us build a "viral, virtual growth model" so that the citizen's association of forensic economists at Hawks CAFE can become a global online enterprise for the collection of intelligence and the tracking of assets (or liabilities e.g. explosives, toxins or taxes) in the public interest.

As it stands today Hawks CAFE has the facilities for global branding, content development and marketing of hard copy documents, downloaded from our web site and yahoo group, to support any DVDs of interviews with us - jointly or severally - that might be produced and distributed by our forensically-inclined associates.

Doug Millar (below) is about to release a 4-hour DVD of his interview with Captain McConnell and myself entitled "McConnell Solves Murder on United 93". There is a 20 page reference text for this interview - not a transcript - here.

I believe Doug's production team will be able to sell these DVDs like hot cakes.

If I'm right, Doug and his colleague Dennis Whipple can develop a self-financing DVD production, packaging and distribution facility, as outlined below, for Hawks CAFE and contribute to a robust 'net-centric' growth model for the general public's benefit.

And you can you.

One of our Hawks CAFE contacts is giving a lecture in France, another is attending shows in Vancouver on Feb 4; both contact could sell on Doug's DVD - branded by Hawks CAFE - at a profit.

Both contacts (if they so wish) could develop their own DVD production with a group of friends by interviewing Captain McConnell and/or myself on titles selected from the Hawks CAFE web site or yahoo group.

"So Let's Roll with Hawks CAFE"

An invitation from Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins

Notes to: "Invitation to the viral, virtual growth of Hawks CAFE"

Start of Doug Millar's words .....

"HOPE EVERYONE: #1 - Goes to ASAP!

#2 - And that you order the well-documented four-hour DVD from me that four of us creating, RE: THE CLINTONS & CLINTONISTAS INVOLVEMENT IN THE PREPLANNING OF 9/11.

#3 - Is willing to consider that fact, like the bipartisan crime and cover-up of the assassination of Pres. JFK, "It is possible that bipartisan treason is the reason for the 9/11 season?"

#4 - Ask yourself, "Am I part of the solution or the problem?"

#5 - Ask yourself, "If I was accused of being a 9/11 accomplice, would I want someone with my biases, prejudices and preconceived opinions to be sitting on my jury, IF I WAS INNOCENT?" ALTHOUGH OUR DVD IS WORTH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO YOU, IF YOU VALUE YOUR FREEDOM, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO ORDER IT FOR ONLY $19, INCLUDING SHIPPING & HANDLING. Make your check or money order payable to me:

[Enquiries on pricing, delivery etc., contact Doug Millar dougmillar911@... ]

We are not copyrighting it, because we are trying to inspire you to HELP US SAVE AMERICA, NOW!

NOTE: We also offer quantity discounts so you can sent this DVD to your family and friends on your Christmas last and educate people at work and your social network, including all of your friends. All we ask is that you give away copies that you create; so we can earn a little money, as we continue our full-time efforts to protect you and your loved one.

We have much more well-documented, damning evidence, and plan to create another DVD, and it should be available within a couple of weeks. Fair enough? Are you a truth seeker, or refusing to look at evidence?"

End of Doug's words

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