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KPMG's State & Justice bribes an al-Qaeda flight instructor

Belief KPMG Departments of State and Justice bribed Clarence Prevost flight training school instructor, to give Moussaoui 'legend' used for "al-Qaeda Live Fire Terrorist Hijacking" exercise on 9/11.  

Open e-mail sent January 25, 2007 to:
US Vice-President, Richard Cheney, 
Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins,
Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE

Copies for reference:
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper 
Michael Badnarik 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty'  scholar@... 
Dear Vice-President Cheney:

Re: KPMG's State & Justice bribes an al-Qaeda flight instructor
Hawks CAFE believes KPMG clients at the U.S. Departments of State and Justice, bribed Clarence Prevost a flight training school instructor to give Zacarias Moussaoui a 'legend' used in virtual news broadcasts of an "al-Qaeda Live Fire Terrorist Hijacking"
exercise on 9/11. 
"MINNEAPOLIS - An instructor at the flight school Zacarias Moussaoui attended before the Sept. 11 attacks is $5 million richer for his efforts to alert authorities .. Clarence Prevost, 69, got the payout Thursday as part of the State Department's "Rewards for Justice" .. The ceremony was closed and the State Department wouldn't identify the recipient, in keeping with the policy of the program"
Your comments would be welcome, your action even more so.
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell avalonbeef@... Tel: 218 329 2993
28 year airline and 22 year military pilot, 23,000 hours of safety
David Hawkins 
hawks-cafe@... Tel: 604 542-0891
Former oil industry operating engineer, blow out specialist, safety officer - 15 years experience handling radioactive materials, explosives, incendiaries

Civil Case 3:07-cv-49  "Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians"
Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 58102
KPMG State & Justice bribes an al-Qaeda flight instructor"
21   A.   I think -- usually when I run into my students, I introduce
22   myself, and I, I'm sure -- I went over and probably said:  I'm
23   Clancy Prevost.  I'm your instructor.  Are you my student?
24             Because I didn't know his name.  Nobody knew his name.
25   Q.   Okay.  Did he tell you at that time he was an al Qaeda
1   terrorist here to fly planes into buildings?
2   A.   No.
3   Q.   Okay.  What did he tell you that he did for a living?  Did
4   you ask him?
5   A.   I did ask him.  He said he was a businessman from 
.  I
6   said:  What is your business?
7             He said:  I'm in the import/export business.
8             And I asked him who was taking care of his business
9   while he was gone.  He said his family.
10   Q.   Okay.  Did he tell you where he lived?
11   A.   He said he lived in 
London, he was raised in France
, and he
12   had a French passport and a Moroccan passport.
13   Q.   Did you test his French out there a little bit?
14   A.   We were walking out of the building, and I said -- I don't
15   know why I did it -- I said:  Je parle francais un petit peux.
16             And he launched into, of course, fluent French, and I
17   said:  Well, that's enough of that.
18             (Laughter.)
19   A.   And I figured he speaks French; I don't.

14   A.   I said:  Well, you can't get the doors open in flight.
15   They're plugged doors, and if the airplane is pressurized, it's
16 impossible to open them. And then I said: As a matter of fact,
17   there was a hajj charter in the 
Middle East
18   Q.   What's a hajj charter?
19   A.   It's -- it's during Ramadan, I guess pilgrims go to 
20   and they call it the hajj.  And a lot of carriers around the
21   world, it's a big business thing to carry the pilgrims to 
22   and they call those hajj charters.
23   Q.   Go ahead.  I'm sorry, I interrupted you while you were
24   telling your story.
25   A.   I said:  There was a hajj charter, there was a Lockheed 1011,
1   and they were on a runway and somebody caught the airplane on
2   fire, the cabin on fire, caught on fire, and the flight engineer
3   did not depressurize the airplane, and they all burned to death.
4   Even though they were on the ground, they all burned to death.  So
5   I said you can't even get out of a -- open the door on the ground
6   if it's pressurized.
7             And I said:  Hajj, Ramadan, I said, what is that?  I
8   said:  Are you Muslim?
9             He said:  I am nothing.
10   Q.   You changed your tone a little bit.  Did he also change his
11   tone?
12   A.   Yeah.  It was kind of like -- it was significantly different
13   to normal conversation so that I caught it, and I said:  Well, I
14   thought, I'm not going to bring that up anymore.  And I said:
15   Well, I'm nothing, either, and went on.
16   Q.   Okay.  Did that --
17   A.   But -- okay.
18   Q.   Go on.  No, tell us the "but."  That's what we want to hear.
19   A.   Man, right then I wanted to get out of that classroom
20   building, because I don't know -- you have to get an idea
21   sometime, and I don't know whether the fact that he said:  I am
22   nothing, or I started -- made the connection, Muslim, we don't
23   know anything about it, but I wanted to get out of that classroom
24   and call Alan McHale and say:  Should we be doing this?
25   Q.   Okay.
1   A.   Do we know what we're doing here?
2             And that's what we did.
3   Q.   You were concerned about his legitimacy; is that right?
4   A.   That's when it hit me, that wait a minute, should we be doing
5   this?
6   Q.   Okay.  So did you conclude then your session with
7   Mr. Moussaoui?
8   A.   I did.  I said:  Hey, let's call it a day and take the rest
9   of the day off, and I'll meet you tomorrow.
10   Q.   Okay.
11   A.   And I went back to my motel.
12   Q.   Okay.  Now, did you -- you said that you were concerned about
13   what it is that you-all were doing.  Did you try to contact Alan
14   McHale, the No. 2 guy there?
15   A.   As soon as I got back to my motel, I called over to the
16   customer service desk and tried to be -- tried to get ahold of
17   Alan, and he was in a meeting and wasn't available, but I did get
18   ahold of one of the schedulers, Liz; I can't think of her last
19   name.
20   Q.   Okay.  And did you leave a message?
21   A.   I did.  I said:  "Liz, tell Alan this:  Tell Alan that I said
22   should we be doing this?  We don't know anything about this guy,
23   and we're teaching somebody how to throw the switches on a 747,
24   and maybe we shouldn't be doing this.  And anyway, that's my
25   message.

19             And he said:  He paid the money.  We don't care.
20   Q.   Okay.  And did you just take that answer, or did you push a
21   little bit?
22   A.   I said:  We'll care when there's a hijacking and he knows how
23   to throw all the switches and put them in the right position and
24   all the lawsuits starts coming in when they figure out we taught
25   him how to do this."  And I said:  Then we'll care.
1   Q.   So were you continuing to be aggressive with the supervisor
2   there about this?
3   A.   That was the end of -- he was going to a meeting over at the
4   classroom site, a supervisors' meeting.
5   Q.   All right.  Now, did you ultimately head over towards that
6   supervisors' meeting and come into contact with a fellow by the
7   name of Jerry Liddell (phonetic)?
8   A.   I did.
9   Q.   And who's Jerry Liddell?
10   A.   Jerry Liddell is for -- I'm not sure what his actual title
11   was, but he would be like the comptroller, who would send out the
12   bills --
13   Q.   He's the money guy?
14   A.   Receive the money, pay the money, give the change.  He was
15   the money guy.
16   Q.   All right.  Did you talk to the money guy about
17   Mr. Moussaoui?
18   A.   I went into the supervisors' meeting first.  They were all in
19   there, and I said:  Hey, you guys, I think we should call the FBI
20   and get a background check.  I said:  If there's nothing wrong
21   with him, I said, he'll never even know he's been checked, but, I
22   said, if there is, then at least we've covered our six.
23             So then I walked out of the supervisors' meeting, and I
24   saw Jerry walking along over by a couple of the classrooms, and I
25   went over to him and I said:  Jerry, how did he pay for his
1   training?
2             And he said:  Cash.
3             I said:  Like what?  Like a check or a credit card?
4             And he said:  $100 bills.
5   Q.   And what did that mean to you?
6   A.   I'm shaking my head.  Now I'm -- now I'm upset, and this is
7   not right.  And so I went back to the supervisor meeting and:
8   Hey, you guys, you know how he paid for this training?  I said:
9   With hundred dollar bills.  If he tried to get a ticket over at
10   the airport like this, they'd have him -- they'd be questioning
11   him.  So I said:  I think we should call the FBI.

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