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McConnell adds names to wrongful death pro se

Synopsis: McConnell adds Vice Admiral SA Fry USN, LTGen John Campbell USAF (Ret), Darleen Druyun (ex jailbird) and 9/11 Ommissioner, Jamie Gorelick, to defend pro se wrongful death suit.

[Open e-mail sent] 12-28-2006

To: David Hawkins, Forensic Economist and [Founder] Hawks CAFE

From: Field McConnell, Fighter Pilot and Forensic Economist

Cc: Kristine Marcy, contactus@...
John Prater, john.prater@...
Charles F Lee, DEA retired, cflee@...
David: As you may be aware I am planning a Pro Se filing of wrongful death in the cases of Captain Charles `Chic' Burlingame who at the time of his death [9/11] was the Captain of AA77 and Capt Gerald DeConto, USN, who was at the time of his death directing the U S Naval Command Center in the Pentagon.

It is widely misunderstood that they died simultaneously as the result of AA77 flying through the window of the USNCC. In a DVD entitled "911 In Plane Site" an Air Traffic Controller is heard saying, in effect, "whatever hit the Pentagon was not AA77 as we [FAA-ATC] lost radar contact with AA77 45 minutes prior to the Pentagon explosion and the last radar contact had AA77 over the Atlantic ocean". [ ]

I suggest in addition to Hillary [Clinton] and the other 3 women we hold as persons of interest, we include the following four persons:

Vice Admiral SA Fry USN: I believe he changed the ROE [rules of engagement] on 1 June, 2001 the day Amalgam Virgo began. Amalgam Virgo, I assert, was a dress rehearsal for Global Guardian, 9-11.

LTGen John Campbell USAF: I believe the General was the USAF liaison to the CIA during Amalgam Virgo and Global Guardian.

Darleen Druyun: Her relationship involving Boeing, AWACS and her [subsequent] prison time indicate to me she may have been able to provide AWACS service to an "outside contractor" during Global Guardian.

Jamie Gorelick: Was in a position to build a "firewall" between DOJ and FBI. I suggest the intelligence committee may have been corrupted due to her efforts.

I assert that Captain DeConto presumed he was participating in the war game Global Guardian when he realized he'd been double crossed and a "real world event" was unfolding. If the ROE was typical of these games Captain DeConto would have only 3 minutes to alert the proper chain of command of the "hijacking" of the planned exercise.

In the same fashion I have no doubt that Captain Chic Burlingame thought his flight, AA77, was routine up to the time that, I allege, the flight was taken over electronically through the QRS11 GyroChip and two trailing aircraft, a drone that would hit the Pentagon and a small white Canadair [Bombardier-NATO] C & C aircraft.

In as much as Federal Assets, including World Trade Center 7 and the Pentagon were destroyed, in my mind, by the corrupt acts of Americans and Canadians working together, I believe I can file a Pro Se request as I am, in this case, a "Friend of the Court".

As a career fighter pilot I can claim that I relied on intelligence that was accurate and timely when pursuing an "unknown rider" and I believe my friends at the North Dakota ANG were prevented from protecting AA77 and UA93 due to a corrupted Command and Communications system.

As a career airline captain I can [also] claim that when I sign for a multimillion dollar aircraft and the safety of up to 420 people, I need to be aware of all components of the aircraft. To this day I believe there are 108 Boeing aircraft "out there" with QRS11 GyroChips installed and also explosives in the doors.

As a 28 year airline pilot I, and [my] peers, have not been instructed in the installation and purpose of either.

I contacted ALPA, our union, and I believe that the union was also not aware of this prior to 12-11-06. I further understand that it was a violation of BATF regulations to have explosives installed in commercial aircraft. Records of this may have been lost in the explosive demolition of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.

I have copied Charles Lee to this letter. He took Ramzi Yousef into custody in Lahore, Pakistan while he was posted there by the US DEA.

I will be trying to learn how best to present this Pro Se filing and any suggestions you, or Charlie, may have will be most welcome.

Warm regards,

Field McConnell

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