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McConnell on "Clinton's CAESAR and Crypto-9/11"

Synopsis: Field McConnell on Bill Clinton giving CIA cryptography key to Carlyle Canada for al-Qaeda's 9/11 backdoor into NATO and CAESAR (Coalition Aerial Surveillance and Reconnaissance).

Open e-mail sent January 18, 2007 to: Canadian Minister of Public Safety, Honourable Stockwell Day Day.S@... U.S. Vice-President Richard Cheney vice_president@...

From: Field McConnell, Fighter Pilot and Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE avalonbeef@...

Ccs include: Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper pm@... David Hawkins, Forensic Economist at Hawks' CAFE Foundation Scholar, Cambridge University
British Columbia, Canada Tel: 604-542-0891

Thomas J. Coyne, President, Coyne and Associates, Inc. Professor of Finance (retired since 1995), John Carroll University

Media and bccs:

Dear Vice President Cheney and Minister Day:

McConnell on "Clinton's CAESAR and Crypto-9/11"

After bombs destroyed the Murrah Building (OKC) in 1995 and US Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's military Boeing in 1996, I allege that a namesake of mine, Bruce McConnell, John Deutch and US President Bill Clinton transferred the CIA's Blowfish cryptographic system to Arab speakers at the Ottawa-based Parisien Research Corporation in support of future false-flag 'al-Qaeda' attacks on America.

In 1997, Parisien began to provide defence simulation and training and electronic warfare and intelligence services to the Canada Carlyle* private equity group.

In 1999, Carlyle made Blowfish encryption available to Darleen Druyun, Clinton's US Air Force procurement boss for a treasonous joint venture in a NATO-sponsored AWACS program called "Coalition Aerial Surveillance and Reconnaissance (CAESAR)".

Carlyle used CAESAR and Blowfish to integrate air-based SAR/GMTI assets of the US, UK and France with RADARSAT-2 operated by Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates ('MDA') for the remote electronic guidance of hijacked planes into targets.

I allege that Clinton's 'red-team' commanders used CAESAR, Blowfish and NATO AWACS to coordinate 'al-Qaeda' attacks on 9/11 in an attempted coup by co-conspirators in various Canadian and US departments and agencies, including "State, Commerce, Defense, Energy, Arms Control, Disarmament and Justice." (see below)

Given the alleged conspirators have dismantled or neutralized the counter-intelligence services of the CIA and FBI in America and CSIS and the RCMP in Canada, this letter invites your governments to quarantine the assets of Carlyle Canada, [Bruce] McConnell International LLC and Parisien Research Corporation, pending further investigation by the forensic economists at Hawks CAFE.

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell

Notes: 'McConnell on "Clinton's CAESAR and Crypto-9/11"'

"Parisien Encryption Tools (PET) .. suite .. all using the same powerful blowfish encryption routines .. includes Secure Disk Wipe utility and a Secure File Wipe utility for permanently removing files .. All PET encryption utilities use the Blowfish 64-bit / 8 byte block encryption algorithm with a variable length key up to 448 bits."

"Fri, 04 Oct 1996 ... DPSWG briefing .. Bruce McConnell from the OMB was forthright .. [Clinton's] new policy will permit export of commercial cryptographic products with 56-bit key lengths, DES & equivalent, even if there is no current key recovery plan in place .. For products that already have a key recovery system built in, there are no export restrictions based on key lengths. There are no restrictions on domestic encryption. All of these rules apply to a new category of "commercial encryption," Bruce insisted was anything that was not specifically developed for a military application .. NSA's only role would be to check for 56-bit key size, that the NSA would not be prohibiting encryption that could be dual-use if it weren't militarily developed. Jurisdiction for all commercial encryption will be transferred to the Commerce Department [after 'they' had killed Ron Brown] beginning January 1 .. Bruce "doesn't believe" there'd be a CJ process any more for nonmilitary encryption .. All encryption products will be reviewed by a six-member team, consisting of [treasonous] reps from State, Commerce, Defense, Energy, Arms Control, Disarmament and Justice .. Under this proposal, a trusted third party is not required for holding the keys .. Bruce "No one's talking about individuals being able to do self-escrow." Bruce .. said that the new policy won't do anything about people superencrypting their messages. He did give the ominous comment, "The question about interoperability requirements with nonkey recovery systems is still open."

"Enabling Privacy, Commerce, Security and Public Safety in the Global Information Infrastructure": New rather hypocritically-titled Clinton Administration key "escrow" scheme - the US government wants the keys to YOUR privacy. This time the impetus is coming from Interagency Working Group on Cryptographic Policy (IWGCP), and Administration old-boys group led by Bruce McConnell and Ed Appel"

Beginning in 1999, Canada joined a NATO-led effort called the Coalition Aerial Surveillance and Reconnaissance (CAESAR) project. CAESAR's focus was to ensure the deep integration of air-based SAR/GMTI assets of three leading military states (the U.S., UK and France), with Canada's RADARSAT-2. Canada was the only country that rendered a space-based SAR/GMTI sensor unto CAESAR, because no other country has such revolutionary military technology.

*Carlyle Canada Private Equity Group. An online global `bookmaker' with virtual war rooms, red-team special effects and MindBox rule-based software. Carlyle uses unlawful debt to control James A. Baker (sabotage in Iraq with help of former CIA deputy director Robert Gates), Frank C. Carlucci (Nortel's $100 billion "pump-and-dump"), Laurent Beaudoin (Bombardier-NATO flying school in Canada for al-Qaeda 9/11), Peter G. Bentley (Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates `MDA', Chase Manhattan, JP Morgan), Andre Bisson, Paul Desmarais Sr. (Canadian Privy Council with alleged Bonanno bookie, Alfonso Gagliano, Pargesa, Chase Manhattan, JP Morgan, AXA-Paribas, AMEC, Boeing, Canada Steamship Lines), Peter Lougheed, Frank McKenna (MDA, AMEC saboteur teams), David P. O'Brian, Hartley T. Richardson (MDA 9/11+1), William Sinclair, Lynton Wilson (MDA, Nortel's VoIP communications to bypass the US Naval Command Center at Pentagon and sabotage presidential response and chain-of-command).

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