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MindBox launders money in 'al-Qaeda' bait and switch

Synopsis: Canadian company uses MindBox software to launder money through catastrophe bond frauds, triggered by 'Al-Qaeda' bait-and-switch.

Open e-mail sent November 25, 2006 To: Constable Stuart Gray, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Richmond City Detachment, 6900 Minoru Boulevard, Richmond, B.C. V6Y 1Y3, Canada

Re: Richmond MindBox launders money in 'al-Qaeda bait' and switch

This e-mail letter follows my November 14th visit to the RCMP Richmond office where I alleged that B.C. Ferries' vessel, Queen of the North, was sunk on March 26th, 2006, in a catastrophe bond fraud.

My research indicates that the alleged cat-bond fraud was brokered by Richmond-based Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates (`MDA'), through the use of MindBox 'bait-and-switch' loan management software programmed to launder money for international organized crime and terrorist groups, including the 'al-Qaeda' network of Middle East assassins and expert saboteurs.

In the alleged catastrophe bond fraud, the MindBox bait-and-switch tactics are supported by the 'spoliation' of evidence, implied in an article appearing in today's Globe and Mail, quoting BC Ferries' union president, Jackie Miller's with the "[Queen of the North] Ship captain Colin Henthorne properly retrieved the log – handed it to another officer while he attended to the lowering of the lifeboats … melee officer put log down and not retrieved .. before boat was abandoned."

N.B. The 'accidental' loss of the log book is the same M.O. – i.e. spoliated physical evidence of the sabotage of a MindBox monitored asset – as the missing black boxes of the hijacked planes of 9/11.

Recent news of the arrests of many Rizutto crime-family members in Quebec, points to the use of the Carlyle Canada* private equity group – the alleged racketeering custodian of MindBox – to launder billions of dollars 'placed' by Middle East `al-Qaeda' drug traffickers, mobbed-up labor unions, Latin American gangs, Chinese crime syndicates and 'Ndrangheta, the Mafia of Italy's Calabria region.

When MindBox has structured a cat bond with enough funds, Carlyle will hire an ABC** special weapons and tactics (`SWAT') team to trigger the bonds and move the dirty money into the bond sponsors' account, also controlled by Carlyle Canada affiliates.

**ABC - Amec on land, Boeing in the air and Canada Steamship Lines ('CSL') at sea.

Members of the Hawks CAFE yahoo group are exploring a class-action lawsuit (treble damages) on behalf of the victims of MindBox cat-bond and bait-and-switch frauds in the American courts.

I would be pleased to provide more information if you or your senior officers feel that there is sufficient evidence of MDA's alleged MindBox money laundering to refer the matter to RCMP Commercial Crime.

Yours sincerely, David Hawkins

Notes "Richmond MindBox launders money in 'al-Qaeda' bait and switch"

"bait and switch is a form of fraud in which the fraudster lures in customers [e.g. cat-bond investors] by advertising a good at an unprofitably low price [i.e. sponsoring a catastrophe bond offering high interest payments to investors while claiming a low risk of occurrence of an insured catastrophe such as the sinking of the Queen of the North], then reveals to [investors that the cat bond has been triggered by an al-Qaeda attack or an accident and that the investor-borrowers have lost all their money]"

"Through 1980s and 1990s .. Rizzuto organization .. [turned Canada into a global hub for] Hashish from Middle East by boat .. Florida cocaine .. worked with Latin American gangs. Heroin from Chinese crime syndicates [kickbacks to PLA], sales to 'Ndrangheta, Mafia of Italy's Calabria region .. Rizzutos [struggle to] launder cash: $91-million moved single currency exchange in Montreal .. in 1990s"

"Jul 1, 2004 ... 83 kilograms of cocaine random search of Sheila Ann .. operated by Canada Steamship Lines .. private scuba divers contracted to remove bags .. allowed to leave port .. Canada Steamship Lines said packages smuggled in from Maracaibo last stop before Sydney .. stuffed inside grate where water fill[s] ship's ballast for stabilization during on- and offloading of cargo."

I infer from the 2004 cocaine bust of CSL's Sheila Anne and CSL's outsourced construction of the world's largest self-unloading fleet by former Canadian prime minister Paul Martin's so-called 'blind trust', that Canada is also the hub for a 'triphibious' electronic warfare (EW) service provided by Carlyle Canada to mobbed-up leaders of the People's Liberation Army of China against selected U.S. targets around the world.

" [China] embassy bombing not accidental .. NATO today's maps for today's bombing, old map for bombing Chinese embassy? .. B-2's from U.S. mission concealed from NATO penetrated embassy through roof, exploded on ground floor [cf Pentagon on 9/11] .. surgical strike to take out a vital organ .. AGM-130 or AGM-154 missiles .. launched from two or three planes firing from different directions at high altitude .. PLA vowed to settle "blood debt" with United States .. "triphibious modernized warfare .. set up false targets .. to confuse and deceive enemy .. use civilian vehicles [Canada Steamship Lines] set up fake command posts, fake airports, fake radar stations, and fake positions [Queen of the North] to attract enemy's firepower and preserve our combat forces."

"U.S.-CHINA ENGAGEMENT: THE ROLE OF MILITARY-TO-MILITARY CONTACTS", REMARKS BY GENERAL JOHN M. SHALIKASHVILI, PLA NATIONAL DEFENSE UNIVERSITY BEIJING, CHINA, MAY 14, 1997 .. [Clinton] national strategy .. cut our military personnel by one-third, reduction of 700,000 high quality volunteers, soul of our Armed Forces and real source of our military power. Today, worldwide, United States has less than 1.5 million people in its active forces .. we have reduced Army divisions and Air Force wings by 45 percent, and Navy ships by 38 percent .. defense budget reduced by 40 percent .. three days after I leave China, we will announce .. further modest cuts to our Armed Forces .. I have asked staff here to distribute charts show current location and status of all of our forces worldwide [treason] .. I will also leave behind a series of publications that detail the characteristics of nearly every major American weapons system, as well as other pieces of equipment"

In 1997, details of nearly all U.S. weapons programs were transferred to the PLA by the apparently treasonous, Carlyle-sponsored U.S. president Bill Clinton, and the future Boeing director on 9/11, John Shalikashvili. I therefore conclude that the PLA is now launching 'triphibious' attacks, ascribed to 'al-Qaeda', but coordinated through ABC Swat teams - Amec on land (Pentagon's U.S. Naval Command Center destroyed on 9/11), Boeing in air (Flights 11, 175, 77 and 93 destroyed on 9/11) and Canada Steamship Lines (USS Cole, hit October 12, 2000, QoN sunk March 26, 2006) at sea.

Placing dirty money in a cat bond escrow account makes it available to bond sponsors to cover costs of contrived or accidental catastrophes, such as al-Qaeda attacks of 9/11 or flood damage from Hurricane Katrina or sinking of the Queen of the North.

Layering dirty money in escrow accounts mixes it with with mob-controlled partners including public and private sector pension funds, banks and insurance companies.

Integrating dirty money after a cat bond is triggered, mingles it with clean money in a pool of bank, insurance and pension funds controlled by mobbed-up entities, such as the Laborers' union ('LIUNA'). The laborers then get paid out through some combination of government construction or demolition contracts and grants, user fees and subsidies or other concessions or kickbacks as a result of their sabotage of publicly-insured assets.

Depending on programmed rules, MindBox will move the lenders' dirty money automatically from catastrophe bond escrow accounts into public-private partnerships where the lenders can arrange for it to be spent on kickbacks and bogus infrastructure projects such as the Rizuttos' bridge from Sicily to Italy or the elevated rail link from Vancouver Airport to Downtown Vancouver, the latter financed by bcIMC – the Ferry workers pension fund – at an outrageous cost of $100 million per kilometer.

*The Carlyle Canada Private Equity Group: Allegedly using virtual war rooms, SWAT teams and MindBox software for cat bond fraud, money laundering and an 'al-Qaeda' bait-and-switch, Carlyle Canada's insiders at 9/11 included James A. Baker (sabotaging Coalition forces in Iraq), Frank C. Carlucci (Nortel's chairman in a $100 billion "pump-and-dump" hedge fund fraud through April 2001), Laurent Beaudoin (set up Bombardier's bogus loan-financed NATO war-game school in Canada with money stolen from UN Oil-for-Food program by Saddam Hussein and Carlyle Canada and used to develop 'al-Qaeda' maneuvers for 9/11), Peter G. Bentley (custodian of CAI MindBox and international advisory board of Chase Manhattan Bank - now JP Morgan), Andre Bisson, Paul Desmarais Sr. (A private equity principal with Pargesa Holding S.A. (Switzerland), Chase Manhattan Bank - now JP Morgan -AXA and Compagnie Financière de Paribas (France) ), Peter Lougheed, Frank McKenna (custodian of CAI MindBox and Amec's bogus sabotage tests on 9/11), David P. O'Brian, Hartley T. Richardson (director of Macdonald Dettwiler and Associatesand its MindBox services to NATO-NORAD and Canada - on 9/11+1), William Sinclair and Lynton Wilson (CAI custodian of MindBox and from May 2001, Chairman of $100 billion "pump-and-dump" fraudster Nortel Networks, provider of VoIP communication to US Naval Command Center at the Pentagon where 'al-Qaeda' and Amec agents sabotaged wire and wireless systems on 9/11 to bypass the presidential chain-of-command).

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