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Mob, Labor and Sky-Lobby Elevator Bombs

Synopsis: Investigating possibility mobbed-up labor unions built aluminothermic incendiary bombs, concealed in insulation of elevator shafts to 78th floor Sky Lobby terminus in the WTC Twin Towers.
Open text of e-mail and mail message sent June 28, 2007:
Canadian Labour Congress President Ken Georgetti president@... 
From: Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins
Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE
Copies to file:
Civil Case 3:07-cv-24  "McConnell v. Boeing and ALPA"
Civil Case 3:07-cv-49  "Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians"
Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 58102
Copies for reference:
Representative Ron Paul, 14th. District of Texas, rep.paul@...
Representative Duncan Hunter, 52nd District of California bre@...
Michael Badnarik, 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' scholar@...
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper pm@...
U.S. Vice-President Richard Cheney 
Alex Jones  aaron@... Jack Blood jackblood@... 
Dear Mr. Georgetti:
Re: Mob, Labor and Sky-Lobby Elevator Bombs
Hawks CAFE is investigating the possibility that members of North America's mobbed-up labor unions built aluminothermic incendiary bombs and concealed them for use during 9/11 in the insulated walls of elevator shafts, accessed through various front companies occupying the floor above the 78th floor Sky Lobby terminus in the WTC Twin Towers.
We believe SWAT* team saboteurs coordinated on 9/11 by Amec UK and Lansdowne Technologies of Ottawa, loaded rocket fueled missiles (Raytheon?) into remotely controlled elevators and sent them to selected floors to trigger the 'incendiary' insulation.
*Special Weapons & Tactics Teams
Such maneuvers would serve to camouflage controlled demolitions of the towers and the murder of pre-insured victims by starting a collapse at the 78th floor sky lobbies, just close enough to be confused with the damaged areas impacted by the 'hijacked' planes.
We note that members of the International Union of Operating Engineers had access through First Liberty Investment Group and Fuji Bank on the 79th floor of WTC#1 and 2 to Sky Lobby express elevator shafts terminating on the 78th Floor of both buildings. 
"N.Y. stockbroker and Chicago futures trader convicted of scheming to bribe union bosses to invest millions of dollars of pension fund money with corrupt money manager .. Luchese organized crime family associate and futures trader convicted of racketeering, bribery and fraud .. planned to bribe bosses with Annuity Fund of the N.Y.C. Police Detectives Endowment Ass'n, the independent Production Workers Local 400 in N.Y.C., and Int'l Union of Operating Engineers Local 137 in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y"
We understand you support the use of union pension funds for "intelligent militancy" and wondered if you might want to help us to investigate the possibility that certain brothers and sisters bribed with these funds, may have taken the idea further than you intended.
In the meantime, be advised you are named as one of the defendants in the referenced
lawsuit "Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians".
Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, Tel: 218 329 2993
28 year airline and 22 year military pilot,
23,000 hours of safety
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891
Notes: "Mob, Labor and Sky-Lobby Elevator Bombs"
"USA Today will comment: "When the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993, Otis Elevator's mechanics led the rescue of 500 people trapped in elevators. Some mechanics were dropped onto the roofs of the Twin Towers by helicopter. Others, carrying 50-pound oxygen tanks on their backs, climbed through smoke to machine rooms high in the towers. On Sept. 11, the elevator mechanics—many of the same men involved in the rescues in 1993—left the buildings after the second jet struck, nearly an hour before the first building collapsed." Although ACE Elevator, the local company which won the WTC contract from Otis in 1994, will say it was acting in accordance with procedure, USA Today will note: "The departure of elevator mechanics from a disaster site is unusual. The industry takes pride in rescues. In the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, elevator mechanics worked closely with the firefighters making rescues." Robert Caporale, editor of Elevator World will say, "Nobody knows the insides of a high-rise like an elevator mechanic. They act as guides for firefighters, in addition to working on elevators." The Port Authority will also say that their departure was in conflict with the emergency plan. "There was no situation in which the mechanics were advised or instructed to leave on their own. [USA Today 12/19/2001]
Prior to 9/11, the private equity managers of $60+ trillion of assets, including labor union pension funds held by the Global Custodians, used Buttonwood International (One World Trade Center, Suite 7967 New York, Bonanno crime family, First Liberty Investment Group and Fuji Bank on the 79th floors with access to the Sky Lobby elevator shafts terminating on the 78th floor from where collapse initiated on 9/11.
" .. largest securities-fraud bust in U.S. history, 120 defendants -- including members of all five New York City Mafia crime families and treasurer of New York City's police-detectives pension fund .. indicted .. for .. racketeering, securities fraud, pension fund fraud, bribery of brokers and union officials, extortion, money laundering, witness tampering and solicitation to commit murder .. methods .. included "controlling crews of corrupt brokers .. bribing union officials and fiduciaries to breach their duty to their members, and using violence and threats of violence to enforce .. [RICO] enterprise's criminal grip." .. "enhanced by use and abuse of the Internet," .. defendants all being arraigned in Federal court in Manhattan .. charges involve schemes .. operated by men with links to the Bonanno and Colombo crime families"
Fred Thompson lobbyist for Teamsters Central States pension fund, described in Stephen Brill's "THE TEAMSTERS" as "source of venture capital for organized crime". Teamsters Local 813 members hosed pulverized cement and aluminum oxide dust evidence of Sky-Lobby Elevator Bombs (?) at Ground Zero into New York sewer system. "Back in bad old days of city's private waste-hauling industry .. contract negotiations settled at highest levels—of the Mafia .. In 1990, a five-day strike brought .. rash of assaults and gunshots at both strikers and managers .. In intervening years, [Teamsters] Local 813 .. seven-year-long government-supervised trusteeship .. scores of wiseguys purged .. one former member filed for benefits from prison, where he was doing a life stretch for murder; his victims had been disposed of [in Fresh Kills] via the rear-end loaders of his rubbish removal trucks .. Giuliani administration's decision to shut down Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island, city .. contracts to have residential trash hauled out of town. Waste Management of New York [George Soros] .. qualified ..  contracts even though .. [per] Securities and Exchange Commission, former chief executive .. allegedly "cooking the books" .. president of Local 813 and representatives of Local 108 of Laborers, [Lobbyist Hillary Clinton acted for LIUNA (Laborers International Union of North America) whose Local 2097 members appear to have helped FAA air traffic controllers guide 'al-Qaeda' hijackers into their targets on 9/11] who sort recyclables at firm's yards in Brooklyn and Bronx .. brought 50 workers to City Hall to join councilmembers to condemn Waste Management's conduct"
No later than 1981, 'contract hits' for the Global Custodians, were handled through murder-for-hire service provided out of Quebec by the Rizutto crime family. The Rizutto apparently used New York Bonanno and La Cosa Nostra crime families to extort Teamsters into burying victims' bodies in the Fresh Kills Land Filll on Staten Island.
"But before Rizzuto was arrested in January 2004 at his home in northern Montreal .. documents referred to him as the Godfather of the Montreal Mafia .. The Bonanno family took control of several criminal enterprises like gambling and loansharking in Montreal during the 1950s .. a sort of Canadian branch office for the New York-based Bonanno family. When the Rizzuto took over control of it the nature of the relationship changed .. Since 2004, other Bonnano family members and associates have been convicted of taking part in the murders of three men - Alphonse (Sonny Red) Indelicato, Philip (Lucky) Giaccone and Dominick (Trin) Trinchera. That included Joseph Massino, the acting boss of the Bonanno family when he was arrested a few years ago. He eventually became an informant to avoid the death penalty for also ordering the death of Montreal mobster Gerlando Sciascia in 1999."
"NEW YORK (CP) _ Mohawk steelworker Kyle Beauvais .. "We found 50 (bodies) in one area of the rubble," .. "You see the wildest things. Half a head, half a hand, one finger with a ring on it." .. grim realities .. ground zero .. Mohawk steelworkers from Quebec perform much of the difficult work .. Fifty Mohawks have participated in the relief effort since Tuesday's terrorist attack collapsed twin towers of the World Trade Center. They hail from Kahnawake, south of Montreal, and Akwesasne, which straddles the Quebec, Ontario and New York State borders and Six Nations. Many helped build the twin 110-story towers 30 years ago. "The first thing you think when you get there is that you're looking at what used to be 220 floors of steel, and you wonder where it all is," said Chester Goodleaf, 47. Roy Phillips, 38, whose hard hat has a Mohawk Warrior logo on it .. "It seems like the floors collapsed downward one on top of the other, while the exterior walls collapsed outward," he said. Many of the Mohawk steelworkers were working on an overpass on the Bruckner Expressway in Bronx .. It wasn't as if they were not used to pressure, given that many were Warriors who played active roles in the 78-day Oka standoff in 1990."
Ken Georgetti - Lobbyist for United Steelworkers of America whose Quebec-based Mohawk members appear to have helped to recover post-9/11 WTC steel and ship sulfur-contaminated evidence of aluminothermic reactions to smelters in India and China before it could be subjected to forensic analysis. "1983, leader of Trail, B.C., local of the United Steelworkers of America was arrested on charges of conspiracy to import $3 million worth of marijuana and $1 million worth of cocaine for purposes of trafficking .. charges died in March 1985 .. key Crown witness went missing .. went on to .. [become].. president of B.C. Federation of Labour and now holds the same position at the Canadian Labour Congress. The man's name is Ken Georgetti."

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