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Molten metal snuff films for Vivendi 9/11

.. where directors allegedly staged, manipulated and traded 9/11 snuff films using molten metal incendiaries to spoliate evidence of murder for hire and insurance fraud on United States
Open e-mail sent September 26, 2007 to:
Representative Duncan Hunter, 52nd District of California 
Captain Field McConnell, August Dunning, Peter Tedesco and David Hawkins, Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE 
Copies for reference:Picatinny Arsenal, Warfighter Center Quick-Reaction@... 
US Vice-President, Richard Cheney, 
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper pm@... 
Michael Badnarik, Host 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty', We The People Radio Network  

Dear Representative Hunter:

Re: Molten metal snuff films for Vivendi 9/11
Hawks CAFE believes that Vivendi directors staged, procured, manipulated and traded 'snuff films' using networked production companies equipped with molten metal incendiaries to spoliate evidence of murder for hire and insurance frauds on the United States during the "Global Guardian" war game of 9/11.
Excerpts and [our inserts] from .......
"In June of 1999, Vivendi merged with Pathé and retained interests in British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC [which procured and traded in snuff film footage of 9/11 where BSkyB's voice commentators quickly blamed al-Qaeda for the sophisticated attack before the dust had even settled in New York or Washington. ] ..
".. and CanalSatellite [which procured and traded in snuff film footage of a plane flying into the North Tower from a prepositioned camcorder crew. An alleged Vivendi-Canal+ camcorder operator, Jules Naudet, would later edit his real time footage into "9/11" with David Friend of Vanity Fair magazine, and twelve other credited producers. The "9/11" snuff film footage was then fraudulently broadcast as a 'documentary' in 134 countries on September 11th, 2002 ] .....

"In July 2000, Vivendi spun off its water and waste companies along with interests in other public service sectors such as transport into Vivendi Environnement [Daniel Bouton, Director Total S.A., Member of the Supervisory Board of Vivendi Environnement] (IPO in Paris in July 2000 and in New York in October 2001) [where LRA Consulting procured and distributed photographic images of injured/murdered (?) victims and members of the Laborers', Teamsters', Steelworkers and Longshoremen union as workers wittingly or unwittingly disposed of forensic evidence of Vivendi's alleged snuff films which recorded that the Ground Zero debris fields contained pools of molten metal months after the attack ] ..........

".. Vivendi Universal Entertainment was created in December of 2000 with the merger of the Vivendi media empire with Canal+ television networks and the acquisition of Universal Studios from Canadian company Seagram [allegedly financed with money from Maurice Strong's UN Oil-for-Food program, laundered through dead-peasant life insurance frauds by Vivendi's directors working with Total S.A., AXA and BNP Paribas]................

"Vivendi in its current form came into existence on April 202006 following the sale of an 80% stake in the Vivendi Universal Entertainment unit to form NBC Universal [which procured, simulated and traded in snuff film images in a "United 93" 'documentary' that implied passengers took control of a hijacked aircraft on 9/11, crashed it into the ground near Shanksville and saved the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.] ....

"... 2002 VU began facing financial trouble .. company's Chairman and CEOJean-Marie Messier resigned .. began reorganizing to stave offbankruptcy [in an alleged 'pump-and-dump' and insider trading fraud on Vivendi shareholders.] The company announced its strategy to sell non-strategic assets. Its largest single shareholder was the family of Edgar Bronfman, Jr., who was head of Seagram at the time of the merger ... 

"2003 .. On March 6, Vivendi disclosed its annual report ..  highlights include .. Corporate loss of €23.3 billion: the worst loss for a French company [massive profits for Vivendi's private equity and hedge fund insiders as they short their own company] ..............

"2004 .. 
80 percent of the Vivendi Universal Entertainment branch was sold to GE, forming NBC Universal, with VU retaining a 20 percent stake. ... Sold Newsworld International [a Vivendi, Power Corporation, Radio Canada joint venture which procured, manipulated, traded and broadcast snuff-film footage of a plane flying into the South Tower as recorded by a prepositioned camcorder crew on 9/11. Camcorder operator, Luc Courchesne, would "Sacre ... Did you see that? .. It is our lucky day, we must shoot that [snuff film?] and then ..." ] to the business partnership ofJoel Hyatt and former Vice-President of the United States Al Gore ... ]..........

"2005 .. September 8: Vivendi announced that Sierra Entertainment, a division of its Vivendi Games group would be publishing the new game forDouble Fine Productions, the studio that brought the underground hit Psychonauts [which simulates snuff films by giving characters the power ofPyrokinesis where holding an assigned button will cause the temperature of a targeted hostile or object to rise until it bursts into flames. As higher ranks are achieved, the strength of the fire and its area of effect increases. ]"  We are incorporating a time-sequenced image analysis of the 'explosive' events of 9/11 into an explanatory DVD for release on October 15.
We expect that the DVD will help United States' attorneys to convert the lawsuit "Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians" into a Qui tam action against named co-defendants and 22 unidentified Does, including one or more directors of Vivendi Universal Entertainment or Vivendi Environnement at 9/11 
We would be grateful for any assistance you can give us in the proposed Qui tam suit which may lead both to civil damages and to criminal indictments of defendants for their apparent violations of 18 U.S.C. § 1958 (murder for hire).
This e-mail will be notarized and added to the legal file below, along with any responses or comment from Vivendi, LRA Consulting, LIUNA, U.S. Army's Picatinny Warfighter Center in New Jersey,  DoJ, FBI, ALPA and Boeing.
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell avalonbeef@... Tel: 218 329 2993
28 year airline and 22 year military pilot, 23,000 hours of safety
August Dunning 
augustus_dunning@... Tel: 661 867 2707
Professor of Physics, 9th generation descendant of Benjamin Franklin
Peter Tedesco 
getthefacts911@... Tel: 718-736-3413
New Yorker, Independent Businessperson
David Hawkins 
hawks-cafe@... Tel: 604 542-0891
Former oil industry operating engineer, blow out specialist and safety officer - 15 years experience handling radioactive materials, explosives and incendiaries

Copies to file:
Civil Case 3:07-cv-24  "McConnell v. Boeing and ALPA"
Civil Case 3:07-cv-49  "Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians"
Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 58102
Notes: "Molten metal snuff films for Vivendi 9/11"
[Vivendi's] Studio Canal vous propose dès le 10 janvier 2005, un double DVD Fahrenheit 9/11 composé de plusieurs heures de bonus, dont des [snuff film] documentaires, interviews, scènes coupées, spécial « Dessous des Cartes », ainsi que 5 analyses de séquences par Alexandre Tylski, directeur de la revue Cadrage et un livret pédagogique Cadrage en fichier pdf imprimable destiné aux élèves et enseignants désireux d'en savoir plus. Le présent mini site, véritable bonus supplémentaire au DVD, vous propose quelques éléments complémentaires. Une analyse de Fahrenheit 9/11 Lire De la rupture, mais quelle(s) rupture(s) ?Lire Blockbusters & Bush Lire Michael Moore, quelques ressources utilesLire

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