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Northwest pilot alleges 9/11 cover-up

Synopsis: "McConnell convinced 9/11 terrorist attacks are being covered up. Northwest Airlines pilot .. second attack .. conspirators already have aborted plan once this year"

Northwest pilot alleges 9/11 cover-up Steven Wagner, The Forum Published Monday, March 05, 2007

Field McConnell is convinced the 9/11 terrorist attacks are being covered up.
The Northwest Airlines pilot from rural Glyndon, Minn., said a second attack is imminent and conspirators already have aborted their plan once this year.
Those beliefs prompted him to begin writing for a Web site where like-minded people gather and to file a lawsuit in Fargo's federal court to expose an alleged conspiracy.
The lawsuit, filed last week, claims Boeing Co. and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) can't assure him that B747-400 planes are safe. McConnell, who is the process of seeking an early retirement from Northwest, claims the planes are rigged by Boeing and can be remotely detonated.
"We do not believe in any way, shape or form that that is true," said Pete Janhunen, a spokesman for ALPA, the world's largest pilot's union.
"Our senior lawyer and senior engineer both said that on its face, it's an insane complaint. … It sounds like he's a troubled guy."
McConnell, a rural Glyndon rancher, has been a Northwest Airlines pilot for more than 28 years. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1971 and flew planes in the military, including with Fargo's Happy Hooligans, for 22 years.
"I am obligated under company procedures and FAA regulation not to operate an aircraft if I suspect it is unsafe," McConnell, 57, states in his handwritten claim.
Janhunen dismisses the claim.
"We take every threat to airline security and safety very seriously," he said. "In this case, we do not believe there's any shred of evidence that the allegations about these Boeing airplanes are true, and the case should be immediately dismissed."
Many of McConnell's allegations are outlined in Internet postings on, which its creators say provide an analysis of the weapons and motives behind 9/11. The group claims to have more than 4 million members worldwide.
"I think this lawsuit is opening a Pandora's box," McConnell said. "It will turn into a legal case that solves 9/11."
He claims to know the true conspirators behind the 9/11 attacks and that radical Muslims served as a masquerade.
"If you want to know why I'm doing it, it is to make aviation safer," McConnell said.
Boeing spokesman Tim Neale said each of its planes exceeds federal standards and undergoes rigorous certification before taking to the air.
"It's (safety) something we take very, very seriously," Neale said. "There are no safety issues that go ignored. There's just too much at stake."
Northwest Airlines denied comment. In the lawsuit, McConnell said the company and pilots union "have suggested that I am crazy."
The lawsuit was filed on behalf of those working with the Web site, said McConnell, who previously filed for bankruptcy and seeks $4.5 million from Boeing and ALPA.
"I'm trying to retire early so I can do something more important than hauling 400 people to Hawaii," said McConnell, who added that he wants to move to a warmer climate.
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David Hawkins e-mail to below at Monday March 5, 2007 ..
Stephen Wagner, Fargo Forum
Hello Stephen:
Re: Illegal modifications to Boeing aircraft
Here are two articles showing that Boeing has installed explosives behind the doors of all of its passenger aircraft and missile gyroscopes ('QRS11') in a number of flight boxes thereby allowing the illegally-modifed planes to be flown as a remotely-operated vehicles ('ROV') with a payload of incendiary cluster bombs as evidenced by bogus 'al-Qaeda' attacks during the 9/11 war games.
A former safety officer in the oil industry and an expert in the handling of improvised explosive devices, I believe that the airline industry must ground all Boeing planes and strip out the illegal modifications before its fiduciaries can guarantee the safety of the crews and the passengers.
David Hawkins
"Anti-terrorism auto-land system. On this side of the Atlantic, aircraft manufacturer Boeing has received a patent for a system that, once activated, removes all control from pilots and automatically returns a commercial airplane to a predetermined landing location. The uninterruptible autopilot would be activated either by pilots, by onboard sensors, or remotely by radio or satellite links, if terrorists attempt to gain control of the flight deck. Once the cockpit door is unlocked, for any reason, Boeing says "the chances of safely bringing the vehicle to a stop where authorities can help resolve the threat onboard the vehicle greatly decreases." Assuming the sanctity of the cockpit is breached, the system could include manual switches for pilots to hit, or a remote link whereby airline or government officials at ground facilities would monitor the aircraft and command the automatic control mode (see box below). Had such a system been installed on the 9/11 aircraft, the terrorists might have been able to kill the pilots, but the aircraft would not have been used for attacking the twin towers of the World Trade Center, or to hit the Pentagon. The fourth airplane that crashed into a field also would have been recovered to a safe landing site under the concept envisioned by Boeing."
Explosives and missile gyroscopes ('QRS11') illegally-installed in Boeing Commercial Aircraft, "We were forced to recompete the C-130 AMP [Avionics Modernization Program] program and the small-diameter bomb .. These are the federal prisoner numbers for Mike Sears and Darleen Druyun. Prisoner 70040, Mike Sears, pled guilty to one felony count of aiding and abetting a violation of the conflict-of-interest laws. He served four months in the federal correctional center in Oxford, Wis .. Prisoner 47614, Darleen Druyun. Darleen pled guilty to one felony count of violation of the conflict-of-interest laws. She served nine months at the federal correctional center here in Marianna, Fla. She was released Sept. 30. One of the reasons that Darleen got a stronger sentence was that she lied to the prosecutors throughout the process .. But there are some within the prosecutors' offices that believe that Boeing is rotten to the core. They talk to us about pervasive misconduct and they describe it in geographic terms of spanning Cape Canaveral to Huntington Beach, to Orlando, to St. Louis to Chicago .. The U.S. attorney in Los Angeles is looking at indicting Boeing for violations of the Economic Espionage Act, the Procurement Integrity Act, the False Claims Act and the Major Frauds Act. The U.S. attorney in Alexandria, Va., is looking at indicting us for violation of the conflict-of-interest laws. And both are looking to throw in a few conspiracy and aiding-and-abetting charges for good measure .. When we first met with the Department of Justice to see if we could resolve this, it's their view Boeing's actions have tainted the EELV contract, the NASA 19-pack contract [a 2002 contract for up to 19 Delta II rocket launches], and 27 Darleen Druyun-related contracts. Their estimate of damage is $5 billion to $10 billion .. We can get re-suspended or all of IDS (Integrated Defense Systems) can be debarred .. We can lose our security clearances. And one nasty little thing is that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which has an almost explicit prohibition on possessing explosives. For those of you who are at BCA [Boeing Commercial Airplanes], you might remember that every single door on an airplane has actuators that are triggered by explosives .. These are our five biggest export problems, and I think you can see every heritage company and every business unit represented here .. We have not resolved QRS-11 [a gyrochip Boeing exported [to Communist China] inside some of its commercial jets without an export license between 2000 and 2003], which is a BCA issue. But the other four, we have paid a total of $50 million in penalties, we've had three consent decrees and several special compliance officers. It's also affected the way we do business, because we've had to go the extra mile .. The State Department's view of Boeing is we just don't get it. There are too many violations, and as a result it's probably their intention to hammer us on QRS-11."

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