Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Notice of virtual grand juries re AA77, UAL93

Synopsis: Virtual grand juries collect evidence against racketeering enterprise alleged to have developed dual-use improvised killing devices ('IKDs') causing 9/11 wrongful deaths on AA77, UAL93.

Open e-mail messages sent February 07, 2007 with certified signature-required copies to follow for the attention of:

Kristine Marcy and Bruce McConnell,
Executive Consultants, McConnell International LLC,
1301 K Street Northwest, Suite 450, West Washington, DC
Tel: 202-289-8800 contactus@...

Eric Sauve,
CEO and Co-founder of Tomoye Corporation,
1425 K Street Northwest, Suite 350, West Washington, DC
Tel: (202) 587-5611, (819) 246-9007 esauve@...

Joe Giroir and Senator Hillary Clinton, Former Partners, Rose Law Firm
C/O Stephen N. Joiner, CEO and Managing Partner, Rose Law Firm
120 East Fourth Street, Little Rock, AR 72201-2893
Tel: 501-377-0329

Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins, Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE

Ccs include:
Canadian Minister of Public Safety, Honourable Stockwell Day Day.S@...
U.S. Vice-President Richard Cheney vice_president@...
Captain John Prater, President, Air Line Pilots Association, ALPA john.prater@...
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper pm@...

Re: Notice of virtual grand juries re AA77, UAL93

Dear Ms. Marcy, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Suave, Mr. Giroir and Senator Clinton

Hawks CAFE forensic economists have formed two virtual grand juries to help citizens collect evidence against you and your public or private partners as suspected members of a racketeering enterprise alleged to have developed dual-use improvised killing devices (`IKDs') and caused the wrongful deaths of captains Gerald DeConto, Charles Burlingame and Jason Dahl in the 9/11 hijackings of AA Flight 77 and UAL Flight 93.

The list of IKD technologies below suggests that one or more of you may have transferred CIA and U.S. military encryption technologies to the custody of the CAI-Carlyle Canada private equity group and, wittingly or unwittingly, given an electronic backdoor for the sabotage of the `Global Guardian' war game of 9/11 to Carlyle private-equity investors, including the families of Barzan al-Tikriti and Yeslam bin Laden.

During a series of simulated hijackings on 9/11 your alleged partners at Carlyle Canada switched decoy passenger aircraft into remotely operated vehicles, detonated embedded incendiary cluster bombs, and, killed captains DeConto, Burlingame and Dahl.

Carlyle's investors subsequently used the stolen encryption systems to coordinate the mobbed-up labor union [LIUNA and Teamsters] clean-up crews, 'spoliate' evidence of murder, racketeering, arson and life insurance frauds, and - presumably - to distribute kickbacks needed to reward the `al-Qaeda' red team for a hard day's work.

If any of you were unwitting or extorted partners to these maneuvers, then we invite you to join the relevant virtual grand jury and help it collect evidence which would support a civil RICO claim for damages against people suspected of causing the wrongful deaths.

If you were witting partners to the 9/11 maneuvers, we believe the virtual grand jury will collect enough evidence to support a class action suit for damages against you as defendants to the charge.

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell,
28 year airline and 22 year military pilot,
23,000 hours of safety

David Hawkins hawks-cafe@...

Notes: "Notice of virtual grand juries re AA77, UAL93"

List of improvised killing devices (`IKDs') or services allegedly used on 9/11

Blowfish: Encryption and Disc Wipe software to spoliate evidence of conspiracy Tomoye: Community of Practice and secure, `Guerrilla Knowledge Management'
Virtual War Rooms: Develop, simulate, test, execute and secure 9/11 maneuvers
NATO AWACS A-3 Sentry: Backdoor C2BM (command control, battle management)
MindBox: Lender rules' software to extort by online foreclosure post or death warrant AFTERPS: Decoy-and-drone and EW maneuvers to confuse blue team defenders
MCOIN: Secure messaging software to target Pentagon's US Naval Command Center
Iridium, Nortel, Motorola, Verizon: Secure communications for al-Qaeda 9/11 attack GyroChip: Thales and Boeing's triaxial missile quartz rate sensor gyroscope (`QRS11')
Global Guardian and NORAD: Bogus red-team & stood down blue-team war games
FAA with mobbed-up LIUNA 2097: Union anarchists use IAP in electronic hijacking
NATO Partnership-for-Peace: Bypassed Constitution and POTUS chain of command
Clinton White House holdovers: Bogus Continuity of Government exercises
AMEC: Bogus sabotage vulnerability tests on Pentagon Wedge 1 and WTC
Al-Qaeda: Special Weapons & Tactics teams from Parisien Research, Ottawa
Iraqgate-Unabomb: Atomized aluminum powder to boost cluster-bomb incendiaries

Bruce W. McConnell transfers US military encryption technology to hostile private equity groups and corrupt UN insiders, "President of McConnell International, LLC, a Washington-based technology sales, marketing, and strategy consultancy. Since 2000, the firm has worked with businesses and governments to facilitate the sale of over $100 million worth of information and communications technology .. Worked with dozens of commercial clients .. and written analyses of homeland and cyber security .. Advised government and industry officials in over 20 countries .. During 1999, McConnell established and directed the International Y2K Cooperation Center under United Nations and World Bank auspices [funded by UN Oil-for-Food kickbacks laundered through Groupe Axa, Carlyle Canada, Marc Rich, Barzan al-Tikriti and Yeslam bin Laden]. The Center coordinated the work of over 170 national governments and countless private firms and organizations in a unique global human and electronic network that soundly defeated the Y2K bug [and set up Tomoye for 9/11]. From 1985-1999, McConnell served three U.S. Presidents as an actor and adviser on national information society issues. As chief of information and technology policy at the White House Office of Management and Budget [for Bill and Hillary Clinton], he led the government-industry team that reformed [corrupted] U.S. encryption export policy .. and extended the [treasonous] presumption of open government information into the electronic [espionage and warfare] arena. McConnell is a frequent speaker and writer, in English and French, on .. global networks, e-government, cyber security, privacy, technology management, and network governance…He serves [La Francophonie and the French American Foundation] on the Policy Group on Network-Enabled Services and Government at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government"

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