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Online Assassination and the Clinton Cluster Bomb

Synopsis: Belief Carlyle Canada, Clinton White House developed MindBox war rooms and cluster bombs for online assassinations.

Open e-mail sent Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For the attention of:
U.S. Attorney General, Alberto R. Gonzales, U.S. Department of Justice
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, The Honourable Vic Toews

David Hawkins, Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE
Foundation Scholar, Cambridge University
British Columbia, Canada Tel: 604-542-0891

I believe that insiders of the Carlyle Canada* private equity group and Clinton White House, including disgraced former CIA director, John Deutch, and former deputy CIA director, Robert Gates, developed MindBox hedge-fund and gaming software, virtual war rooms and remotely-controlled cluster bombs into an online assassination network.

My research indicates that thermite cluster bombs – developed by the Canadian Privy Council in a joint venture with the Clinton administration (1993-2001) – destroyed

U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's military Boeing 737 in 1996; illegally-modified Boeing passenger jets on 9/11 and space shuttle Columbia on February 1, 2003.

Thermite-fueled bombs will vaporize or 'spoliate' any proximate evidence of catastrophe bond or property and life-insurance frauds; a huge benefit for alleged terrorist groups such as 'al-Qaeda' or 'Les Militants Syndicalistes' (sponsored by the French American Foundation), or the Rizutto crime family of Montreal or La Cosa Nostra in New York.

I outline below the alleged assassination of Ilan Ramon, a colonel in Israel's air force and an astronaut on the Columbia when the space shuttle was apparently destroyed by thermite cluster bombs developed for Carlyle Canada and the Clinton White House.

Some background to my research can be found at the following urls.

If I can be of assistance, call me at 604-542-0891 in British Columbia, Canada.

Yours sincerely, David Hawkins

Notes: "Online Assassination Network and Clinton Cluster Bombs"

"President Clinton's Justice Department put on trial .. military contractor .. charges of selling cluster-bomb parts to Chilean arms manufacturer .. in turn .. shipped finished bombs to Iraq. Defense attorneys .. argued CIA secret operation "Iraqgate" authorized shipments .. Jan. 31 .. Howard Teicher .. offered affidavit .. declared CIA director William J. Casey and deputy, Robert M. Gates "authorized, approved and assisted" delivery of cluster bombs .. Clinton's Justice Department reacted angrily to disclosures. Federal prosecutors attacked affidavit as lie--then classified it as a state secret".

"Marianne Gasior maintains Lafarge Corporation .. provided covert arms export network supplied Saddam Hussein. To prevent exposure .. damage to Hillary Clinton-who joined Lafarge board in 1990 .. Gasior alleges justice department told to bury investigation .. Lafarge owns 2,600 acres on Marblehead Peninsula, Lake Erie in Ohio .. transshipment point for secret CIA shipments .. in Iraq [included] parts needed to make cluster bombs .. says Gasior .. "Hillary Rodham Clinton directly linked to network involved in a clandestine CIA arms export ring" .. From Marblehead equipment carried on cargo ships [Canada Steamship Lines?] .. ".. we never inspected exports from Marblehead," says former Customs Special Agent .. word to Customs, CIA had lines into .. Justice Department .. Asked whether Marblehead and Allied were CIA fronts for clandestine weapons shipments overseas, former CIA Director Robert Gates says, "I hear a distant bell tinkling." .. Evidence of [Hillary Clinton's] ties to Lafarge on billing records from Rose Law Firm that mysteriously "reappeared" two years after congressional investigators subpoenaed them .. Gasior claims Reno deputy who wrote final Iraqgate Report-told her .. Kennametal case referred to Starr, "anything involving the First Lady or Vincent Foster [allegedly assassinated] When asked how she came to join the Lafarge board, company spokesperson said Mrs. Clinton was recommended by Lafarge board member who had worked with her on a report on state-run child-care system in France while she was president of [Carlyle Canada-sponsored] French-American Foundation.

Hypothesis: Carlyle Canada* bookies use MindBox software to ignite a thermite cluster bomb on the Columbia space shuttle, trigger a catastrophe (cat) bond and execute a 'dead-peasant' life insurance policy on the resulting death of astronaut Ilan Ramon, the youngest pilot in the June 7, 1981, Israeli air strike on the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq

1: Bookie lends a 'blue team' millions of dollars to bet that Space Shuttle Columbia will survive February 1, 2003 re-entry. Carlyle collects 5% vigorish (Vig) commission.

2. Bookie lends a 'red team' millions of dollars to bet that Space Shuttle Columbia will not survive February 1, 2003 re-entry. Carlyle collects 5% vigorish (Vig) as commission.

3. Teams accept prepay loans of $150 million for `engineering services on Space Station and shuttle equipment' but blue team doesn't know alleged former Rizutto bookkeeper, Alfonso Gagliano, and the Canadian Ministry of Public Works, also prepaid NASA Johnson Space Center contractors for work to conceal remotely-detonated bomb.

4. On February 1, 2003, Carlyle's MindBox software fires a rule for red team to detonate a thermite bomb, apparently concealed inside the left-wing leading edge near reinforced carbon carbon (RCC) panel # 8. The ignition signal is sent through NASA command & control networks. NASA report shows deposits of solidified metallic slag, strongly adhered to internal surfaces of panel segments. The slag patterns identified from panel # 8 were a mix of uniform thickness, spheroid, tear-shaped and globular-shaped.

Presence of pure iron surrounded by aluminum oxide implies a thermite bomb reaction.

5. Columbia makes "S" turn to left. Sensors suggest elevator problem at back preventing a controlled steering. Killed in explosion was Ilan Ramon, 48, colonel in Israel's air force and the youngest pilot in June 7, 1981, Israeli air strike on Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq.

6. Blue team loses bet. MindBox triggers Columbia cat bond and Ramon life insurance policy and transfers the blue-team's assets into the racketeering custody of Carlyle.

7. Carlyle private equity pays online – no paper trail – bonus to red-team saboteurs and assassins with online kickbacks to Clinton-CIA developers of the thermite cluster bomb.

*Carlyle Canada Private Equity Group. An online global `bookie' with virtual war rooms, red-team special effects and MindBox rule-based software for `numbers games' or `policy rackets'. Carlyle uses unlawful debt to control James A. Baker (sabotage in Iraq with help of former CIA deputy director Robert Gates), Frank C. Carlucci (Nortel's $100 billion "pump-and-dump"), Laurent Beaudoin (Bombardier-NATO flying school in Canada for al-Qaeda 9/11), Peter G. Bentley (Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates `MDA', Chase Manhattan, JP Morgan), Andre Bisson, Paul Desmarais Sr. (Canadian Privy Council with alleged Bonanno bookie, Alfonso Gagliano, Pargesa, Chase Manhattan, JP Morgan, AXA-Paribas, AMEC, Boeing, Canada Steamship Lines), Peter Lougheed, Frank McKenna (MDA, AMEC saboteur teams), David P. O'Brian, Hartley T. Richardson (MDA 9/11+1), William Sinclair, Lynton Wilson (MDA, Nortel's VoIP communications to bypass the US Naval Command Center at Pentagon and sabotage presidential response and chain-of-command).

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