Monday, March 8, 2010

Reply to "9/11 - Clinton Laborers attack McConnell pilots"

Synopsis: McConnell reply to #45. Note implicit "death threat" and spread word to online world.

Sent: December 9, 2006 3:43:47 PM

"Dear Mr. Hawkins:

I appreciate your information and will be forwarding it to the pilot's union ASAP. In as much as today, twice, and once last night I received contacts referring to me as a "dead man" I assume some coward out there knows who I am and what I know.

I have encrypted access to PP67 JW68 and TK71. I am asking my two anonymous contacts from USNA 67 AND USNA 68 to get this email to their classmates at HQMC and the US Senate (elect).

I am urging a meeting as soon as possible between yourself, myself, and the highest government authority who will allow us to brief them. My interest is based on what I believe to be the treasonous hijacking of MY country using my two industries: I was a pilot in the North Dakota ANG flying F4s and F16s and I have been an airline
pilot for a major US airline for over 28 years. I fully understand the technology and how it has been counterfeited and bypassed, the most onerous example, in my opinion, the standing down of the USAF air defense alert units on 9-11 by a foreign military officer.

If my participation in this effort, which I deem is noble and grounded only if protecting America and airline passengers and crew members, results in the loss of my employment I will make myself available to an airline as a security and techology consultant. I have been blessed to have a history of flying with a company that puts safety first and I want this rogue chip issue identified, and if it exists, removed.

Whatever assistance you need of me is yours.

With grave concern for the safety of the United States,

Field McConnell
USNA 1971"

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