Monday, March 15, 2010

Strong, Gore and the Triphibious Snuff Film

Belief Maurice Strong. Al Gore set up CIDA-Transportation Safety Board in Gatineau, Quebec, to produce 'triphibious' snuff films and extort the users or owners of CO2-emitting transport networks.

Open e-mail sent December 03, 2007 to:
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper pm@... 
Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins, Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE

Copies for reference:
Al Gore, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Co-founder Current TV info@... 
Representative Duncan Hunter, 52nd District of California 
US Vice-President, Richard Cheney, vice_president@...
Michael Badnarik 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty'  scholar@... Dear Prime Minster Harper:

Re: Strong, Gore and the Triphibious Snuff Film
Hawks CAFE believes Maurice Strong and Al Gore set up the Canadian International Development Agency ('CIDA') and the Transportation Safety Board ('TSB') inGatineau, Quebec, to produce 'triphibious' snuff films and extort climate deniers - the users or owners of oil & gas pipelines and land, air or sea CO2/greenhouse-gas emitting carriers of passengers and freight.
Welcome to Transportation Safety Board of Canada
Our research indicates that Strong and Gore equipped CIDA-TSB offices with the C4ISR systems needed by contract-hit teams to spot (track) climate deniers and shoot (film), snuff (kill), spin (virtual news) and spoil (vaporize) evidence of murder for hire over triphibious transport networks.
We have alleged in the lawsuit referenced below that Maurice Strong and Al Gore are the principals of a climate-denial murder-for-hire network.
Civil Case 3:07-cv-49,  "Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians", Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota 655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 58102.
Please ask the Strong-Gore 'mail handlers' in Bali to convey this message.
"If Messrs. Strong and Gore fail or refuse to defend their reputations against allegations, including being associated with a racketeering murder-for-hire service to extort climate deniers, they lose those reputations".
Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell avalonbeef@... Tel: 218 329 2993
28 year airline and 22 year military pilot, 23,000 hours of safety
David Hawkins 
hawks-cafe@... Tel: 604 542-0891
Former oil industry operating engineer, blow out specialist, safety officer; 
15 years experience with radioactive materials, explosives, incendiaries

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