Monday, March 8, 2010

Synopsis: "McConnell Solves

McConnell Solves "Murder on United 93"
Copyright: Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins

Synopsis: Working with David Hawkins as a forensic economist at Hawks CAFE, the airline and fighter pilot Field McConnell, explains how `al-Qaeda' special weapons and tactics (`SWAT') teams killed United 93 pilot, Jason Dahl, and his passengers on 9/11.

McConnell and Hawkins allege that the United 93 victims died when `co-operating' Boeing civilian passenger jets were transformed into non-cooperating cluster bombs. The sudden switch allowed `al-Qaeda' red teams to surprise blue-team defenders with a United 93 decoy-and-drone maneuver during the `Global Guardian' war game of 9/11.

Captain McConnell recognizes the red-team has protected itself against indictment for racketeering, arson or murder by extorting public servants and hiring private contractors to `spoliate', remove and spin evidence in the 8-mile long debris field left by United 93.

Captain McConnell has therefore developed 10 lines of evidence and a provisional list of defendants (below) for a suit alleging a charge of causing wrongful death which he will place before a `runaway' grand jury, protected from prosecutorial and judicial corruption.

1. Dead-Pilot Flight Data Module – Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates, Groupe AXA
2. Missile Gyroscope Module – Boeing, QRS11-BEI Industries, Raytheon, Thales
3. Voice Splicing Module – Iridium, Thuraya (al-Qaeda), Nortel, Verizon, Motorola
4. Transponder Bypass Module – Boeing, Raytheon, Parisen Research (Ottawa)
5. Pulse Detonation Module – Boeing, GE Aircraft Engines, Martec (Quebec)
6. Planting of evidence – Mobbed-up Teamsters and Laborers (`LIUNA') unions
7. Spoliation of evidence – AMEC and George Soros through Waste Management Inc.
8. Removal of evidence – Tomoye, Groove and MIT Center for Coordination Science
9. Spinning of evidence – French American Foundation, Hollywood and extorted media
10. MindBox Hedge Fund Fraud – Soros with CAI-Carlyle Canada private equity groups

McConnell's solution to "Murder on United 93" makes extensive and grateful use of timelines developed in an open-content project managed by Paul Thompson below.

Collectively, Captain McConnell and David Hawkins have 80 years experience across industries where employees and citizen face what they have called red-team racketeering by financial sponsors and ideological insiders of the Clinton White House (1993-2001).

We will now proceed against these people to expose the Truth and get Justice for Captain Dahl and the thousands of fellow Americans who died during `al-Qaeda' 9/11.

Field McConnell, 28 year airline employee, 22 year military pilot, 23,000+ hours of safety avalonbeef@... and David Hawkins hawks-cafe@...

(Note to members of yahoo group - If you would like to receive the analysis as a Microsoft Word attachment (20 pages) of text with images, please e-mail request to me at hawks-cafe@... . Thanks David Hawkins)

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