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To Denver Post - Next week NORAD war game sets up 9/11 Mark II

Bruce Finley, Denver Post, Dear Bruce Finley: In the context of an allegedly bogus NORAD war game (below) planned for next week in the Yukon, your article "New leader takes NORAD reins Air Force general also installed as head of Northern Command" suggests that '9/11 Mark II' is imminent.
Air Force Gen. Victor Renuart is going to move out of Cheyenne Mountain and expose the NORAD Command Center at Petersen to instant annihilation and Navy Admiral Timothy Keating is going to have joint exercises with Communist China!!!!!
Who is in charge down there?
I will call you starting tomorrow at 303-954-1700 to ask your advice.
David Hawkins.
Major-General Charlie Bouchard +PA@... Commander of 1 Canadian Air Division, Canadian NORAD Region Headquarters

From: Captain Field McConnell, David Hawkins, Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE
Copies include: U.S. Vice-President Richard Cheney vice_president@... Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper pm@... Lieutenant Steve Neta (204) 833-2500 extension 2029 or at (204) 291-8942
Dear Major General Bouchard,

Re: Next week NORAD war game sets up 9/11 Mark II
Hawks CAFE believes the `Global Guardian' war game on 9/11 was sabotaged after illegally-modified Boeing passenger aircraft were remotely 'flown-and-blown' by red-team FAA air traffic controllers in Local 2097 of the mobbed-up Laborers ('LIUNA') union and even then, only after US Air Force interceptors had been diverted from patrolling the skies above New York and Washington, D.C., by the at-worst treasonous or at-best incompetent NATO or NORAD officers, including Canadian Major General Rick Findley.

We note that NORAD and NATO commanders appear to be preparing a '9/11 Mark II' with a bogus bi-national training exercise `enhancing the security of citizens in both countries' scheduled for next week which calls for the diversion of Canadian and US fighters to an area near Whitehorse, Yukon, miles away from Ottawa and Washington, D.C., in the Canadian North. 
Next week's war game script appears to have been written by Lansdowne Technologies and designed to finish what the conspirators failed to finish on 9/11.
We and our Hawks CAFE associates will contact you and the NORAD representatives identified below to demand assurances that you and/or your bi-national planning commanders, such as the incompetent and over-promoted, Lieutenant-General Rick Findley, are not planning a 9/11 Mark II.
Please ask your NORAD war game scriptwriters Lansdowne Technologies to prepare a list of the tail numbers and location of the illegally modified Boeing aircraft (missile gyroscopes and explosives) which are permitted to fly American skies, and the identities and location of the illegally-modified vessels in the Martin family's Canada Steamship Lines which replace the global functions of the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon after Wedge 1 was hit by a remotely flown and blown Boeing aircraft on 9/11.
You have awoken a sleeping giant, be ready for the consequences.

Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell,
28 year airline and 22 year military pilot,
23,000 hours of safety 
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 hawks-cafe@... 
Notes: "Next week NORAD war game sets up 9/11 Mark II"
"NR – 04.093 - November 29, 2004 Ottawa .. Canada and the United States of America have agreed to extend the Bi-National Planning Group mandate until May 2006 .. critical to enhancing the security of citizens in both countries .. key element of our cooperative response to new and emerging threats." The Bi-National Planning Group, a joint Canada-U.S. military planning group located alongside NORAD in Colorado Spring, particularly in the areas of maritime awareness and warning, and military support to civil authorities .. A Canadian, Lieutenant-General Rick Findley, heads the Bi-National Planning Group and works with an American deputy, Lieutenant General Joseph Inge .. This extension is an important element of Canada's ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and security of Canadians by strengthening bilateral defence and security cooperation."

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Canadian, US fighters conduct joint training in North March 23, 2007
WINNIPEG, MAN. –Canadian and US aircraft supporting the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) will conduct joint training in the Canadian North early next week. 
The Canadian and Alaskan NORAD Regions will practice conducting joint long-range detection missions.  The training is expected to take place near Whitehorse,Yukon.  These missions are important NORAD tasks that enable detection and identification of unknown aircraft.
"Training with our US partners enables us to conduct effective operations in the NORAD mission," said Maj.-Gen. Charlie Bouchard, Commander of 1 Canadian Air Division/Canadian NORAD Region headquarters.  "As a bi-national command, we train together often to ensure the defence of North America".
Participating aircraft will include: Canadian CF-18 Hornets and a CC-130T Hercules air-to-air refuelling tanker, US F-15 Eagles, a KC-135 refuelling tanker, and an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft.
NORAD and its regional support units and bases conduct regular training to maintain and validate procedures and readiness levels for response in the event of emergency situations. NORAD airborne early warning assets and air-to-air refueling tankers play important roles in safe-guarding the sovereignty of U.S. and Canadian airspace.

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