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Unabomb II - Boeing sued for Adam Air KI-574

Synopsis: Lawsuit against Boeing re Adam Air KI-574 'vaporized' on 1/1 in Indonesia, may lead to ALPA boss warned of Unabomb II modifications which allow remote flying and remote destruction.
Open e-mail sent February 18, 2007 to: Captain John Prater, President, john.prater@... Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA)
From: Field McConnell and David Hawkins, Forensic Economist at Hawks CAFE
Copy: Canadian Minister of Public Safety, Honourable Stockwell Day Day.S@... U.S. Vice-President Richard Cheney vice_president@... Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper pm@... Kristine Marcy, kristinemarcy@...
contactus@...  Thomas J. Coyne, President, Coyne and Associates tom@... 
Dear Captain Prater:
Re: Unabomb II - Boeing sued for Adam Air KI-574
ALPA pilots flying Boeings may soon witness a lawsuit against the company under U.S. laws on dereliction and worthiness in respect of Adam Air's Boeing 737-400 flight KI-574 which was apparently 'vaporized' on New Year's Day in Indonesia.
The discovery stage of such a suit may lead investigators to ALPA and our repeated and well-documented warnings to you that Boeing planes have been illegally-modified (by Unabomber II?) so that they could be remotely flown and remotely destroyed .
We warned you on February 2nd that the recovery of the Adam Air KI-574 black boxes located on January 21st 2007 in water depths of about 2000 meters in the Makassar Straights of Indonesia had been carefully delayed by more than 30 days.
Locator signal batteries have now expired, giving the bogus FAA, NTSB, Boeing and GE investigation team on the scene an excuse not to recover the black boxes.
US government and Boeing insiders have now withdrawn search and forensic investigation assistance to Indonesian family members of the passengers and crew of KI-574 just as they withdrew assistance to American family members of the passengers and crew of flights 11, 77, 175 and 93 on 9/11. "US can't help RI retrieve black box - The Jakarta Post - Obtained February 3, 2007"
We reminded you that Boeing paid a $615 million fine (bribe?) last year to get the US Department of Justice to drop investigations into modifications such as the QRS11 missile gyroscopes embedded in the flight boxes, pre-programmed to allow the remote triggering of incendiaries or explosives [Unabombs?] in the doors of all Boeing passenger planes.
We alleged that Adam Air KI-574 was destroyed in a 'dead-peasant' life insurance fraud for the clients of the past or present partners of Rose Law, Axa and CAI-Carlyle Canada private-equity group, including Hillary Clinton, Webster Hubble and Joe Giroir.
Hawks CAFE has now launched virtual grand juries to collect evidence against the alleged expert saboteurs and blast technicians and their customers who are suspected of installing "Unabomb" flight boxes on any illegally-modified Boeing commercial aircraft.
We will be contacting Haroen Calehr of the Texas law firm Calehr & Associates (Tel: 713 266 9299) who is planning to sue Boeing on behalf of a member of the family of one of the victims, Christian, and secretary general of the Association of Families of Adam Air Accident Victims.
You, as president of ALPA, and the principals of the airline industry may be found in a very expensive dereliction of duty in not warning Boeing pilots worldwide of the Unabomber threat immediately after you or they received our e-mail of December 11, 2006.
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell
28 year airline, 22 year military pilot
23,000 hours of safety 

David Hawkins hawks-cafe@...
Notes: "Unabomb II - Boeing sued for Adam Air KI-574 "
February 18, 2007 "Families of people .. on board Adam Air Boeing passenger plane that crashed into the sea off South Sulawesi last January 1 .. plan to sue the plane's maker based in ChicagoIllinois, the United States ".. we assume accident that befell the Boeing 737-400 aircraft of Adam Air was not due to human error or bad weather," Haroen Calehr of law firm Calehr & Associates .. announcement at press conference in company of a member of the family of one of the victims, Christian, and secretary general of the Association of Families of Adam Air Accident Victims, Antonyus Idris .. "We will soon send a letter about it to Boeing," .. ".. lawsuit to be filed in the US to find out truth about cause of Adam Air accident .. could be established as law in the US enabled the plaintiff to interrogate accused by producing documents related to the trial process .. Meanwhile, Christian also said lawsuit to be filed by about 50 percent of the 96 families of the Adam Air accident victims was not aimed at Adam Air but Boeing .. Massive search and rescue efforts failed to result in the finding of any survivor or body. Only fragments of the ill-fated aircraft were picked up from the sea"
"JAKARTA, Jan 27 (Bernama) -- Efforts to find the wreckage of Adam Air plane missing during a flight from Java to North Sulawesi on Jan 1 stopped .. Search and Rescue (SAR) Mission team has been withdrawn because black box had been located .. The Government and Adam Air management would take appropriate measures to recover the black box of the ill-fated Boeing 737-400 .. "There are no survivors among the plane's 96 passengers and six crew members, merely pieces of hair (were found [flesh vaporized by incendiary cluster bombs?])," .. National Committee for Transportation Safety said office would try to recover black box .. Indonesian Vice-President .. However, lifting of the black box from such a depth was not a must .. many family members of passengers and crew expressed their disbelief and frustration as they said it was the Government that made the promise that the search for the victims would continue endlessly. The passengers' 11 family members who have been staying put in Makassar waiting for whatever slightest hope there was that their loved ones would finally be found even if only their dead bodies, told reporters they would continue to stay there until the bodies were found."

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