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FEMA 8(a) Mayday: Lockheed Martin passwords, McConnell murder for hire

Request DHS Jay Cohen, Ms. Marcy help Jack Stockwell qualify risks of FEMA exercise May 1-8; Lockheed passwords to 8(a) murder for hire, allegedly operated for McConnell Int. clients.

Open e-mail sent April 30, 2008 to:
Jay M. Cohen, Department of Homeland Security, Under Secretary for 
Science and Technology 
Re: Fraud, Waste, and Abuse 
Fax: (202) 254-4292
Kristine Marcy, Leader, Homeland Security Team,
McConnell International LLC 
Field McConnell and David Hawkins,
Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE

Dr. Jack Stockwell 
Dear Under Secretary Cohen and Ms. Marcy:

FEMA 8(a) Mayday: Lockheed Martin passwords, McConnell murder for hire
Please help Jack Stockwell at KTKK (above) qualify the risks associated with FEMA exercise (NLE 2-08, May 1-8) where prime contractor Lockheed Martin sells passwords to an SBA 8(a) murder for hire network, allegedly operated for the clients of McConnell International LLC.
"WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Exercise Program (NEP) will conduct National Level Exercise 2-08 (NLE 2-08) a combined functional and full scale exercise from May 1 through May 8.  NLE 2-08 will merge the objectives of U.S. Northern Command's (NORTHCOM) Ardent Sentry 2008 exercise, FEMA National Continuity Program's (NCP) Eagle Horizon 2008 exercise (formerly known as Forward Challenge), and FEMA Disaster Operation's Hurricane Preparedness Exercise (HPE). The purpose of NLE 2-08 is to exercise national capabilities to prepare and respond to multiple incidents including both natural disasters and terrorist incidents ..  exercise venues involve a Category 4 hurricane impacting the Mid Atlantic Coast and the National Capitol Region and multiple terrorist attacks inWashington State. Also during NLE 2-08, the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) will test it's response to an accidental chemical agent release at the Umatilla Chemical Depot in Oregon. Canada will also participate through their Staunch Maple Exercise" The exercise allows Federal officials to implement continuity plans, test communications connectivity, operations and procedures for performing essential government functions from alternate locations, and interagency coordination. Additionally, it serves to demonstrate that essential functions can be effectively conducted during threats and emergencies."

Hawks CAFE and Abel Danger counter-intelligence teams have evidence (see notes) that former Lockheed Martin directors, Gordon England, Norman Mineta and Lynne Cheney, stood down U.S. defenses on 9/11 while 8(a) death squads murdered victims under cover of a TOPOFF `Wag-the-Dog' exercise, scripted by McConnell and the Ogilvy PR firm.
If you get an opportunity to qualify the Mayday risks to `Homeland Security' of the FEMA exercise (NLE 2-08) on the Stockwell show, let us know and we will join you.
Yours sincerely,
Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971, Forensic Economist fbi@... or avalonbeef@... Astana, Kazakhstan  28 year airline and 22 year military pilot, 23,000 hours of safety

David Hawkins 
hawks-cafe@... Tel: 604 542-0891 Leader, Reform Party of British Columbia, Former oil industry operating engineer; Blow-out specialist, safety officer, trouble shooting, 15 years experience explosives, incendiaries, radioactive materials
Civil Case 3:07-cv-49  'Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians'
Clerk's Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 5810
Notes: FEMA 8(a) Mayday: Lockheed Martin passwords, McConnell murder for hire
Former directors of Lockheed Martin on 9/11
1. Gordon England (Secretary of the Navy and former Lockheed Martin president) stood down Captain Gerald DeConto, the duty officer of U.S. Naval Command Center on 9/11 and thereby allowed SBA 8(a) death squads to demolish Pentagon Wedge 1 and transfer its functions to a Lockheed-EADS-Airbus consortium and remove evidence of murder.
 2. Norman Mineta (Transportation Secretary and former Lockheed Martin vice-president) stood down the U.S. Air Force on 9/11 and allowed SBA 8(a) death squads to fly decoy and drone maneuvers with modified Boeing passenger/tanker aircraft and Raytheon A-3 Skywarriors to destroy selected pre-insured targets.
3. Lynne Cheney (Second Lady of the United States and former director of Lockheed Martin), `stood down' Vice President Dick Cheney on 9/11; she delayed her husband's arrival at the PEOC (Presidential Emergency Operations Center) bunker and helped her former Lockheed-Martin colleague Norman Mineta block her husband's access to the `cybersecurity' network of the "43rd Presidency" operated by Bruce McConnell! "From 1985-1999, McConnell served three U.S. Presidents ..  at the White House Office of Management and Budget, he led the government-industry team that reformed U.S. encryption export policy, created an information security strategy for government agencies, redirected government technology procurement and management along commercial lines, and extended the presumption of open government information onto the Internet. From 1999-2000, he established and led the International Y2KCooperation Center, sponsored by the United Nations and the World Bank. McConnell is .. on the CSIS Commission for Cyber Security for the 44th Presidency" … " Mineta says Vice President Cheney was 'absolutely' already there when he arrived at approximately 9:25 a.m. in the PEOC (Presidential Emergency Operations Center) bunker on the morning of 9/11. Mineta seemed shocked to learn that the 9/11 Commission Report claimed Cheney had not arrived there until 9:58-- after the Pentagon had been hit, a report that Mineta definitively contradicted. Norman Mineta revealed that Lynn Cheney was also in the PEOC bunker already at the time of his arrival, along with a number of other staff."
"VNN Before the event, Ogilvy PR media experts briefed public officials and public information officers about VNN to help assure participation and facilitate public information coordination across participants. Ogilvy PR also helped top officials hone their media and risk communication skills in preparation for the full-scale exercise During the exercise, Ogilvy PR staffed its network with a team of nearly 60 writers, producers, studio crewmembers, anchors, field reporters, and exercise coordination specialists who provided 31 hours of live TV broadcast for TOPOFF 2. VNN coverage included live reports from across the country and interviews with both government officials and outside experts. The VNN team took painstaking measures to create as real a media experience as possible for all participants. They solicited, booked, and interviewed 45 actual public officials, physicians, first responders, and many others the media would call upon during an actual crisis, including such dignitaries as Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Julie Gerberding."
"FEMA, SBA Work Together WASHINGTON , DC -- The Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) today announced the opening of competition for 15 contracts with a value up to $100 million each. The five-year contracts will be awarded to local, small and small disadvantaged businesses for temporary housing maintenance and support forGulf Coast hurricane recovery.
The contracts, which are part of FEMA's previously announced plans to open contracting opportunities to competitive bidding, will be awarded to small and small disadvantaged businesses registered with the Small Business Administration (SBA) under Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act. Small Disadvantaged Business as defined by the Small Business Administration – go to "Local, small and minority-owned businesses are playing a critical role in rebuilding the Gulf Coast ," said Acting FEMA Director David Paulison. "Getting local businesses more heavily involved in the long-term recovery efforts will also contribute to the overall economic recovery of the region." FEMA set aside $1.5 billion for maintenance and deactivation of roughly 100,000 temporary housing units, or 6,700 units each contract (eight for small disadvantaged and seven for small business). These indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts will be awarded to local, small and small disadvantaged businesses in order to increase their contribution to the recovery efforts following the Gulf Coast hurricanes. FEMA will review all submitted proposals, working with the SBA to confirm "small business" and Section 8(a) status of the company, and preference will be given to prime contractors and plans to use subcontractors based in the Gulf States . 'Hurricane Katrina has affected thousands of small, local and minority-owned businesses and the SBA welcomes this contracting effort as a demonstration of the Bush Administration's commitment to helping the Gulf region with long-term recovery,' said SBA Administrator Hector V. Barreto. 'Small businesses will be the heart of the economic recovery for the Gulf Coast area, and we're actively working with FEMA to identify small and local businesses that can provide the products and services that are integral to the recovery of this important region.'  FEMA expects to award seven small business and eight Section 8(a) contracts by Feb. 1, 2006. All interested companies may go to Rebuilding the Gulf Coast to find the Request for Proposal (RFP), which will be available for downloading no later than Nov. 18, or FedBizOpps at For those without Internet capabilities, written requests for an RFP can be made by faxing Nancy Costello at (202) 646-4373 or e-mailing nancy.costello@.... For more information about FEMA's efforts, visit More information about SBA, visit  FEMA prepares the nation for all hazards and manages federal response and recovery efforts following any national incident. FEMA also initiates mitigation activities, trains first responders, works with state and local emergency managers, and manages the National Flood Insurance Program and the U.S. Fire Administration. FEMA became part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on March 1, 2003.
"Cohen was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral in October 1997 and reported to the Joint Staff as Deputy Director for Operations responsible to the President and DoD leaders for strategic weapons release authority. In June 1999, he assumed duties as Director Navy Y2K Project Office responsible for transitioning all Navy computer systems into the new century. In June 2000, Cohen was promoted in rank and became the 20th Chief of Naval Research. He served during war as the Department of the Navy Chief Technology Officer (a direct report to the Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations and Commandant of the Marine Corps). Responsible for the Navy and Marine Corps Science and Technology (S&T) Program (involving basic research to applied technology portfolios and contracting), Cohen coordinated investments with other U.S. and international S&T providers to rapidly meet war fighter combat needs. After an unprecedented five and a half year assignment as Chief of Naval Research, Rear Admiral Cohen retired on February 1, 2006. Under Secretary Cohen was sworn in to his current position at the Department of Homeland Security on August 10, 2006. … ' April 10th, 2001  .. This is an exciting opportunity for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps because the visits allow us to demonstrate the products of our significant investments in advanced ship design technology, hydrodynamics, electric drive, advanced materials, sensors, electronics and other related disciplines. This tour will also give a boost to the Navy's new 'Accelerate Your Life' recruiting campaign,' said Rear Adm. Jay Cohen, Chief of Naval Research. Dale Bennett, vice president and general manager of Lockheed Martin NE&SS-Marine Systems in Baltimore said, 'We look forward to partnering with ONR to demonstrate the benefits of cutting-edge ship technologies that are flowing from these two organizations."
"MANASSAS, VA, July 17th, 2007 -- Lockheed Martin [NYSE:  LMT] and Referentia Systems, Inc. recently signed a three-year mentor-protégé agreement .. The Mentor-Protégé Program is a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) initiative that encourages large companies such as Lockheed Martin to share their technical expertise and knowledge of the government contracting process with minority and women-owned small businesses .. The agreement is sponsored by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Joint Robotics Lab, through the Office of the Secretary of Defense .. Referentia Systems, founded in 1996, is an award-winning SBA-certified 8(a)/Small Disadvantaged Business provider of C41 systems, Advanced Technology Solutions and Information Technology and Services (IT&S). Headquartered in HonoluluHawaii, Referentia maintains staff throughout Hawaii, the continental U.S. and overseas .. Referentia is experienced in government IT contracting and is currently responsible for on-site support at military installations around the world including sites in Japan, Italy, Greece and Hawaii. Headquartered in BethesdaMD, Lockheed Martin employs about 140,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.  Lockheed Martin: Jack Papp, 703-367-2484; e-mail,jack.papp@..."

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