Friday, April 9, 2010

Reform BC – Carboniferous recognition of the Campbell carbon fraud

Using data from Carboniferous, Reform BC educational campaign; public recognition fraud by BC Office of Premier Gordon Campbell to 'sell' carbon tax; claim CO2 principal component climate change

Open e-mail sent May 13, 2008 to:
The Honourable Gordon Campbell premier@...
Premier of British Columbia, Box 9041, Station PROV GOVT
Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 9E1 Phone: (250) 387-1715\
From: Reform Party of British Columbia
Dear Premier Campbell:
Reform BC – Carboniferous recognition of the Campbell carbon fraud
Using data primarily from the Carboniferous Period, Reform BC is launching an educational campaign for public recognition of fraud by insiders of BC Office of Premier Gordon Campbell who are attempting to `sell' a provincial carbon tax with the allegedly-deceptive claim that anthropogenic carbon dioxide is a principal component of harmful climate change.
Reform Party candidates in the next provincial election will campaign to repeal your government's carbon tax and - on behalf of the Party's prospective constituents - we will reserve the right to seek injunctive relief, including damages, from a carbon tax which is apparently intended to rise in $5/tonne annual increments to reach $30 in 2012.
Please let us know if you or your advisors need an explanation from the Carboniferous on the role of principal component analysis in validating or invalidating climate change models

Yours sincerely,
David Hawkins, Leader 604-542-0891

Ron Gamble, President 604-980-7779
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper 
Judi McLeod Editor Canada Free Press 
Darcy Rezac, Managing Director Board of Trade 604-641-1255
Director Environment Fraser Institute 604 688 0221
cc: Media

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