Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Michelle Obama laundered money through United 93

Belief Michelle Obama laundered money through the vaporization of United 93 on 9/11 by extorting or corrupting her co-directors on the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Marcy's PROMIS to Suite 450 re murder of Danny Casolaro

Belief with PROMIS software to Suite 450 Kristine Marcy disrupts investigations into DOJ funding murder for hire; SBA set aside 1991 hit Danny Casolaro; corpse wiped blood off floor with its own feet!

`Marcy killing and the Al-Qaeda flight box'

KTKK Stockwell Show June 24, Tues 7-9 am MT, `Marcy killing, Al-Qaeda flight box'

CIDA Transportation Safety Board Canada test al-Qaeda flight box

Belief Saddam bribee Maurice Strong procured al-Qaeda flight box; anti-hijack test 9/11 war game sponsored CIDA, Transportation Safety Board Canada 200 Promenade du Portage Gatineau Quebec

Why Marcy HUBZone hedge fund had to vaporize Con Air 93

Belief 10:03 9/11, HUBZone lenders, associates of Kristine Marcy transmitted encrypted signals to Con Air flight box United Flight 93 detonated bombs to vaporize evidence of  hedge-fund fraud.

Hillier resigns – NATO corrupts – Lansdowne leaks – Taliban escape

Belief Cn. Forces Chief of Land Staff Rick Hillier resigned; disgust at NATO corruption, leakage of intelligence Lansdowne war rooms; recent result, escape of 400 Taliban from Kandahar prison.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

KTKK: Marcy killing and the al-Qaeda flight box

Hawks CAFE offers "Marcy killing and the al-Qaeda flight box" as a title for the next KTKK Jack Stockwell show on 9/11 events and associated MindBox tax shelter frauds.