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Awesome Power of Farts - Motive, Weapon, Opportunity - Red, White and Blue 'Double Cross' (September 11th, again?)

Immediate Release: Candidate for the Republic August Franklin and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher - Article for Press Release
Date: August 09, 2010 - Announcement: New Candidate Franklin,

A descendant of Ben Franklin advocating the return of the Jeffersonian Republic in his letters: “The Twilight of Democracy; a foreign system of government.”

#1 in a series of articles entitled: Crazy stuff my great great grand dad did...

A Historical Examination of the Awesome Power of Farts
By - August Franklin – 2012 Candidate for the Republic
Dana Rohrabacher – Congressman CA-46th district

Dana and I both fully believe that all Americans know in our hearts that the men and women that created this Idea - the American Republic - were just like you and me; because extraordinary times can bring out the best in all of us. But being a Franklin, I can tell you, the nuts don't fall far from the tree. I remember sitting in the back of the room in 4th grade listening with suspicion to the things the teacher was relating to the class; I turned to one of my friends and said: "you know, he could tell us anything and we would believe it, but how do we know he's right?" Later, I read Plato's Republic and his tale of The Cave... I suggest it to anyone that has never read it ~ especially in this time.

This idea - that you can challenge authority - is a simple one; in reality, these people are in positions of elected responsibility, with no authority at all: because in a republic, all authority rests with the people. But Democracy is a little different than a Republic in this respect - isn’t it? There are types of government that are not so free-thinking or interested in the rights of the people: employing armed soldiers exhibiting lethal force in public on the streets; search and seizure - kind of like today's police.... We have dealt with such governments for over 240 years since our first peace treaty with the British... but we Franklins have never made it easy for them: we were and still are the most dangerous family in England, so to speak. I suppose advocating Jeffersonian sleeper cells in London would probably not go over well there: but here….

After the Revolutionary War, in 1781, Grandpa Ben... well, don't just listen to me, here’s the official Wikipedia entry... pretty much right:

"A Letter To A Royal Academy" was composed in response to a call for scientific papers from the Royal Academy of Brussels. Franklin believed that the various academic societies in Europe were increasingly pretentious and concerned with the impractical. Revealing his "bawdy, scurrilous side," Franklin responded with an essay suggesting that research be undertaken into methods of improving the odor of human flatulence.

The essay was never submitted but was sent as a letter to Richard Price, a Welsh philosopher in England with whom Franklin had an ongoing correspondence. The text of the essay's introduction reads in part: That all well-bred People therefore, to avoid giving such Offence, forcibly restrain the Efforts of Nature to discharge that Wind…with the effect of rendering flatulence "not only inoffensive, but agreeable as Perfumes".

The essay ends with a pun: saying that, compared to the practical applications of this discussion, other sciences are "scarcely worth a FART-HING" - a clear insult to the worthlessness of British currency in its use as a fart comparison. That was a huge insult: back then, the Crown was very insistent about respect.

Copies of the essay were privately printed by Franklin at his printing press in Passy (France) and were distributed to friends as an underground seditious paper against the Crown, as an act of dishonor - a big deal 220 years ago. The essay was widely distributed throughout the new Republic.

And the American people were in hysterics over the idea of the smartest people in the world standing around all day smelling each other’s farts. And when these 'Franklin' printed editions of seditious ridicule reached King George, it began a series of difficulties for Ben in return for poking Europe’s inflated ego. But that 1781 event was part of an ongoing display of disrespect for Royalty and its psychosis-of-self-perpetuation-by-sword that may have led toward a September in 1812.

Grandpa Ben was noted for this kind of personal behavior. Everyone who traveled with him insisted on keeping windows open in carriages and hostels. On September 11, 1776, Franklin and John Adams met British Navy Admiral Howe, second in command under Cornwallis, on Staten Island at Billot House to discuss a peace treaty and end the Revolutionary War. What is widely known, but not specifically described, is that Adm. Howe only came with the power to grant a pardon to the colony, not the power to strike a peace treaty. It was just another British lie folded into a deception of the worst kind: a faux peace treaty by Perfide Albion. Three hours into the meeting and feasting, when this deceit was finally revealed, Adams said, "Then you lied to us and nothing will come of this; I will await outside for you, Mr. Franklin"... and left. Franklin knew Howe's sister; so he showed a bit more restraint and asked, "Well, what is this all about then?" - to which Howe finally came clean and said, "I can pardon only, but I can pardon everything your armies have done, and we can return to peace if you rescind your Declaration of Independence: that is King George's only demand."

Grandpa Ben laughed so loud and hard he farted; and said, "Well sir, there's my reply to the King's request!" Howe stiffened, got up and said, "Then you would have me tell him you will not rescind then..." - to which Franklin, still chuckling at the timing of the thing, said, "I have given you my official reply to your master's request; and remind him he is not mine...." So Admiral Howe sailed directly north and attacked General Washington on Manhattan Island.

Motive: return of colonies to Crown
Weapon: Naval Military Force using a false peace treaty. A naval military deception acting under peace, focused on attacking the top leadership, Gen. Washington
Opportunity: Washington - camped in the Bronx across from Manhattan Island - having heard Britain was discussing peace with Franklin on nearby Staten Island, has let his guard down. Howe - knowing news of the “peace-pardon deception” will take longer than his ships - catches Washington off guard and chases him to Manhattan Island for battle, almost defeating him by surprise. These events indicate that if the Revolutionaries were to rescind the Declaration, it would be battle anyway - not a peaceful return to a Crown colony. More lies.

It is therefore interesting and prudent to back-engineer events on September 11, 2001, in this light - where opportunity and weapon are completely known:

Opportunity: The British Commonwealth of Canada was in control of America's airspace during a planned stand down of US forces during the joint CAN-AM Global Guardian / Vigilant Guardian yearly war game (Sept 10-12, 2001). It was during "their watch" that all the attacks took place: giving time to prevent our response to their attack before it was known as a multiple-target environment in real time - not part of the peaceful game environment;

Weapons: In-flight kinetic energy of a 200,000-pound passenger jet traveling at 0.5 mps.

• A direct hit on the US NAVY command center at the Pentagon's Wedge 1: defeating our entire navy worldwide by cutting off all communications to the fleet
• World Trade and International Sovereign Debt (Cantor Fitzgerald; Marsh & McLennan; Aon) targets / insurance targets were hit directly below their company floors in

WTC1 and WTC2 - attacked on Manhattan Island
• Failed attempt at TOPOFF operation, BBC spin and spoliation following retreat to position.

Motive: payback and domination of the global commons

• The dead body pieces and toxic building debris were later buried in the "Fresh Kills" landfill on Staten Island -

only a few miles from where Grandpa Ben sent a “Fart-hing” to his royal majesty King George III.

Seen in this light, who hit us on September 11, 2001?

Well, maybe the same guys that hit us while they had us under a peace treaty on September 11, 1812. Tom Jefferson knew who and how to even that score: he sent out the American Navy and defeated the English Navy on - you guessed it - September 11, 1813.

Or, you know, it could have been the country where the foreign banks were that funded the Northern Army to burn Atlanta on September 11, 1864.

Or Rhodes Scholar Col. Edward Mandel House – charter member of the Federal Reserve Board in the Woodrow Wilson Administration: Foreshadowing The Patriot Act, Col. House says Woodrow Wilson "alone can father an anti-Bolshevik act which judicially interpreted will enable appropriate punitive measures to be applied to any American who may be unwise enough to assert that America must once again declare her independence."

Well then… I am very unwise it would seem, but isn’t George Washington on the 1 dollar Federal Reserve Note and isn’t Woodrow Wilson on the 100,000 dollar Federal Reserve Note?

And wasn’t the intel to attack Iraq and Afghanistan provided by 10 Downing Street?

Hard to say what the truth is with all the false signals and BBC World Service news media propaganda entering via the strategic communications centers here, and out of the City Guilds in London over their virtual private networks….Using the redstone and blowfish encryption codes that Bruce McConnell gave them at President Clintons Request…Clinton, a graduated Rhodes Scholar….

Perhaps we could ask former CIA director and Vice President; Sir. George HW Bush…oh wait, isn’t Knighthood awarded for loyal service to the Crown?

You see; taken in a historical context, we Franklins have known all along: Absolute power corrupts absolutely – you may see a Union Jack, but after 8 generations of this Dana and I see a red, white and blue Double Cross. It was Dana’s ancestors that forged the chain across the Hudson at West Point to keep the British ships out. One thing is certain...we smell something...

August Franklin – “Long Live the Republic”

Dana Rohrabacher – “Let Freedom Ring”

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