Friday, October 15, 2010

The Triangle: Another clock set at 911

The other day I was bored and was watching a DVD I found in my house, it was a year 2005 (release date) three part mini-series produced by the BBC called "The Triangle". The show was basically about some spooky stuff going on in the Bermuda Triangle, and a rich guy whose boats were getting destroyed and whose employees were dying, hired some experts in various fields to figure out what was going on. They start their investigation and find out that it was the Navy that was up to something. So, here's what I stumbled across, and found interesting.

One, it was produced by the BBC. Two, it's called "The Triangle", which the BBC seems to have an obsession with.

In the show, one scene shows a clock in the background with the hands at 9 and 11.

This makes it just one more movie of the many out there that have a clock showing either the hands at 9 and 11 or the time set to 9:11.

There is a 30 part (and growing) series called "9/11 Hidden in Hollywood" that you can watch on YouTube that shows lots more 9/11 clocks, and a whole lot more. Some of the things they show in the series are a big stretch to say the least, but the majority of it will keep you thinking, surprised and wanting to see those people who directed the movies, shows, or whatever to answer your questions.

Here's part 25 that covers some of the 9/11 clocks.

In addition to that series, there is another series that has more to add...

Freemason/Illuminati Movies, TV shows, Music and Videogames Exposed
(Part 1)


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