Friday, November 5, 2010

The Anatomy of Fraud – Obomba, Iridium and the HUBZone

Dear Ms. Marcy:
Hawks CAFE believes that you arranged fraudulent SBA loan auctions where hedge funds took control of HUBZone security firms and gave Obomba* intelligence agents access to Hawaii's Iridium gateway link to fly decoy and drone planes on 9/11 and to the Hawaii Department of Health to forge a birth certificate for Barack Obama in 2006.

"GCN Home > November 9, 1998 issue DISA establishes portal for telecom satellite system HONOLULU—The Defense Information Systems Agency has installed a dedicated ground station here at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station-Pacific to act as a terrestrial gateway for Defense Department users of the $5 billion global Iridium cellular network. DISA bought the gateway from Iridium LLC, a consortium of international investors led by Motorola Inc. of Schaumburg, Ill., for about $15 million to handle nearly 2,000 simultaneous DOD users. The Iridium system includes 12 commercial gateways worldwide, in addition to the DOD ground station in Hawaii. Iridium is composed of a 72-satellite constellation, including spares, that will deliver voice, data, fax and paging services to handheld wireless telephones and pagers anywhere on Earth. Iridium's 72 low Earth-orbiting satellites ultimately could provide global satellite services to as many as 120,000 DOD personnel .. "We have infrastructure in place where all DOD Iridium users have a communications path that goes back to that single gateway in Hawaii," said Brig. Gen. Gary Salisbury, commander of DISA's Joint Interoperability and Engineering Organization, said at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronic Command's annual AFCEA-Pacific Conference.DOD's unclassified service has already gone through operational tests. The classified Iridium service is expected to start in June. To protect the location of DOD Iridium users and provide a low probability of communications interception, DISA is buying secure handheld phones with security chips developed by the National Security Agency that link back to the Wahiawa gateway. "This is the only way to protect user locations," Salisbury said. "That's what is driving the idea of a single, DOD-owned gateway." Critics, however, are concerned that DISA does not have a backup system in place to act as a land-based gateway in the event that the Wahiawa ground station is disabled by accident or an act of sabotage. DISA officials agree and are working on a contingency plan .. Iridium offers four types of service: universal, satellite only, city-to-city and global paging. DOD has signed up for the satellite-only communications service, wherein calls are switched directly via the ground station in Hawaii to the Defense Information Systems Network.If DOD users were forced to tap into a commercial Iridium gateway, they would be using an insecure communications line, Jain said.DOD will encrypt its classified phone services. But the encrypted terminals, with NSA chips embedded in the handsets, will not be available until summer."
"Ms. Chiyome L. Fukino, MD Director of Public Health State of Hawaii Department of Health Honolulu, Hawaii 98601-3378 Dear Ms. Fukino: This is a second request for a copy of Mr. Barack Obama's birth certificate, this time under Hawaii's Uniform Information Practices Act and HRS § 338-18, the section of the Hawaii Revised Statutes that deals with revealing information in public health records. Ms. Janice Okubo timely responded to my earlier request for information but has misconstrued § 338-18 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes in three ways."
Obombas* = HUBZone terrorists; allegedly hired by Kristine Marcy or Jamie Gorelick; mentored by Sidley Austin associates Ms. Obama and Ms. Dohrn and financed by Lester Crown and General Dynamics [Iridium] C4 through the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
Our Abel Danger counterintelligence team has determined hedge funds controlled by Paul Desmarais and the Obombas hire HUBZone firms to commit acts of sabotage to humiliate elected leaders and create profitable panics on the global capital markets.
Please call your brother Field McConnell and help him select a U.S. Attorney General for a RESCUE '08 administration with the integrity and knowledge needed to complete an anatomy of fraud in the federal government and clean out the Desmarais, HUBZone and Obomba stables. 

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