Friday, November 5, 2010

Desmarais lines of credit lead to Goose Bay bombing of Pentagon

Dear Prime Minister Harper and Vice-President Cheney:
Hawks CAFE believes that if RCMP and FBI investigators follow the lines of credit through Goose Bay training schools, they will be led at one end to predatory loans from CIDA, Banque National de Paris and the family of Canadian privy councilor Paul Desmarais, and, at the other end, to a hole made by a laser-guided bomb in the Pentagon on 9/11.

"5 Wing Goose Bay Opportunities Initiatives  CIRRUS Research Associates Inc. was sub-contracted by SERCO Facilities Management Incorporated and the Department of National Defence (DND) to promote a wide range of opportunities to foreign militaries and private industry at 5 of international military contacts combined with our expertise on air weapons range management Wing Goose Bay"  ..  "Welcome to Serco! .. Specializing in such market sectors as Defence, Aviation/Space, and Science and Research, Serco operates over 600 contracts in 35 countries with a staff of 37,000 personnel. .. In December 1997, Serco was proud to learn it was successful in its bid to provide operations and maintenance services at Canadian Forces Base 5 WingGoose Bay. During the 5 year Alternate Service Delivery or ASD contract, Serco was responsible for the provision of year round, non core base support activities. In February 2003, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), on behalf of the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND), announced Serco was once again successful in its ASD rebid efforts and awarded the company a further 11 year operations and maintenance contract at 5 Wing Goose Bay. 900m certified firing range . Secure, remote specialized force training. Airspace flexibility - surface to 60,000 ft. Practice Target Area equipped to handle laser guided bombs Turnkey warehousing [for al-Qaeda SWAT teams], office facilities and accommodations immediately
available. On site expertise in Air Traffic Control, Forecasting, Emergency Services, 
 - Planning,  Logistics, and Engineering. Experienced UAV testing facility."
Please call us if your think our Abel Danger counter intelligence team can help the FBI or the RCMP follow the Desmarais lines of credit through to al-Qaeda's alternative service delivery (ASD), including Entrainement de forces militaires etrangeres, at Goose Bay.

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