Friday, November 5, 2010

Marcy's revolving fund for Justice, Con Air and Obomba 9/11

Dear Ms. Marcy:
Hawks CAFE believes that the revolving fund you set up for the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System in 1995, was used by Michelle Obama and her Sidley Austin law firm protégés to procure Con Air actors and aircraft for an `Obomba' war game on 9/11.

"Department of Justice Required Supplementary Information Consolidated Intra-governmental Revolving Fund As of and For Fiscal Years Ended September 30, 2001 and 2000 The Department has three intragovernmental revolving funds, 15X4526 - Working Capital Fund (WCF), 15X4500 - Federal Prison Industries (FPI), and 15X4275 - Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS). The WCF and FPI are both presented as separate reporting entities in the principal financial statements. The JPATS is included in the U.S. Marshal Service. The JPATS is responsible for transporting by air all Federal prisoners and detainees, including sentenced, pretrial, and illegal aliens, whether in custody of the U.S. Marshal Service, the Bureau of Prisons, or the Immigration and Naturalization Service. JPATS also provides prisoner transportation to the Department of Defense and State and Local law enforcement on a space available basis. JPATS will transport prisoners and detainees in a cost effective manner without sacrificing the safety of the public, Federal employees, or those in custody. Proceeds from the disposal of [illegally-modified] aircraft are deposited into the JPATS Fund"
In the context of our lawsuit Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians filed in 1997, our Abel Danger counter intelligence team notes that you told your brother Field McConnell to find out who had oversight responsibility for removing the QRS11 missile gyroscopes and other illegal modifications from Boeing aircraft.
You did not however tell your brother that you had custody of the 15X4275 `slush' fund on 9/11; you did not tell him that the $615 million fine paid by Boeing may have gone into that slush fund and you did not tell him that JPATS funds gave you the means to finance the production of Obomba movies with Con Air actors and United 93 drones!
The mills of the gods grind slow but they grind exceeding small.

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