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Reform BC - Do naked shorting hedge funds drive Liberal climate

July 17, 2008
Dear Prime Minister Harper:
Reform BC and Sovereign Hereditary Siyam Kiapilano™, Trustee for ©SQUAMISH™ Nation and his colleagues in the Federation of Sovereign Nations, are asking if 'naked shorting' by hedge funds is driving an alleged Liberal climate-change fraud in British Columbia.
Our research suggests that $100 checks labeled 'British Columbia's Climate Action Dividend', were paid out of Receiver General for Canada accounts with money loaned through hedge-fund use of MindBox decisioning software operated by Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA).
'[Quote] .. MindBox .. proprietary decisioning solution implemented by .. experts directly into lender's workflow, making  loan pricing .. underwriting process faster .. MDA's decisioning solutions can match [and hedge] lender's financial offerings against borrower's profile.' .. 'CAI's relationship with MDA .. [began] 1994, CAI and MDA held discussions regarding potential acquisition of MDA by CAI .. 1995, MDA  sold to US-based Orbital Sciences Corporation .. late 1999, Orbital experiencing significant liquidity [short-selling]  problems  .. December 1999, CAI and one of its limited partners [Ontario Teachers PP and later, bcIMC - the B.C. public servants' pension fund!!!] acquired 33.3% equity position in MDA from Orbital'.

Reform believes MindBox is being used to price loans and/or underwrite CO2 cap-and-trade risks in a manner consistent with illegal naked shorting by one or more hedge funds. We note that Liberal government insiders do not own the carbon credits being sold and they do not have 'reasonable grounds' to believe the credits can be borrowed to allow settlement unless the B.C. public can be duped into believing the CO2 trades will prevent catastrophic climate change.,25197,24031458-16941,00.html  
"… The Greenhouse Effect is only a tiny part of the global temperature control mechanism. In addition there is The Hot Water Bottle Effect whereby the oceans release stored heat intermittently at variable rates depending on the average state of the various oceanic oscillations at any particular time. The current assumption that the oceanic oscillations are 'just' a mechanism for redistributing heat already available to the atmosphere must be wrong. The oceanic heat store should be regarded as an additional heat source that adds or subtracts the effect of earlier solar irradiance (or lack of it) to or from the present day effect of current solar irradiance. The total heat store available in the oceans is so large that it is capable of rendering changes in any Greenhouse Effect an irrelevance for all practical purposes. Oceanic oscillations are sufficient to cancel out or enhance the effects of natural variations in solar irradiance or other forms of solar input to the heat budget of the Earth for variable periods of time. A range of a mere 4 Watts per square metre or less in Total Solar Irradiance is sufficient to explain changes in Earth's atmospheric temperature for the past 400 years. Outside that narrow band of apparent solar normality we would have more to worry about than any Greenhouse Effect. The global temperature switches from cooling to warming mode frequently as a result of the ever changing interplay between variations in solar influence and intermittent heat flows from the oceanic Hot Water Bottle. The mechanism by which the oceanic effect is transferred to the atmosphere involves evaporation, convection, clouds and rainfall the significance of which has to date been almost entirely ignored due to the absence of any relevant figures. ...
"... The atmospheric Greenhouse Effect merely sets a theoretical background atmospheric temperature level that is continually overridden as a result of the size of the constant interlinked changes in both the solar and oceanic heat inputs. It is wholly swamped by the far more powerful oceanic Hot Water Bottle Effect. The atmospheric greenhouse effect is a flea on the back of an oceanic elephant and the influence of CO2 but a microbe on the back of the flea and the influence of anthropogenic CO2 but a molecule on the back of the microbe" .. "The average near surface temperature of Earth's atmosphere is much the same as the average surface temperature of the oceans. That will always be so for as long as we have big enough oceans. Consequently to be able to affect us any extra atmospheric warming effect of CO2 would need to be able to warm up the oceans in order to make any difference to global atmospheric temperature. Due to the huge volume of sea water and the density differentials between air and ocean that would be impossible or would require such huge amounts of atmospheric heating and such huge lengths of time that for practical purposes it should be ignored. To be convinced of that one only needs to consider the impracticality of heating the air in a bathroom in order to raise cold tap water to the temperature of a warm bath. It just doesn't happen. Where air and water are involved the air temperature is always dictated by the water and never vice versa."
Reform BC leader David Hawkins thanks Siyam Kiapilano™ of the Squamish™ Nation Territory and Pine Tree Sovereign Hereditary Chief Red Jacket™ of Turtle Island, for their support in the Party's efforts to trace the source of the B.C.'s Climate Action Dividend and identify hedge funds which appear to be using illegal naked shorting to execute provincial climate change frauds. 
If you require further information on our efforts, please contact David Hawkins (see below) or Irene-Peace: Kiapilano™, Business Manager for Siyam Kiapilano™ 

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