Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snuff Films: Legend or Legacy?

As research into organized criminal networks by Abel Danger agents worldwide continues, snuff films and photography are a recurring theme. What you will also notice while researching the use of snuff films is that there seems to be this ridiculous notion that distributing or even making snuff films is "urban legend". This article, downplays the existence of snuff films, as does the Wikipedia entry about them.

I can recall when I was in elementary school, and this kid down the block used to have these videos that you could rent at the local video store called "Faces of Death", it's still available online to purchase in HD at that link. What they did was they showed video compilations of real murders, suicides, accidents, torture and more. They claim that some of the scenes were faked in order to make the video better and I think that could be the case, in some of the videos.

Regardless of denial, snuff films are no urban legend, they are real. The question is, how popular is it? Who do you know who is connected to a snuff film network? In the past, a lot of people have been known to start with softcore pornography, moving into more hardcore pornography, which takes some people into more unusual areas like BDSM, or even weirder things. From there, some people may even let their curiosity take them into other areas like child pornography, and take their obsessions with things they think are wrong and convert them into real life actions. Let's take the recently arrested Canadian Colonel Russell Williams for example, you can read about him here if you don't know his story about murdering on film and wearing underage girls panties.

So let's consider this question. How difficult would it be for someone to produce what appear to be fictional movies or TV shows, using real evidence of a murder in order to conceal their crimes? I'm thinking that in today's world, it wouldn't be too terribly difficult, considering how realistic the productions are.

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