Friday, November 5, 2010

"Their Vote's Worth $100 – Our Vote is Priceless"

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

Reform BC is using this Canada Day to send you and broadcast a message before the May 12, 2009 provincial elections.
"Their Vote's Worth $100 – Our Vote is Priceless"
We have begun tracing the source of funds used to pay a B.C. 'Climate Action Dividend' in the belief that data derived from the $100 dividend checks cashed by B.C. residents, will be used to manipulate electoral districts and give Premier Gordon Campbell voter support for the Liberal carbon tax.
"VICTORIA – Elections BC has started to prepare for implementation of the province's 85 electoral districts following royal assent of Bill 19, the Electoral Districts Act. The new electoral districts officially take effect on April 14, 2009, the day the writs are issued for the May 12, 2009 General Election. "A redistribution of electoral districts triggers a number of large-scale activities," Chief Electoral Officer Harry Neufeld explained. "Elections BC staff create detailed maps and recruit and appoint additional district electoral officers and deputies. Staff also work with political party [i.e. Reform BC!] and constituency association officials to ensure they are properly aligned with the new electoral districts."

Reform BC leader David Hawkins expects widespread support for the Party's election campaign issues which include preventing the manipulation of voters, repealing the carbon tax, establishing a watershed district data-management service and proving that anthropogenic CO2 is not and never was a principal component of climate change.

If you require information on Reform B.C.'s position for the 2009 provincial election and the Party's carbon-tax and climate-change educational campaign, please contact me as below.

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