Monday, March 15, 2010

Clinton Kazakhstani Kickbacks through Fahrenheit 9/11

Belief Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra, backer of Michael Moore
and Lions Gate production of the Wag-the-Dog film, "Fahrenheit 9/11", traded kickbacks during their 2005 visit to Kazakhstan. 

Fraggophoney SocGen, When Desmarais Shorts to Kill

Investigate  'Francophonie Fragging' fraud by Desmarais' with alleged murder-for-hire; targets shorted then sabotaged; SocGen sub-prime scam 2008, Allianz 2005 London Underground bombing 

Clintons Laborers and the Fragging of America

Belief Bill and Hillary Clinton saved mobbed-up Laborers' union from 1995 RICO trusteeship and equipped LIUNA locals to `frag' climate deniers, top officials in American government through 9/11.

Bdnk show Jan 30, Francophonie Fraggers - Kerry, McCain, Clintons

Join our "Francophonie Fraggers - Kerry, McCain & the Clintons" discussion on Michael Badnarik 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' show 7-9 a.m. Central Time, Wed. Jan 30, 2008

Total (Oil) S.A. - 9/11 Directors in SocGen Pump-and-Dump

Belief 9/11 Board of Directors of Total (Oil) S.A. and U.S. DoJ's racketeering auditor KPMG, used TreasuryConnect software to pump-and-dump shareholders' equity in Societe Generale.

Murrah BATF files link Unabomb, LIUNA, Clintons, Ramzi Yusef

Belief BATF files in Murrah Building linked remotely-controlled Unabombs to Chicago Mob, LIUNA aircraft mechanics, 2 Clintons, Total (Oil) S.A., and Saddam's contract killer Ramzi Yusef

Employee Stock Ownership Plan in Carlyle-Clinton contract hits

Belief Carlyle Canada paid the Clintons to set up Employee Stock Ownership Plans for use by corrupt public servants in murder for hire (contract hits) of rivals or whistleblowers (Google Arkancide).

Fax text broadcast to 2500 targets re 9/11 Resolution Trilogy


Total-Power's Son of BOSS in $7 billion SocGen fraud

Belief Total-Power and KPMG insiders used Son of BOSS ('Bond Option Sales Strategy') and TreasuryConnect systems to execute a $7 billion private-equity fraud on Societe Generale

KPMG's State & Justice bribes an al-Qaeda flight instructor

Belief KPMG Departments of State and Justice bribed Clarence Prevost flight training school instructor, to give Moussaoui 'legend' used for "al-Qaeda Live Fire Terrorist Hijacking" exercise on 9/11.  

Carlyle arbitraged assassinations @ Clinton Gore White House

E-mail  Jan 25 cc Al Gore  re take down arbitraged assassination network using Clipper encrypted telephony (AT&T)  & 'al-Qaeda' contract killers embedded in Carlyle Canada and USIS.

Completed three videos - 911 Resolution Trilogy - Hawks CAFE


23 min 47 sec - Jan 23, 2008
Description: the first in a series of three videos from hawksCAFE to describe the signs leading up to the RICO crime 911 world trade center wtc wtc1 wtc2 wtc7 hillary clinton mark rich deutch new information alec jones september 11 2001 new york washington dc shanksville boeing raytheon KPMG UNEP ZUG AMEC labor union maurice strong al gore demarais canadian steamship lines global warming carbon footprint tax


27 min 14 sec - Jan 23, 2008


34 min 16 sec - Jan 22, 2008 

Jan 23 Bdnk Show, KPMG Tax Shelters, CFR Dropouts, Election 2008

Join "KPMG Tax Shelters, CFR Dropouts, Election 2008" discussion on Michael Badnarik 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' show 7-9 a.m. Central Time, Wed. Jan 23, 2008

KPMG's dead-hooker tax shelter at UNEP-Liberal pig farm

Belief KPMG and Pargesa (Geneva) structured Piggy Palace Good Times Society as "dead-hooker" tax shelter in snuff film and money laundering network used to extort UNEP and Liberal Party insiders

Tet-Offensive Treason by Maurice Strong for Viet Cong

Belief after 1968 Tet Offensive, Mo Strong, ex president of Power Corp. Canada, used CIDA to provide Viet Cong with intelligence on U.S. deployments and sabotage support for Vietnam war

Al-Qaeda Townsend moles in arbitrage law-firm frauds

Belief Frances Fragos Townsend and husband John leaked details of murder and sabotage maneuvers executed during a 9/11 'al-Qaeda' war game, where arbitrage law firms shared fraudulent profits with insiders of MIT pension funds.

KPMG laundered kickbacks through Red Cross 9/11

Belief KPMG ordered demolition of WTC#7 on 9/11 and set up tax shelters to launder kickbacks to corrupt top officials in U.S. Senate, DoJ, NYSE, SEC, U.S. Army and the American Red Cross.

From virtual pig farm to steelworker tax shelter

Belief in 1978 a snuff ring operated a British Columbia pig farm as a 'bonded killing field' which in 1996 became a 'virtual' 'Son of BOSS' tax shelter for KPMG, Montreal Mafia and former steelworkers.

MITIMCO 9/11 - `Zigzag' Murders paid by Son of Boss of Zug

Belief MITIMCO `zigzagged' 9/11 virtual news to camouflage murder-for-hire teams paid by `Son of BOSS' tax shelters from the former Zug base of Clinton's racketeering pardonee Marc Rich.

KPMG’s triphibious racketeering through DoT 9/11

Belief KPMG triphibious clients, AMEC (land), Bombardier (air) and Canada Steamship Lines (sea), extorted Sec. Mineta and DoT into standing down defenses to 9/11 attack by Tomoye, Quebec.

KPMG, Wag-the-Dog Desmarais and the Bhutto Contract Hit

Belief Banazair Bhutto killed by contract hit team paid with money laundered through 'Wag-the-Dog' movie-insurance and tax shelters structured by KPMG for Paul Desmarais and Total S.A. (2001)

Radio Canada, Senator Campbell and TOPOFF snuff films

Belief Radio Canada hired Senator Campbell and anarcho-punk music group D.O.A. ('Dead On Arrival'), to produce snuff films to extort carbon taxes/concessions from top officials in government and industry.

Power Corp private equity bought 'Predator 9/11'

Belief Power Corp. of Canada private-equity groups used predatory loans to buy "seats" in regional emergency coordination centers and sabotage TOPOFF chain of command during 9/11 war games.

Power Corp war rooms and the 'pig-farm' snuff films

Ask for help from North America indigenous leaders in seizing news and war-room assets of Power Corporation of Canada and snuff-film network allegedly launched on a B.C. pig farm in 1978.

Da Vinci snuff films at the D.O.A. pig farm

Belief Canadian Senator Larry Campbell, ex-Da Vinci Inquest scriptwriter, is concealing snuff-film network allegedly operated 1978-2003 by D.O.A. production company out of B.C. pig farm

B'k show Dec 05, "China, Rudd & the Virtual Climate Racket"

Invitation to the "China, Rudd & the Virtual Climate Racket" discussion on Michael Badnarik's 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' show 7-9 a.m. Central Time, Wednesday December 5, 2007. 

Strong, Gore and the Triphibious Snuff Film

Belief Maurice Strong. Al Gore set up CIDA-Transportation Safety Board in Gatineau, Quebec, to produce 'triphibious' snuff films and extort the users or owners of CO2-emitting transport networks.

Bali Beware, Transport Contract Hit, Carbon Credit Fraud

Belief Bali conference will camouflage surveillance agents targeting
'climate deniers' on global transport networks and contract-hit teams paid by carbon-credit frauds on land, air or sea passenger carriers.

Kyoto Mo, China Rudd and the Bali Bombings

Belief Kyoto godfather Maurice Strong created Total-Power private equity group for contract killing of rivals/whistleblowers to carbon credit climate-change scam endorsed by China-booster Kevin Rudd

Kyoto Auditors, Rudd in Big Gunns' Forest Racket

After Australian voters selected Kevin Rudd, a former China
consultant with
 Kyoto auditor KPMG as their new prime minster, Reform BC is thanking Stephen Harper for his decision to keep Canada out of the anthropogenic-CO2 emissions racket. 


B'k show Nov 28, "TomoyeDOTcom in Mineta's 9/11"

Invitation to "TomoyeDOTcom in Mineta's 9/11" discussion on Michael Badnarik's 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' show 7-9 a.m. Central Time, Wed. November 28, 2007. 

Mineta's TomoyeDOTcom in murder of Captain DeConto

Belief Al Gore gave Norman Mineta a 'TomoyeDOTcom' weapon to coordinate decoy/drones, kill Pentagon's Captain DeConto, spoil evidence of murder and spin al-Qaeda news in TOPOFF 9/11.

Ch. 2 Clinton Speaks at Fort Myers, Fish First Smells Stink of 9/11

Chapter 2 "Fish and Chips" - eBook murder story linking Al Gore's Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice and a Clinton farewell to a burial ground in Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island.

Privy Council's Lying Thief in Al-Qaeda's Contract Hits

Believes Maurice Strong steals carbon credit from global commons, bribes privy councillors to serve as cut outs for al-Qaeda contract hits of whistleblowers to his climate-change lies and frauds.

Climate denial and the closed-circuit snuff film

Belief Gore Current TV broadcasts closed-circuit snuff films to
'climate deniers' whose common sense says anthropogenic CO2 (0.00019% atmopshere) has negligible role in climate change. 

eBook - From Foggy Dew to Fresh Kills (and end of Gore)

Aided by a greater power, people writing murder story linking Al Gore's Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice to Irish pub in Vancouver and 'Hillarudy' burial grounds in Fresh Kills.

Reform BC exposes virtual-climate carbon fraud

Belief custodians of B.C. public pension funds, executing virtual-climate carbon fraud in which members of the Legislative Assembly or Executive Council have a beneficial private-equity interest.

B'k show Nov 21 'McConnell virtual news, snuff film network'

Invitation to Marcy et al. to a "McConnell virtual news and snuff film network" discussion on Michael Badnarik's 'Lighting the Fires of Liberty' show 7-9 a.m. Central Time, Wed. November 21, 2007. 

Laborers' FAA sets up Thanksgiving sequel to al-Qaeda 9/11

Belief that the Laborers' union ('LIUNA') and their mobbed-up agents in the FAA Contract Towers network, are setting up a Thanksgiving sequel to the al-Qaeda hijacking attacks of 9/11

Vivendi Voodoo Newsfeed for Moving Picture Lies

Belief Vivendi hired Voodoo priest Jean Bertrand Aristide to
produce virtual newsfeed of Francophonie snuff films and extort top officials in politics and Motion Picture Association of America

Virtual News Network for 'Globalgore' Insurance Fraud

Belief Al Gore and Maurice Strong use 'Virtual News Network' for the live broadcast of snuff films during top official exercises and hire saboteur-actors to spoliate evidence of global insurance fraud.