Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Chronology of Murder on United 93

7:03 a.m. - 7:39 a.m. Four alleged Flight 93 hijackers check in at the United Airlines ticket counter at Newark(New Jersey) Liberty International Airport and pass through security checkpoint. The 9/11 Commission falsely claimed Newark Airport has no video cameras monitoring its security checkpoints. There is no documentary evidence proving the alleged hijackers passed through the checkpoint or whether they boarded the plane.
Sometime before take off at 8:42 a.m. (41 minutes late, Flight 93 has to wait in a line before take off) Captain Dahl boarded a decoy Boeing 757-222, presented to him and the public as United Airlines Flight 93 flying out of Liberty International Airport.

Rezko's Bomb - Obama's Treason

Belief Rezko financed Boeing modifications, molten metal bombs using Oil-for-Food money laundered by apparently-treasonous Michelle Obama through the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Hunt for Hottie Obomba and the Tax-Loss Pig Farm

Hunt "Hottie Obomba", al-Qaeda organizer, developer of molten metal bombs to destroy evidence of murder-for-hire tax-loss pig-farm where capitalist-first responders killed in life-insurance frauds.

Clinton Carbon Tax - Obama COBRA Bomb

Belief Hillary Clinton ordered Michelle Robinson to join Sidley Austin law firm in 1989; organize bomb-making (carbon) tax shelter for community organization of blacks, radicals and anarchists

Chairman Moe's Triple Agents - Obimbo, Obomba & Songbird

Need sympathy/help locating three people believed to be triple agents controlled by 'Chairman Moe', who may be Maurice Strong, Canada's genocidal psychopath and war-game maestro for 9/11.