Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Did Hanoi Jane hire John McCain for Songbird 72?

Belief Maurice Strong, Bronfmans sent Weatherwomen crew to Hanoi for snuff film 'Songbird `72' - POWs bound, tortured  John McCain, Jane Fonda and prostitutes engaged in violent group sex.

Weatherwomen Air Force for Bombardier-NATO's Anthrax Tax

Belief Weatherwomen extort member states into paying carbon tax or risk attack by bomb-laden Boeing aircraft or Bombardier-NATO jets for the aerial dispersal of Degussa anthrax spore powder

Re: Sidley Austin Anthrax Powder – Hillary Laborers' Squeeze-Out Fraud

Belief Sidley Austin - Degussa patents for anthrax powder mailed to Daschle/Leahy in alleged conspiracy with Clinton and Laborers' tosqueeze out rivals fraudulent control of Democrat Party.

Carlyle Canada patents for a Bombardier-NATO anthrax tax

Belief Carlyle Canada private equity patents to collect Bombardier-NATO `Anthrax Tax'; government leaders refuse to pay NATO `Partnership-for-Peace' carbon tax risk aerial dispersal of anthrax sabotage spore powder

Airbus bribes - Al-Qaeda Canada's patent office - Mulroney pays the rent

Belief Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney bribed by Airbus in 1993; government's promise pay rent on privatized patent office; help Desmarais turn Canada into SWAT `Base' for al-Qaeda

Hillary's Patented French Connection - Anthrax letters – Passport files

Belief Hillary Clinton, Andre Desmarais organize communities of francophone patent lawyers into SWAT teams to kill enemies e.g. anthrax letters to addresses obtained from victim passport files.

Slowly Dying Vets - Desmarais' Agent Orange - Hillary's Tainted Blood

Belief Andre Desmarais disrupting Canada Ministry of Justice; veterans murder; Weatherwomen weapons Agent Orange, tainted blood; Paul Desmarais, Sr., Maurice Strong, Hillary Rodham.

Lansdowne vaccinates lesbians - Hillary

Belief Ottawa Lansdowne Technologies vaccines protect radical lesbian allies community death squads allegedly hired by Maurice Strong and Hillary Clinton to murder heterosexual men, women, children.

Desmarais life insurance pays for a Tibetan genocide

Belief Quebec's Desmarais businesses selling life insurance contracts on victims of the current Tibetan genocide, payable to the Chinese PLA or Communist Party officials who kill them

Tomoye - White House murders with a Black Widow's Web

Belief Hillary Clinton set up as murder for hire network ('Black Widow's Web') to help predominantly LGBT* clients to kill heterosexual men and women and their children.

Chemical Ali, Anthrax Andre and Dirty-Blood Clinton

Belief Rodham community of patent intellectual property lawyers where radical women develop special weapons to murder enemies of male clients; `Chemical Ali' al-Tikriti, Anthrax Andre' Desmarais, `Dirty-Blood' Bill Clinton  

'Anthrax-André' Desmarais in Sidley tax-sheltered patent frauds

Belief Anthrax Desmarais hired KPMG Sidley Austin, tax-sheltered patent fraud, help Bombardier, Degussa, Chinese PLA build weaponized-anthrax delivery systems for Global Guardian 9/11.

Women@Sidley war rooms trigger Airbus Airburst bombs

Belief radical lesbians/bisexuals used Women@Sidley virtual war rooms to trigger "Airbus Airburst" bombs and destroy pre-insured Boeing passenger aircraft in a 'Global Guardian' 9/11 war game

Rodham's cattle futures for a lesbian-dominated White House

Belief 1978 cattle-futures fraud, helped Hillary Rodham refinance Weatherwomen bombing community; 15 years on hire lesbiandominators for Clinton White House to prepare al-Qaeda 9/11.

Sidley Austin tax shelters for a Weatherwomen's 9/11

Belief online Weatherwomen used Sidley Austin tax shelters to equip al-Qaeda with illegally-modified Boeing aircraft for 9/11; most victims seen as 'white-male capitalist pigs' pre-insured by Desmarais Groupe AXA

Spitzer's QAT – Tax Shelter Poison – Sidley Airbus Frauds

Belief Sidley Austin-IRS `QAT' tax shelter entraps Clients 1-9 with interstate sex-for-hire services and `poisons' investigations into al-Qaeda 9/11 and U.S. Air Force tanker frauds by client Airbus