Thursday, March 25, 2010

Did Songbird McCain direct Skywarrior attack on Pentagon?

Asks if `Songbird' McCain, `70s commander Replacement Air Group 174, 2 I/C Navy Senate liaison office, directed Skywarrior attack on Pentagon Naval Command Center in war games of 9/11.

Songbird designed drones for Cindy red-team death squad

Belief John `Songbird' McCain designed decoy, drones for red-team death squad allegedly hired by Cindy Hensley, Bronfmans to destroy Pentagon Naval Command Center during 9/11 war game.

Reform BC - Reject Gore prospectus Repeal Liberal carbon tax

Newsflash - Reform BC rejects Gore's false prospectus for climate-crisis company, will campaign in next provincial election for repeal of Liberal carbon tax, scheduled for introduction July 1, 2008.

Bronfman gang hired The Songbird's Wife for Budweiser war game

Belief Bronfman gang hired Cindy Hensley wife of John `Songbird' McCain to sponsor `Budweiser' war game rehearsed as Amalgam Virgo executed `live' September 11, 2001 Global Guardian 9/11.

Williams murder by gyro, hides Clinton bloody-diamond trades

Belief A.D. Williams plane-gyroscope sabotage aircraft mechanics ATC, murder-for-hire silence whistleblowers protect trade in tainted blood - diamonds by Clintons Laborers' Union since 1978.

Obama transferred patents for Osama's contract hits

Belief Sidley Austin ex, Michelle Obama, transferred EW/ELINT patents to Bruce McConnell, Hillary, Weatherwomen - encrypted networks for virtual deception, hits blamed on Osama bin Laden

Obama@Sidley links Rezko, Clinton, Sarkozy to Airbus 9/11

Belief former Sidley Austin law firm associate, Michelle Obama equipped Tony Rezko, Hillary Clinton and Cecilia Sarkozy with Obama@Sidley war room for 9/11 war games sponsored by Groupe AXA and Airbus.

Maurice and Anna - “A Strong Thirst for China’s Blood”

Belief Maurice Strong, cousin Anna taught Mao Zedong wife how life insurance sold by Paul Desmarais could pay hit teams to kill enemies of Communism in world and 80 million Chinese at home