Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hillary Clinton, 8(a) Arkancide and the al-Qaeda database

Belief McConnell Int. offers 8(a) Arkancide service to Hillary Clinton with small business loans to mujaheddin assassins on an `al-Qaeda' database, stolen by former CIA director John Deutch.

McConnell loans for Lockheed contract hits?

Asks if McConnell Int. packaging loans to Lockheed Martin subcontractors apparently hired to execute contract hits on rivals or whistleblowers, attributed to `al-Qaeda' or other terrorist groups.

McConnell belief Desmarais sabotaged space shuttle Columbia

McConnell belief Carlyle Desmarais ordered Vought, Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates to sabotage space shuttle Columbia over Palestine,Texas; kill Ilan Ramon; RCC panel 8 in thermite reaction.

Desmarais bought Vought for Druyun to bomb Boeing

Belief Carlyle Paul Desmarais bought Vought; explosive-laden structures for NATO-AWACS chairman Darleen Druyun to convert Boeing passenger/tanker flying bombs for a 9/11 war game.

Total's loan-packaged lesbians and the al-Qaeda myth

Belief Total S.A. packaging loans for SBA to hire radical lesbian groups; attribute murder & sabotage to al-Qaeda mythical heteropatriarchalorg., launched 1993 by Hillary Clinton and the French American Foundation.

No FEAR? Hillary double cross of Hetero Coup d'Etat

Belief Hillary Clinton and alleged lesbian associates planned to double cross heterosexual leaders of Weathermen, al-Qaeda, No Fear groups in simulated coup d'etat during war games of 9/11.

McConnell's MindBox and the Anthrax Chaff Dispenser

Belief McConnell associates brokered development of MindBox war rooms to control anthrax-chaff dispenser tail cones Bombardier combat-support jets in Global Guardian war games on 9/11.

Marcy's MindBox and the Subprime Death Squad

Belief Kristine Marcy clients use MindBox loan software for USDOJ government entities to extort `subprime death squads' contract hits on whistleblower members of No FEAR Coalition.

Sister Marcy, Rezko launder UN money for No FEAR killing field

Belief Field McConnell sister Kristine Marcy, Tony Rezko, helped launder UN Oil-for-Food money through KPMG-Sidley Austin tax shelters; killing field for No FEAR whistleblowers at Capitol 9/11.

MindBox Murder – Marcy Mortgages – No FEAR Target

Belief weapons for 9/11, financed with mortgages by Kristine Marcy, COO of Small Business Administration, and targets selected by Weatherwomen using MindBox decisioning software.

Biofueled genocide – Privy Council racketeering – RADARSAT contract hits

Belief Canadian privy councilors use RADARSAT ground moving target indication for contract hits & biofueled genocide to protect racketeering carbon/crop trades on Chicago Climate Exchange.

McConnell testimony – Weatherwomen war games – Whistleblower contract hits

Captain Field McConnell and David Hawkins thank No FEAR Coalition leaders for efforts to put them before Congress in order to testify on the subject of `Weatherwomen war games - Whistleblower contract hits'

Canadian Maurice Strong sabotages China Summer Olympics

Belief Canadian privy councilor Maurice Strong put Bombardier saboteurs in Tibet, to trigger riots, disrupt Summer Olympics and launch a`permanent  revolution'' as defined by Leon Trotsky. 

Stockwell Tues Apr 8 KTKK - Songbird Skywarriors, Condi Coup d’Etat

Proposed topic, "Songbird Skywarriors for Condoleeza Coup d'Etat" Tuesday, 7-9 am MT, April 08, 2008, Jack Stockwell show (KTKK AM 630)

Field McConnell USNA'71 allege treason by Senator John McCain

Field McConnell alleges John McCain committed treason against the United States by directing Skywarrior attack on Wedge 1 of the Pentagon to destroy the U.S. Naval Command Center on 9/11