Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Does Obama know reason for HUBZone treason?

Asks if Michelle Obama knows public-key encryption manipulated during 9/11 war game; bomb-laden drones appear to have been deployed by HUBZone protégé companies against Boeing/DoD

Kerry-Marcy racketeering and HUBZone contract hits

Belief John Kerry, Kristine Marcy building HUBZone in 1997; used racketeering SBA loan auctions and 8(a) database to hire contract killers to `hit' enemies and rivals and/or potential whistleblowers.

Did Sister Marcy sell the weapons? Did Obama conceal the bombs?

Asks if Kristine Marcy sold missile-gyroscope molten-metal weapon technology at SBA loan auctions; allowed Women@Sidley groups led by M. Obama to conceal bombs on Boeing planes for 9/11.

McConnell deputy project managers for Weatherwomen 9/11?

Asks if Bruce McConnell supplied public key encryption to women deputy project managers and helped `Weatherwomen' infiltrate 8(a)groups and coordinate 9/11 attack presently attributed to al-Qaeda.

Marcy's linguistic role play in al-Qaeda 8(a) war games

Belief Kristine Marcy used money from SBA 8(a) loan auctions to hire linguistic role players and project managers for the bogus `al-Qaeda' war games of 2001.

Yeslam bin Lendin - Marcy loan auctions for McConnell 9/11?

Asks if Yeslam bin Laden Carlyle financed 9/11 loan auction staged by SBA Kristine Marcy secured with public key encryption by Bruce McConnell Chief of Information Policy OMB 1985 - 2000

9/11 passwords to Ogilvy war game or McConnell treason

Asks Kristine Marcy if McConnell Int. supplied password access to the SBA Office of Surety Guarantees and allowed clients to `bet' on a treasonous 9/11 war-game project owned by Ogilvy PR.

Marcy mentors - Ogilvy myth - `Al-Qaeda' brand

Belief al-Qaeda brand created for diversified terrorist group after SBA COO Kristine Marcy supplied 8(a) database to mentors 9/11 war game, Ogilvy staged mythical (?) protégé attacks on America.

Marcy's al-Qaeda database - Mineta alibi - Lockheed contract hits

Belief Ms. Marcy provided a password 8(a) `al-Qaeda' database service to Mineta, giving ex-Lockheed Martin director an alibi to act as war-game mentor while paying protégés for 9/11 contract hits.

McConnell time-expiry passwords in mentor-protégé murders

Belief Bruce McConnell time-expiry passwords to 8(a) networks; mentors/protégés switch prime contractor roles in war game, kill targets, return to prior, camouflaged, state on expiry of passwords

Lynne Cheney's `lesbian' script for Lockheed 8(a) 9/11?

Asks if ex-Lockheed Martin director Lynne Cheney wrote `lesbian' script for 9/11 war game where 8(a) password-enabled lesbians killed POTUS/V-P and ran country with like-minded women in EU.

FEMA 8(a) Mayday: Lockheed Martin passwords, McConnell murder for hire

Request DHS Jay Cohen, Ms. Marcy help Jack Stockwell qualify risks of FEMA exercise May 1-8; Lockheed passwords to 8(a) murder for hire, allegedly operated for McConnell Int. clients.

QRS 11 backtrack – SBA loan frauds – Marcy Sisterhood – Hensley treason

Backtracking QRS11 gyroscope weapons to SBA loan fraud by Marcy Sisterhood, allegedly launched in `70s by Field McConnell sister with apparently treasonous Theta associates Cindy Hensley

FAA Mentor-Protégé - McConnell murder for hire

Belief Bruce McConnell encryption services to `Weatherwomen-owned?' clients; conceals SBA 8(a) loan fraud, DoD NASA FAA Mentor-Protégé; murder-for-hire of airline pilots, crews, passengers

Marcy 8(a) terror cell links Kazsincky, McVeigh, Yousef to AMEC 9/11

Belief Kristine Marcy sent KaczynskiMcVeigh, Yousef to supermax prison unwittingly created 8(a) terror cell used by AMEC, Women Owned Small Businesses for murder, SBA loan fraud 9/11

New date APRIL 29 KTKK Stockwell 'Marcy prime contractor for al-Qaeda

Change of date notice - Proposed topic, 'Marcy prime contractor for al-Qaeda contract hits' Tuesday, 7-9 am MT, April 29, 2008, Jack Stockwell show (KTKK AM 630)

McConnell and U.N. launder money through 8(a) death squads

Belief McConnell UN launder money through 8(a) death squads recruited by private prison operators, hired as disadvantaged small-business owners SBA loans pay contract hits victim life insurance