Friday, April 23, 2010

McKenna traded JUSTICE key to al-Qaeda's war-game flight box

Belief Frank McKenna traded encryption keys; SERCO, Canadian Department of National Defence to activate JPATS (JUSTICE) flight boxes guide al-Qaeda hijacks during 9/11 war games.

Obama's call sign JUSTICE; traded in for treason

Belief Michelle Obama tax shelters Chicago trade in aircraft carrying flight boxes activated JPATS call sign JUSTICE allow treasonous associates to launch remotely-controlled drone attacks on America.

Al-Qaeda Out of Jail Pass – Marcy Marshals extort Supreme Court

Belief Kristine Marcy infiltrated JPATS U.S. Marshals service; Con Air assassin hired through Sidley Austin or Bank One tax shelters by Bernardine Dohrn, Michelle Obama to extort judges and witnesses.

Did Sidley choose the Songbird to fly low over Pentagon lawn?

Did Sidley Austin tax shelter mentors Dohrn, Obama, choose `Songbird' McCain maneuvers for Con Air drone to fly over Pentagon lawn and destroy U.S. Naval Command Center on 9/11 

Did McCain, Marcy use Mesa to fly Con Air 9/11?

Ask Cirrus comment John McCain, Kristine Marcy use of SERCO-operated FAA contract towers; Williams-Gateway Airport, Mesa AZ guide JPATS Con Air drones; NATO-PfP war game on 9/11

Bank One Obama and Neo Con Air

Belief  Bank One, Michelle Obama provide Neo Con Air contract hits; JPATS mechanics modify aircraft to fly as drones, call sign JUSTICE, vaporize evidence of murder for hire and insurance fraud

Obama JUSTICE converts Con Air fleet to gyro-guided explosive drones

Belief Michelle Obama protégés extorted credit; Bank One JPATS revolving fund to convert Con Air (JUSTICE) aircraft into gyro-guided drones for coordinated bombing attacks on the United States

Note that Bank One Plaza - Sidley Austin associates, Michelle Obama and Obama's Weathermen terrorist mentor, Bernardine Dohrn, sabotaged Boeing in the Con Air attacks of 9/11

Note that Bank One Plaza - Sidley Austin associates, Michelle Obama and Obama's Weathermen terrorist mentor, Bernardine Dohrn, sabotaged Boeing in the Con Air attacks of 9/11 and note also that their Women @ Sidley Austin friends represent the Airbus / Northrop Grumman refueling tanker bid.

JUSTICE 9/11: Con Air Suite 450 mentors – Marcy, Dorhn and Obama

Belief  JUSTICE call signs triggered attacks on 9/11 by Con Air's private-key access to Suite 450 virtual war rooms mentored by Kristine Marcy, Bernardine Dorhrn and Michelle Obama.

Suite 450 extortion of NIST, SBA and FBI - Controlled demolition of WTC#7

Belief Bruce McConnell used Suite 450, Bank One public-key comms. wire credit Con Air saboteurs, control demolition WTC#7, contract SBA 8(a) to destroy evidence, extort FBI, NIST cover up.

Bank One 9/11 – How McConnell wired Obama for Rezko contract hits

Belief Bruce McConnell, Bank One public-key network wire credit to Con Air contract hit teams recruited by Rezko; launder insurance through tax shelters Women @ Sidley associates Michelle Obama.

Michelle `Con Air' Obama – The private key to a public treason

Belief Michelle Obama, Women @ Sidley extorted custody private key to Con Air public-key infrastructure - treasonous procurements of U.S. Marshals communications used by al-Qaeda on 9/11.

Marcy hired Osama to hide treason of Obama

Belief Suite 450 Marcy hired Osama-jacker decoy actors to play 2001 ConAir war games, allegedly scripted by Obama Women @ Sidley to hide treason on U.S. with droned Boeings, Raytheon A-3

Bank One tax shelters for Marcy Marshals, gives Obama the means to kill

Belief Bank One tax shelters hire contract hit teams from U.S. Marshals ConAir founder Kristine Marcy; give Michelle Obama and Women@Sidley Chicago means to kill enemies, blame victims

Marcy's U.S. Marshals and Sidley murder for hire

Belief ConAir Kristine Marcy, Women @ Sidley Bernardine Dohrn and Michelle Obama launched murder for hire in `80s infiltrating agents into U.S. Marshal services paid with prisoners, aliens money

Marcy's Suite 450 and the Molten Metal Plasma Bomb

Belief ConAir founder, SBA 1998-9/11, Kristine Marcy equipped Suite 450 associates and clients with molten metal plasma bombs to spoliate evidence of murder-for-hire and `green' surety-bond frauds.

1301 K Street NW, Suite 450 – Her call sign is JUSTICE – The motive is murder

Belief ConAir founder, SBA (1998-9/11) Marcy using JUSTICE call sign to activate virtual war rooms and conceal murder-for-hire by virtual offices on 4th floor 1301 K Street NW, Washington D.C.