Friday, January 28, 2011

The Senior Executive Service and the Secret Government

Senior Executive Service Flag

Unknown to many of us "little people" (According to the former CEO of BP, Tony Hayward.) in the world, there is a very large network of seemingly professional individuals that appear to be able to effectively control the United States government from behind-the-scenes, some people can even point out the control of this network over affairs globally. So many of us have heard people say there is a "secret government" before, but do we really think that we've heard everything and have we convinced ourselves that we have our fingers pointed at the correct groups that make it all happen in this "New World Order" we're told we live in now?

It seems that a lot of people have given the seemingly prestigious title of being a "Secret" or "Shadow Government" to groups such as FEMA (DHS) or round-table groups like the Bilderberg group, but when we take a step back to look at it, we're still missing something. A powerful network like this, or a big conspiracy like 9/11 does need a lot of people in key power positions, across the whole span of the US government, with high-level security clearances and plenty of decision making power with oversight capabilities in order to really make things happen in this day and age. But do we have it all figured out?

The same "Reorganization Plan" that brought you FEMA in 1979, also brought you the Office of Personnel Management in 1979, and under that office is the group I am referring to, it's known as the Senior Executive Service, and without it, some of us believe that the September 11th attacks may have never happened the way that they did.

For those without much time to read, here is a brief overview of what the Senior Executive Service is on the surface.

Office of Personnel Management Logo

Overview of the Senior Executive Service