Thursday, February 10, 2011

Illumination Entertainment - Parented by Rex - Illuminati, Hidden in Plain Sight

 The other night, I was watching a new animated movie called, "Despicable Me". The movie was made by "Illumination Entertainment". This one caught my attention for this reason, here is the beginning of the movie and what I first saw.

After a second, I had to turn it back to that opening scene again, because I noticed that something caught my eye. I noticed the little guy in the beginning (Who later you find is a "minion".) had just one eye. Also, interestingly enough, if you get rid of two letters "on", you have, Illuminati Entertainment. I thought that was interesting, considering the guy with one eye, and the name of the movie, "Despicable Me". I also noticed throughout the movie, there was a lot of other Illuminati related symbolism (That I won't be covering here). So, I went to the internet to investigate, and here's what I've found so far.