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Hidden: Satanic Symbolism


The above pictures are of inverted (upside down) stars, or pentagrams rather. This symbol was adopted by the Church of Satan, though it dates back quite some time in its’ use by occultists. It is extremely common among Satanists and other variations of practicing occultists. It has great significance to many of them, but we won't go into the details here. As you can see above, the street layout by the White House in Washington DC was designed as an inverted Pentagram. 
Another picture I want to point out to you is of the pope. 

I assume that anyone reading this has seen a cross before, but what I am directing your attention towards is the upside down cross on the back of the seat. Inverting symbols and mirroring them seems to be a recurring theme when studying these occultist and elitists. The famous occultist/Satanist Aleister Crowley even spoke of the "Law of Reversal". The next photo is from a Satanic “church”, where again, we see inverted crosses and pentagrams, along with a skull.

If we are to believe that the Catholic Church is a Jesus based religion, then we should find it odd that the Catholic Church has an inverted cross on the back of the Pope’s chair, a symbol used by Satanists to mock Christ. According to an alleged former Satanic high priest, when being initiated into a Satanic cult group, the initiate is given a black wooden cross and is required to hold it upside down and break the two smaller arms on the sides, forming the well-known “peace” symbol, a broken cross. 
Satanists and atheists (Some Satanists believe they are the same thing.) mock the sacrifice of the Son of God who gave his life for us so we wouldn't have to suffer God’s punishment for breaking his law, but why would the Catholic Church do the same? Enough studying will answer that question for you. I, for one do not believe the official reason for this given by many Catholics. 
 In the next few photos, you can see a photo of Chelsea Clinton wearing an upside down cross around her neck, and Lady Gaga wearing three inverted cross, and one on her crotch (not visible) as well. It now becomes clear to the viewer what they believe.


Now, if you think these are isolated events, do some searching on the internet using a Google Image search and you'll find very quickly that is not the case. Here are just a few more examples, of many. 


Most Christians and Catholics are ignorant and misled, just like most other people are, they believe that symbols are a good thing and adopt them to use as symbols of meaning, practically worshiping them, such as the cross, or even three crosses at times. 

Their thinking that because Jesus was on the cross, and there was a guy on each side of him on a cross, it’s a good symbol to adopt. No, it’s not, and maybe that’s why God said in the ten commandments, not to make any images or idols, and that you shouldn't bow to any or anything like that. Christians don’t need symbols to show who they are, their overall attitudes, their words, their beliefs, and their faith and works are supposed to do that, you don’t need a symbol my Bible believing friend. 

Now, everyone is familiar with “XXX”, or triple-x, well, it’s that three crosses again. It’s usually used in reference to pornography, which is often full of sinful or immoral things, it’s often something that is counter-Christian. Now, what do you think that XXX or triple cross is really symbolizing? A long time ago, when crucifying people on crosses was common, not all crosses were designed the same, some looked like a t, some looked like an X. It’s a cross, and triple-x is a triple cross. It’s all in the meaning of the symbolism, not the accuracy of the layout.

We’re also familiar with the term, “double-cross”, meaning to do somebody wrong or “stab them in the back”. The double cross is also known as the Cross of Lorraine and is popular in the occult. Other common Satanic crosses are double crosses (Union Jack, flag of Great Britain, Hawaii and The British East India Company, etc.) or even going further than that with three crosses, and even sideways ones. I could show you literally millions of examples, but I’ll just show you a few.


The “Chrisitan” world has again been duped. Now, it’s reasonable for the uneducated to believe such a thing, but in fact, from the Satanists perspective, one who does not believe Jesus’ death meant anything, they are again mocking the whole scenario, Christians need to be more aware of what they are getting themselves into. To quote George Bush Sr., "Now we can see a New World coming into view."

“In this situation wisdom is needed. Let the person who has insight figure out the number of the beast, because it is a human number. The beast’s number is 666.” -  Revelation 13:18 

666 is an important number to Satanists, they put it everywhere. 

 That's right, it says 666, Raped God. 


Knifed 666 times each and eaten

Brutally murdered ... Andrei Sorokin, Olga Pukhova, Varya Kuzmina and Anya Gorokhova
Brutally murdered ... Andrei Sorokin, Olga Pukhova, Varya Kuzmina and Anya Gorokhova

I-Coloured Mobile's ZJ268 offers 666 days of wicked standby

Okay, I wanted to point something else out that a lot of people would otherwise not think about. 666 reversed is 999.

Here they basically admit it, they're obsessed. 

Triple X or XXX also equals 666, as does the word “FOX”, like FOX NEWS. This is done using Pythagorean Numerology.  V and W are also used as 6 because of the Hebrew language. 


So triple S's, triple F's, triple O's, triple X's, triple W's and triple V's are also used as 666. The V with a W is seen as three V's. (Uh oh, www dot? And I thought it was World Wide Web.)

user posted image ---- Finally that makes sense 

oOo - S.T.N Nuclear Generation (Demo 2006)

 Filename: 666.jpg
Filename: vvv-9406877817.jpeg

How appropriate that Super Bowl XXX was at Sun Devil Stadium. 

Last of all, I'm going to show you this kid on Myspace. You can tell by looking into him that he's infiltrating Christian groups of teenagers in order to convert and corrupt them. I won't show you all of that, but check out his name, Trippple has three P's. That's an upside down 666. And OOO equals 666. Need I show you more? Just in case, I will.

Photo of Mangoo Tripple Oo His calls himself "Mangooo Trippple OOO...!"
He's only got two pictures in his album, this is one of them. 
Back of his jacket says, "Payable on Death." 
Still Stand Tall, Representin! - Photo of P.O.D.
Also found this in his comments, from one of his Satanist friends.
I think by now you should get the point. In doing this research, I found a lot of odd things. Some of these Satanic sites out there celebrate murder and death, I read what they said, they love it, they love having blood on them and I even came across quite a few Satanic murderers, and this is when I wasn't looking for it. 
That's not the only thing I came across that I wasn't looking for, and so unless you've got a tough stomach, I don't suggest anyone else doing a Google search for "XXX 666" or any of it's variations without having some sort of content filter in use, there seems to be a connection between that search and urinating in mouths. No, I'm not joking. What I've found is that the pornographic industry, like Hollywood, is virtually owned and operated by Satanists. When you search for "XXX" you come up with a lot of filenames that are 666, lots of pictures with 666 in them, and lots of file sizes that are also 666. Either that or "FFF" or "OOO", everything I've showed already. The connection is impossible to deny, it's virtually everywhere. 

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